What is Paga and How to Make Money Working as a Paga Agent

Paga Agent
Paga agent

There is more than one way to make money on Paga, and one of such ways is by becoming a Paga agent. This is a great method of making quick money on the side as it is almost passive, requiring some actions on the part of the agent. It also lucrative because the services offered by Paga are basic services that people require daily. 

A Paga agent who has an existing business and has established a reputation in his or her community will be earning a good income from Paga.

Anyone can become an agent, and in this article, we will be detailing how to become a Paga agent and how to make money from being a Paga agent.

What is Paga?

Paga is a payment platform that allows users to send and receive money, buy airtime and pay bills.

It offers a flexible platform for payment transaction that allows users to self-serves or use a Paga agent. Paga’s platform is open and secure, allowing customers to pay for services they regularly enjoy either by using Paga’a online platform or using any of the agents.

Overtime, Paga has grown to become a great source of passive and even active income online.

Who is a Paga agent

According to paga, a Paga agent is one who has and does the following:

· A Paga agent has the authorization to provide Paga services to customers. They have been trained to do this, even though they are independent

· A Paga agent has direct contact with customers, especially those who are within their living and working areas. 

· The agent has the following roles


  1. Registration of new customer 
  2. Offering customer service assistance to customers
  3. Filling customers’ Paga accounts with cash.
  4. Performing payment transactions on behalf of the customer
  5. Helping customers to process cash withdrawal requests.

What benefits are available to a Paga agent.

.Paga uses a commission-based approach to pay its agents. Paga agents make money from commissions made on transactions. The more transactions they carry out, the more commissions the agent makes. Asides the commissions made on transactions, Paga agents also have access to training and other incentives.

How to become a paga agent 

how to become a Paga agent

 it is quite easy to become an agent. Paga actually encourages and advises that intending agent should probably have established businesses and presence. This will help to portray them as reliable to potential customers. Their jobs as Paga agents will also increase footfalls into their already existing businesses.

On how to become a Paga agent, simply go to https://www.mypaga.com/paga-web/customer/static/pagaForYou/agent. This is the sign-up page for Paga agents. Once there, there is a form for you to fill. Fill the form correctly and submit.

Paga will get back to you when they are done with the verification process.

You could simply send email to agents@mypaga.com, and they will have one of their field representatives contact you. They will give further instructions on the on-boarding process

Frequently asked question on how to be a Paga agent.

Does it cost money to get signed up as a Paga agent?

 Yes. You pay to start up as Paga agent.

How much will it cost to sign up as Paga agent?

The sign-up fee for a Paga agent is N20,000. This amount serves as both your startup investment and your branding funds. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Paga agent?

Paga agents will receive a commission for every transaction they perform. Apart from the commissions, there are bonuses and other incentives which Paga roll out at intervals. One of the best ways to increase your earnings on Paga is to do more transaction. Another benefit of Paga, especially for persons with existing businesses is that there is in an increase in footfall and people traffic into your business. You will not only be making commissions from Paga but also have an increase in sales.

How much do you need have in agent account as startup capital as a newly registered agent?

The amount of money you choose to put in your account as startup capital is totally up to you.


Will there be any form of training on how to transact on Paga as a new agent?

Yes. a Paga representative is assigned to extensively train new Paga agents on how to become a Paga agent once their Paga agent account has been set up.

Can you transfer your agent account to another person?

No. An agent account cannot be transferred to another person.


Can one agent account be operated simultaneously in different locations?

To operate Paga in different locations, you to create different user accounts.


As a registered agent, can I operate from any location in Nigeria?


As a registered agent, you can operate anywhere in Nigeria with your agent account.

As a new agent, will get branding materials from Paga?

Yes. Branding materials are part of the incentives that new agents get when their accounts have been set up.

How to fund your Paga agent account

There are several ways of funding your Paga account:

Via Bank transfer 

You can fund your Paga wallet using internet banking or by using the bank’s mobile app.

This will allow you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to your Paga account. 

Use the steps below to use bank transfer for funding:

Step 1: Log in to your internet banking

Step 2: Select transfer to other Banks

Step 3: Insert your 10 digits Paga Nuban account number

Step 4: Select “Paga” or “Pagatech” as beneficiary Bank

Step 5: Input amount

Step 6: Fill the required field on the transfer page

Step 7: Input your PIN

Step 8: Complete the transfer process

Using the Naira Debit card

To use your Naira Debit card for funding your Paga account, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on fund account under “account”.

Step 2: Enter amount

Step 3: Click on “Fund account”.

Step 4: Select card as a payment option, then click on the deposit tab below

Step 5: Enter your card number

Step 6: Enter the expiry date of your card

Step 7: Enter CVC at the back of your card

Step 8: Input your PIN

Step 9: Click on deposit and follow the instruction to fund your wallet

Paga Agent

You can use an existing Paga agent around you to fund your account.

 GT Collections

You can use GT Collections via the internet banking or mobile app option. follow the steps below to fund using this option

 Step 1: Log in to your GTB account

 Step 2: Click on other payments

Step 3: Click on more payments

Step 4: Click on Infotechs & other services

 Step 5: Select “Pagatech Limited” from the list of merchants

 Step 6: Click on Paga Collections

 Step 7: Insert your 10 digits Paga account number, fill other details and amount

 Step 8: Click on continue

 Step 9: Confirm and complete the process

NB: This service is available to GTBank customers only

GTBank 737

You can fund your Paga account via GTB *737# service. To do so, follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Dial *737* 50*amount*145#

Step 2: Enter your 10 digit Paga account number

Step 3: Confirm name and enter your 737 PIN or last 4 digits of your GTB debit card and send

NB: This service is available to GTBank customers only.

How to increase your Paga transactions and get more commissions.

A paga agent with an already established business can simply tell customers about their added business on the side; this makes it easy for them to not only market their Paga agent services but also use Paga for payment services for their business.

However, if you do not have an already existing business, but want to be a Paga agent, the best thing to do is set up shop in a busy location. Places, where business activities are high, are the best locations.

When you set up shop, display your branding materials properly. Do not stop there; utilize your social media pages to market your services. Even though a major part of your business and customers will come from those around you, you can also draw in traffic by advertising your services online. Ensure you have impeccable customer services and watch your customer base grow.

Good luck! Interested in more ways to make money?

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