How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria?

When I got started with my journey on how to make money online in Nigeria – as a cafe attendant, I met some guys who came to the cafe to check pieces of stuff online.

At the time, there were things like dollar2dollar, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and a host of other survey completion sites where you put in your email and get little Cent in return.

Although hectic, a culmination of these odds and Cents yielded some bucks that folks struggled to cash out.

They were real $$ but to cash out was a hard nut to crack. Then PayPal had not allowed Nigerians access to their platform. So the question of how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria or if there were any grey hat methods was not in discourse.

and most of these websites only accepted PayPal and Liberty Reserve to cash out.

Fortunately, to these guys, Liberty Reserve had no exception to who could register on its platform. It was the best of all forms and something that should be regarded today as the Cryptocurrency predecessor… by the way.

These guys who came to the cafe used Liberty Reserve to cash out their funds. And subsequently, spend it on other eCommerce platforms to buy goods.

Evolving to 2015 when PayPal allowed Nigerians to (at least) use its platform to make [payments only], many internet marketers (IMERS), starting improvising on this opportunity.

By using VPN, VPS, and residential IP services to access PayPal from a foreign location, thereby gaining access to countries without PayPal restrictions.

5 in 10 of these accounts get clamped down by PayPal, and funds seized usually.

That has been the horrible and frustrating history of a typical Nigerian who uses PayPal.

And to think there’s a safe haven with PayPal is to say, you’re rich enough and do not have a need for certain funds. So PayPal can hold them for you in the next 180 days.

There is no safe Haven with using PayPal in Nigeria (NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE YOU!)

While some people feel asking a friend or family member abroad to help open PayPal account for them and then send the login credentials to them to operate the account from Nigeria, it is the safest please let this Forbes contributor clarify you on that.

If the PayPal account of a Nigerian Forbes contributor (who lived abroad and works for Forbes) could be limited (permanently), would you still say domiciling your account abroad and operating it from Nigeria guarantees you a pass on PayPal?

The truth is, PayPal has a policy that allows only two accounts per individual. A personal and a business account.

While it’s also possible to make multiple accounts on PayPal especially if you’re a frequent traveler, it’s advised you close it down when leaving the foreign location…

this also means that at any point PayPal frequently detects an uneven login data from your account, it’s likely to put a check on it.

This could also mean if you have your account domiciled abroad, you should allow its operation abroad.

That somehow reads like a pass yet I’m not giving you a guaranty.

What connects the dots?

What if you have a fellow Nigerian who has struggled through the mud to not alone become a successful freelancer online, but has used PayPal for 3years now without getting limited to teach you the entire process in a blog FREE OF CHARGE?

If that would be a nice idea, then keep on. If not, I’m sorry for wasting your time. You can close this page now.

If you’re still here, I will show you the exact thing I do to make sure my PayPal account doesn’t get to PayPal’s attention.

Before we get into this, you’ll need to have a fully verified and functional PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria without the use of VPN, VPS, or dedicated IP. If you do not have one, click here to get the ebook on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria that receives funds or you can click here to let me go over the entire process for you.

Let’s get into this…


If you can follow the steps highlighted in the PayPal ebook, I am 80% sure that you’ll rather (on your own) close down your PayPal in the future to create a new one (WHEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MADE FULLY AVAILABLE TO NIGERIANS).

Included in the package above is:

How to register your PayPal in a foreign country that allows operation from Nigeria without a VPN

How to be sure at any time you can explain the movement of funds in your account. Meaning, if you’re sending funds as FRIENDS AND FAMILY (fnf), you have to wear your HAT or risk your account.

Why you should not register at a foreign location you know you cannot get documents assuming all options are not available.

The value of the system is more than the price I set out for it…

How will the system help you?

You will be able to create, verify and operate a FUNCTIONAL PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN NIGERIA on your own.

Different channels to withdraw funds from PayPal. Including withdrawing from PayPal directly to your Nigerian bank account. (100% SURE, AND THIS IS NEVER FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET. IF YOU FIND ONE, ‘before this post (July 15)’, ask for a refund).

