Blockchain Conferences in Nigeria. My Notes.

Blockchain Conferences in Nigeria
Prof. Kingsley Moghalu at abdac2019

Blockchain Conferences in Nigeria.

If you have followed my updates for the past few weeks (October 2019), you should have heard of Blockchain Conferences in Nigeria.

The first was the Port Harcourt Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference organized by eWealth Atlantic.

Followed by the Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference organized by Blockchain Nigeria User Group in Nigeria.

Far from my expectation, I had a new make money online reality attending for these conferences.

Just a filler, I’m currently sitting at the technical section of the conference and I thought I should share to the world the few burning lessons I’ve learnt so far.

#1 Books Are Good but Meeting People who wrote the books is Life Changing.

I got into the blockchain space from writing business documents such as whitepapers and when I read Mr.

Chuta’s book on The Blockchain & Digital Currency Revolution I got a burning desire to explore the space but Meeting and working closely with him at the conference made me realise something more than just being enthusiastic.

I saw a new level of energy. And then it gets me a new reality, which I am sharing with you today. So you may want to up your mentality of always thinking of holding back instead of reaching out to people you feel can help you swim towards your ship.

#2 Attending conferences is not cheap even if they’re free.

Initially I wanted to follow the safe option of holding back and feeling I only need to work hard inside than spending few bucks to attend conferences, especially when they’re not within my vicinity.

But this time around, I decided to take a shot, and thanks to Faith Titus and Chuta Chumezie for doing amazing things from where I drew my motivation to go outside my bounds.

And thanks to my host, Mr. Kayode, founder of Sirfitech. He’s an amazing guy. Sirfitech is an Abuja based blockchain development company…

they offer adon services like website development, app development, graphics etc. If you’re around Abuja, I can bet you they’re your best digital service providers you need for your company.

#3 It Helps you Learn People Skill.

If you’re giving 30 seconds to talk to your most admired business role model, what would you say?

If you do not attend conferences, you would be learning on stage, which is disastrous.

If you know how much you’re leaving on the table by not developing a superb pitching skill you will hate yourself.

#4 You Should Learn Blockchain

We are close to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and there will be nothing like I am not a techie person” Chuta Chimezie at the Portharcourt Future of Money & Digital Assets Conference.

Blockchain is the new ecosystem that will become the new power apps for all thriving businesses.

Thriving businesses” because in the 4iR, if people cannot trust your service, your services is not transparent, does not provide better experience, does not encourage innovation, nobody will buy from you.

So today is the right time to learn about the blockchain, you can start with Chuta’s book.

#5 “The Power of Value is Sacrifice” Victor Akpoma-Philips COO Kubitx

Listening to Mr. Victor Akpoma’s keynote speech on The Rise of Digital Economy got me decided to share this.

If you’re looking at making money online, volunteering in organizations and projects that’s in line with your vision and interest.

I am a volunteer at the Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference and so far, I can tell it’s worth it.

Faith Nte

Faith Nte is a Content Writer and Personal Finance Blogger

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