How to open a Lesotho PayPal in Nigeria, Withdraw With UBA Africard to Bank [2021 With Pictures]

How to open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria that sends, receives and withdraws to your Nigerian bank at CBN rate.

1Shortly after I wrote a post on how to open a PayPal account that sends and receives funds in Nigeria, it was clear to me that just having a PayPal account with funds in it and then starting to scout for PayPal exchangers shouldn’t be the end of my PayPal trend. Beyond writing for anyone’s consumption, as a freelancer, I wanted to know how to get more value for my money.

UBA Africard

Instead of looking and finally finding an exchanger who will arrogantly underprice my hard-earned PayPal funds at un-dignifying rates, I wanted more. So I started searching for a more dignifying way to exchange my PayPal funds such that I can get more value of every cent that I earn.

This search led me to uncovering the idea of using the UBA Africard PayPal back in 2019. UBA Africard is a prepaid card that works like a wallet. You simply add this card to your Lesotho PayPal account and it enables you withdraw from it to your Nigerian or Ghana UBA bank.

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