How to Make Money from Home as a Kid

how to make money from home as a kid

Teaching a kid how to make money? Yes, and we are going to learn how to make money from home as a kid.

Kids are curious, and they learn quickly. Apart from kids who have a natural inclination for business, a lot of kids can be taught the benefits of understanding money and learning ways to make money as a kid.

Generally, an average kid will be open to making money, especially if they get to keep it and catch some fun along the way. When summer break is on, you can engage your kids with most of these activities. A lot of the ways to earn money as kids are fun, educating activities that not only keeps them productively occupied, but they also help them earn money and learn some early business lessons.

Learning ways to make money as a kid will help kids develop a healthy relationship with money, and also grow up with an entrepreneurial mindset. Introducing them early to money-making ideas also helps to build focus and a sense of responsibility in kids. It will also help them to develop the necessary skills needed for success in life.

Ways for kids to make money.

It will surprise you that even the kids will be interested in ways for kids to make money. There are over a hundred ways for kids to make money, from household chores to full-on businesses. Over the years, there have been kids who have built successful brands and business from simple hobbies and passions. Teaching your kids ways to make money can grow to become something bigger in the future. Now let us answer the question: how to make money from home as a kid.

What are the common ways to make money as a kid in the neighbourhood?

As a kid, you will want to make some money to get something extra. To help you make some money, I have listed some tips on how to earn money as a kid. Before you start any of these ventures, make sure you are the right age and that your parents or guardians are aware of what you intend to do.

Offer services to the neighbours.

You can perform a number of services and chores for your neighbours in return for payment. You can offer to help them pull up weeds or clean up the leaves on their lawn. You can also offer your services to shovel their driveway, manage their mails, especially if they travel a lot, mow their lawns if you are old enough, wash their cars among other tiny chores. 

House sitting

You can offer to help people house and plant sit if you are old enough. When your neighbours go on vacation, you can offer to house sit for them. You will take out the trash, help to pick up mails and the newspaper. You will also go by the house often to make sure everything is okay. A house that has house plants will require you to water the plants too. 

Pet sit

Like house sitting, people will pay you money to help them look after their pets when they are out of town. You won’t be pet sitting in the owner’s house; you will keep the pet with you, feed them, walk them if need be and groom them.

Dog walking

Try not to walk more than the number of dogs you can handle, but dog walking is a great way to make some money. You can do a couple at a time and expand your client base.

Trash can service

You can offer to help your neighbours take out their trash, especially if they are really busy. At the same time, it is one less chore for them to worry about. It is a nice opportunity for you to make money.

Paper route

Yes, reading newspapers is still a thing. Find out where to sign up for a paper route and start delivery. It will teach you discipline as you have to get up early to do this, but it is great to make money as a kid.

How to make money from home as a kid.

If there is anything that this Coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that making money from home is a great initiative. Kids are not left out either if they cannot go out and carry out activities that will help them make money from home.

You might be trying to figure out how to make money from home as a kid, and luckily for you, there are more than one ways you can make money from home as a kid. A lot of these methods are online because we are cataloguing activities the kids can do at home in a pandemic.

Make and sell jewellery and crafts.

This is a great option for kids who have creative tendencies. Do you like creating pieces of jewellery or beautiful accessories from regular craft items at home? Then you should try this. All you have to do is have your parent open an account on Etsy. Create beautiful pieces, take pictures of them and post them on your Etsy page and start selling. 

Create YouTube videos

You can also make money from YouTube videos. You see those arts and crafts you do? You can make videos on them and post them on YouTube. The more views and subscribers you get, the more your chances of making money through ads. You can also use YouTube to carry affiliate marketing by reviewing some popular kids products. You have to build up your followers first, and then you can reach out to companies that produce kids products and offer to review their products on your YouTube channel. 

Sell beautiful pictures

You can sell pictures of almost anything online. Look around you, there are beautiful things to capture. Do not have a camera? Do not worry, a smartphone with a great camera will do. Some good editing and you can have some really good stock pictures to sell online. You can find places to sell pictures online here.

Sell old things on E-bay.

There is no better time than now to learn how to make money as a kid. Everyone I home. This is the best time to go into the artic or the basement and pull out old toys and household items. Put the pictures up on E-bay and start selling. This is one of the best tips on how to make money fast as a kid, so start making money.


What will kids write about that people will like to read? A lot. You will be surprised at how much writing kids re doing and how much people are reading them. You can write and sell your poetry, musings, thoughts, and even deliberate on general topics you feel concerned about. You can start a blog, have an adult help you set it up to gain traffic and encourage other kids to write for the blog. Here is an exciting idea, you can turn your collection of poems and writings into an E-book and sell online. Amazon allows you to sell your book as a self-published author.

Take online surveys

Yes, people, companies want to know what kids think. Survey sites like Swagbucks have surveys that are designed for especially for kids. You can get signed up and receive notifications whenever there is a survey for you.

There are so many ways for a kid to make money, both online and around the neighbourhood. 

 When it comes to learning how to make money from home as kinds, it is important that adult supervision is available where necessary. Not just to help them set up stores online and take pictures, but also to help them interact with potential buyers.

Parents, early exposure to way for kids to make money is highly encouraged as I have earlier mentioned. Do not see this as an opportunity to just occupy the kids. It is also a bonding moment for yourself and the kids. Get involved, and they will thank you later. You can form a group (using virtual means) of kids interested in business so that your kids do not get bored or feel alone.

Even if you are helping them hold on to the money or they need to contribute to the need of the house, be open with them. This is also a great time to cultivate a great saving culture among them.

Other means of getting your kids interested in how to make money from home is to introduce them to works of literature, articles and movies that focus on kids and children entrepreneurs or kids going into business. The kids will get encouraged when they see kids like them doing these things and developing a sense of financial independence.

Dear kids, this is a great way to build your dreams or simply make some money, so take advantage of these opportunities that are around you and make the most of them.