It will show you alternative means to PayPal, and how to withdraw from them at the rate above what any black market exchanger can pay you.

It will also show you how to withdraw your PayPal funds at #360/$ as at today’s rate.

If this is something of value, can you tell me how much this system should go for?

I have seen some bloggers post about (ONLY A SEGMENT) of this information online, and see how much they charge:

Even though we have not bought from them, to at least tell you how reliable our information is, you can see from real people’s comment on one of our blog on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. testimonial

We have tested this process all over again and can tell you how it works and how it doesn’t work…

things you should avoid in order to never get banned by PayPal.

I am also going to link you up with contacts of reliable PayPal exchangers. In case you feel you’re not comfortable withdrawing directly to your bank.

Would you rather learn from those who read and write about it? Or from those who have actually not alone experiment with it, but have earned a living through it?

I would have been willing to pay #10,000 NGN in 2015 if I had this information. Rather than see my funds in PayPal but can’t have access to them.

Until I started using this system, I have lost more than I can tell you here, and it’s not my wish for you to lose your hard-earned money to PayPal.

And it’s not my wish for you to lose your hard-earned money to PayPal.

Or to some inconsiderate exchangers. Imagine exchanging way below the market price.

With this system, you will bank in those 20 to 40% of your funds you lose to exchangers.

We’re not giving it out for #10,000 (at least not TODAY).

If you’re willing to jump on this today, you’ll get it for a limited amount of time for #5,000

If you subscribe to this today, you will get unlimited support to my personal WhatsApp for 6 months.

Back to the matter

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

How To Withdraw From PayPal in Nigeria 2019: at the end of this post, you should fire your PayPal Exchanger In Nigeria, and start withdrawing your PayPal funds directly to your bank account.

Learn how to withdraw PayPal in Nigeria.

If you’ve been caught in the web of having to go through the rigorous process of finding and verifying PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, you know how daunting a task that is… and not something you want to do the following day.

And the funny thing is that some very few Nigerians have whisked away from this need to engage in online scam. Like someone would say, PayPal exchange in Nigeria is one of the latest scamming format (don’t say I didn’t tell you!).

While there are many legitimate PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, a few others have jumped into the withdraw PayPal in Nigeria trend to scam scores of Nigerians.

I have been a victim so I can tell…

Some would “face” as legitimate exchangers with a score of other legit-looking social profiles vouching for each other,

and how hard it usually is to tell that one’s usually the next in line for an online scam is something that you only will explain after you’ve been scammed.

As they say, “experience is the best teacher” – is a proverb that we all resonate with, yet in the case where your experience puts you off the ground and burns you out, leaving you as a caveat lesson for others instead of you learning from it, is at all, not a good experience. A caveat from me should be enough lesson for you.

If you would rather experiment with different online profiles than learn how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria, you should close this page and move on. But if you would love to learn how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria, then, let’s have some more time into this.

(notwithstanding that I will recommend some facebook groups doesn’t also mean I’ll own up to any future liability. u may not tell when you’re on and even going as far as breeding some social profiles that vouch for itself.

I’ve had a shear of this development…

and for the few legitimate ones as I would recommend later in this post, their rate, somehow makes you feel, you’re working while someone profits most from it.

It’s a very hard feeling.

Especially if you work on major micro job sites like where 20 percent of your revenue is already deducted from your cleared revenue.

Going over to have someone take the least percent of your earnings can be heartbreaking.

Here in this blog, I’ll show you 5 surefire ways to withdraw your PayPal earnings in Nigeria, some are zero risks with low rates; less risk good rates, and high risk, highest rates…

First Method, How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria: ASHIRIN APP

The first is to use an app known as Ashirin App to withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your Nigerian bank account. I’ve used this process, and the rate is not the best but in my opinion, it’s safer and they pay you in about 24hrs.

