Best screen recording app for android

Like many other devices, Android built-in screen recorder comes first in our choice for the best screen recording app for android.

My choice was based on some criteria which are peculiar to me because I find them to suit my buying or usage choice.

Like the issue of Anti-virus, I usually do not have any come before the Microsoft security essentials windows 10.

My reason is simple, these inbuilt apps usually have the best compatibility experience than any other on the market.

And most rational of it is that it’s free and very effective.

Nevertheless, it’s good to take a look at some of the other options so it can reflect your own criteria and decision-making process.

Before we get into some other best screen recording app for android, I would love to give you a brief background on how this post comes about.

I had a tight schedule this week and since I had made this resolution to make at least three videos per week for my new Youtube channel, I decided to check online on best screen recording app for android.

At least it would weigh easier to record my phone screen on the go, than wait until I get settled to make my YouTube video.

On searching, these were the few options I saw that got me the conclusion that Microsoft security essentials windows 10 was the best option.

#6 Screen Recorder – No Ads

Android built-in screen recorder
Screen Recorder – No Ads

This app is exceptionally easy to operate; all you need is to tap the blue button, and recording starts.

It also features handy widgets for better user experience.

You can record HD videos and add effects like texts, logos, and images. For those making a professional video, the Facecam option helps you achieve that.

#5 ScreenCam Screen Recorder

microsoft security essentials windows 10
ScreenCam Screen Recorder

We picked this app because of its “no ads” and lightweight feature. It does not offer as many options as the other apps on this guide, but it covers all your essential recording needs.

Currently, it has been receiving a lot of updates, and some cool widgets are being added for easy control.

However, there is no picture-in-picture mode yet; this means that recording the screen as well as yourself with the selfie camera is impossible.

#4 Google Play Games

microsoft security essentials windows 10
Google Play Games

For those who do not fancy downloading third-party apps, this is the best option to go for. Also, this is the best screen recorder for Android gamers.

The app features a friendly user interface. All you need to do is open the app, locate the game info page, click on the “Record” icon at the top corner of your screen.

It offers you the option of recording either 480p or 720p videos. You can also use it to record non-gaming activities; exit the game when the recorder launches.

#3 Mobizen Screen Recorder

microsoft security essentials windows 10
Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is our second-best pick and offers tons of amazing features, including Full HD recording.

It features an array of tools for adding effects to recorded videos. These effects include background music, smiley faces, etc.

Also, you could record yourself for your intro and outro videos. This app is mostly used by gamers because it allows them to record their face reaction with on-screen actions.

#2 DU Recorder

android built in screen recorder
DU Recorder

This is one of the most popular Android screen recording apps with more than 10 million downloads.

You could easily make a video of the tasks you are performing on your screen. It also comes with a built-in editor, which enables you to edit your video after recording, and you have access to over 20 language options.

No root access is required, and the recording time is unlimited. However, a watermark appears on every video you make. The pro version users have permission to remove the watermark.

#1 Android built-in screen recorder

Android built-in screen recorder
Android built-in screen recorder

This is perhaps one of the easiest screen recording apps for android you can use without having to download some more third-party apps to your android.

If you are running an Android 4.4 KitKat OS version of Android, you have the privilege to record your screen with your mobile device without having to download a new app.

This is an amazing option for users of this Android OS, and my best screen recording app for android.

Wrap Up!

The plethora of apps listed above is ever ready to help you share your fun experiences or record video courses. Whichever you chose to go for, your needs are surely covered.

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