How To Turn On Windows Defender


How To Turn On Windows Defender: this article contains a rundown of five easy processes that you can use now to turn on your Windows Defender.

Windows Defender is an anti-malware designed for Windows devices. It was launched with Windows Vista and Windows 7; however, it has been integrated as the main security component for all Windows devices. It is mostly enabled by default when Windows OS is installed.

How To Turn On Windows Defender
How To Turn On Windows Defender

But if yours happens to be disabled, take the following easy steps to get it back on:

Step 1 to turn on your defender

Firstly, click the Start menu and type Defender in the search bar. Alternatively, pressing Windows key + Q will also bring up the search bar on your screen. When Windows Defender appears in the search result, launch the program.

Step 2 to turn on your windows defender

A dialogue that says, “this application has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer” will pop up on your screen. This is a confirmation that the Defender isn’t active. Go back to the Start menu, search, and launch Action Center.

Step 3 to turn on your windows defender

When the Window opens, click on the Security tab to find out if there is third-party software managing your device’s security. In a scenario whereby another software is managing the protection, you will have to uninstall it. You can do that by visiting the Programs menu in your Control Panel.

Step 4 to turn on your defender

At this point, you have successfully uninstalled any third-party anti-virus program. Go back to your Start menu, search and launch Defender again. The message which appeared in step 2 will come up, but this time there will be an option which says Click here to turn it on. Clicking on it will turn on your Defender.

Step 5 to turn on your defender

The last action should take you to the Windows Defender dashboard. Since the software has not been in use, there is a great chance that it will be outdated. It is recommended that you update it to the latest version immediately. The update will equip your anti-malware with the latest tools to keep your system secure.

P.S. Don’t forget to turn on the Real-time protection appearing on the left-hand side of your screen. Enable additional scanning options to help keep your security tight.