Bitcoin reaches new year high for second consecutive day


What happened to cryptocurrency today: Bitcoin reaches a new yearly high for the second consecutive day. Barely 12 hours ago, Bitcoin hit $9869 on BitMEX, the largest and most liquid crypto trading exchange.

What happened to cryptocurrency today

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency hit an all-new high of $9869 on the 6th of February, 2020. This is, according to BitMEX, the largest crypto trading platform.

The Exceptional Performance of Bitcoin

So far, Bitcoin has been performing outstandingly this year, and this has prompted the recent bullish run which is being seen lately. After smashing through it’s highest points for two days in a row, there is no doubt that it would be every crypto investor’s choice. 

The Performance of Other Coins

Solid improvements have also been seen in Ethereum. Since it is mostly positively correlated with Bitcoin, it also had a 5% gain following the big moves of the past two days. It set a new high of $212 after beating a 5-month strong resistance. Experts stated that Ethereum has been witnessing some good fortunes since the announcement of the future release of Ethereum 2.0.

On the other hand, Ripple also increased to $0.28, and CEO Brad Garlinghouse anticipates that the currency will have a brilliant performance in 2020. The recent increase somehow refutes Mike Novogratz’s claims of a bad year for XRP. In a statement released by Garlinghouse, he pointed out that Ripple has been on a good run in 2020, although most critics have failed to accept that.

BNB also happened to be one of the best performers in the last 24 hours, with a 6.77% rise; this places its price at $20.60. This currency has been known to have one of the best performances amongst exchange tokens, and it has granted several discounts to customers on Binance, Binance DEX, and Binance Futures.

Final Thoughts

This year, Bitcoin is retaining its stellar status, and Tron’s $4.5 million dollar donation not burning off, also not only a marketing ploy as widely speculated. Most likely one of the major reasons the cryptocurrency is having mentions alongside Bitcoin.

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