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria with Ashirin App

The Ashirin app is a product under the Ashirin Tech Solutions you can read about them.

But from my experience withdrawing from PayPal through them, I think they have a vault maybe ran from abroad or in Nigeria still, but I think they manually confirm the receipt and convert it to Naira. Thereafter they pay it manually also to the bank account you supplied earlier to them.

I got paid in about 12hrs or so.

You should try them for your next withdrawal.

I am not vouching for them but it’s a system I have used and have even had chat with the founder so to some extent I feel it’s a very safe way to withdraw your funds in Nigeria.

Also that since they’re a locally based company, for any possible reason, and you don’t get your funds, you can easily walk into their office premises and sort things out for yourself.

This is quite better than using conventional PayPal exchangers in Nigeria. Where all you know about them is their social profile.

Second Method, How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria: USA PayPal cum Nigerian Payoneer Account

You can SignUp on Payoneer here

If you signup from my link, I will get $25 and you too will be given $25 when you start using your account. So please signup with this link so you can get support also from me, thank you 🙂

You can contact me on WhatsApp to help you register you for a USA account but you will have to use it with a VPN. It’s not like the SouthAfrican PayPal account. It’s easy also and I can guide you. Only give me a guarantee that you won’t use it for fraud 🙂. I’m joking though, and of course, if you do, you will be left to your fate. I strongly do not encourage fraud.

The summary of how this process works is that you will be withdrawing from a USA PayPal account using the Payoneer Global Payment Service.

Payoneer Global Payment Service

The Payoneer global payment service gives you access to foreign bank accounts like some Deleware companies give you foreign address and even a representative to run your business from another location.

You can then attach this foreign bank account number alongside the routing number (ABA) in the bank section of your PayPal account. Once that’s added, you will now have the option to withdraw to your bank.

After you have clicked the withdraw button, your money should arrive between 2 to 3 business days.

Already you know you can cash out your Payoneer funds at any bank ATM in Nigeria. I have used it a few times, and I got paid with the Payoneer ATM.

If you’re finding it difficult getting your ATM card here in Nigeria, you can also contact me, and I will use my address to get it for you within 14 days. And then have it delivered to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

I will deal [only] if the name on the card is your real name or the name of a relation whose permission you have to order for the card. Outside this, I can’t help.

So if you need my help, please contact me on WhatsApp.

Another thing to note is that it’s quite inconveniencing to cash out a huge amount of funds like let’s say $1000. It doesn’t really make sense to cash out and then go to the bank to make a deposit.

I am sure you have more things to do with your time…

you may use an exchanger and if you need one, I will connect you to one. Please contact me on WhatsApp if you need a Payoneer exchanger in Nigeria.

The rate is quite dignifying compared to the rate of PayPal exchanger in Nigeria. It fluctuates between NGN345/$ down to NGN340/$.

On the best side of things, if you’re like me who doesn’t like to give someone I don’t trust my money and then ask him for change in the name of exchange, you might want to learn how you can withdraw your Payoneer funds directly to your Nigerian bank account at the best rate ever. See the screenshot below for the rate and let me know what you think.

Payoneer to Nigerian Bank withdrawal

Should I tell you something?

It’s the best rate and the safest means of withdrawal I have ever come across over the internet. And you don’t want to see me give this out just like that because your money can be trapped most a times if you don’t have someone like me to guide you through it.

Contact me on WhatsApp and tell me you need the best rate of withdrawing from Payoneer to your bank.

Third Method, How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria: TeeSpring cum Nigerian Payoneer Account

Teespring is a B2B marketplace and they have Payoneer withdrawal option. You signup to start designing, and you can put up a purchase order online, the buy it with your PayPal account.

The funds will go into your Payoneer and then you can follow the withdrawal process as highlighted in method 2 above.

Fourth Method, How to Withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria: Buy Bitcoin with PayPal on LocalBitcoins

Once you signup to use localbitcoins, so you may need to verify your account and once you’re done, you should check the market and place trade following the trader who resonates with you.

The End!


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