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I welcome you very warmly to 1000NairaDaily, I’m glad you are here on a journey to uncover what it means to make money online in Africa

I can’t tell if I started before you.

But I know I have always been on the internet since I was shown the light of a computing device in 2009.

I had work in three Cyber Cafe as an attendant and instructor respectively from 2009 to 2011.

On the eve of 2011 when I got admission to study Business Administration at the then Rivers State University, I forgot about all I knew about the internet and went in for my studies.

Little did I have to regret at the time because I was basically not so much informed about life and what it meant to be a futurist.

All I wanted was a satisfactory grade and a better life throughout school.

I knew nothing about personal development and social activities while on campus, to make sure my morality was intact, I joined the fellowship and served God all through my campus days.

An interesting experience I must say.

But in 2016 something happened.

After I couldn’t afford to pay for my final year clearance on time, and how I couldn’t even afford a mobile phone, even though I had worked as a Logistics Officer and an Assistant Administrative Officer with two private companies in Port Harcourt, it started to dawn on me that I needed to emancipate myself from the unending hand-to-mouth race.

I am not the best person when it comes to money management. I am of the belief that one needs enough money to live a life of contribution and impact.

So I hardly could survive the inconvenience of things that I count valuable to me. And those could be anything, see it from your position right now!

On the eve of 2016, I had hit the rock bottom, when I contracted a disease from the last place I worked.

It was an agro firm, and I caught some flu and another disease that left one side of my neck swollen for months.

I had no one to run to.

I lost my parents from a very tender age and I learned to live a life of endurance and to be my own rescue always.

My pains were mine until they were lifted. That was the silent killer philosophy I lived by, and perhaps up till now.

I endured the pain and still left the job without any compensation for medication. No phone, and no one to run to.

A rebellion fellow who never waits for a minute once he’s sure the next route was the WAY!

I was left to chance, a chance that connected me with a distant cousin who opened his arm and mind to educate me about a borderless world where I could sell my skills to some individuals and earn in hard currencies.

I wasn’t excited, as it initially rang to my ears as some very hard vendetta that only those ordained could fathom and succeed at.

I never believed that I, of all people, could earn online as a freelance writer. And up to date I still doubt myself daily.

Just like you are doubting yourself right now.

Writing this, I am even doubting myself on the current venture I am into if it will pay or not.

But beyond doubt, there is a nullifier and energizer at the same time. And it’s the art of TAKING ACTION!

If you can take action with any post you see on this blog today, it will do you two things:

1. It will give you the unmatched result that nullifies your doubt.

2. And it will energize you to scale up on your result to reach for great heights.

If you navigate through the site, you will assume the site is all about Paypal. It’s not all about PayPal.

The simple reason Paypal related issues pop up all through is that when I started on my career as a Freelance Writer on Fiverr, I made lots of withdrawal option errors that cost me a few dollars that almost cost me my career as a freelancer.

So getting to teach people about prevalent payment methods such as PayPal was foundational to the creation of the blog.

The first blog post How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria has since become the anchor post of this blog due to the value that it carries.

Payment methods are of the things Nigerians and Africans suffer when it comes to make money online, and gradually we are getting off the hook and catching up with the world since the solution of blockchain and PayPal hacks is becoming prevalent.

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Thank you,

Faith Nte