Blockchain community in Africa strengthens as QURAS partner with BNUG

BNUG today: In the last 24 hours, the internet is all indexed with the novel partnership between the foremost Secret Contract Platform for Privacy and the buzzing cryptocurrency and blockchain community in Nigeria, Africa, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG).

Quras, an Asian next-generation blockchain protocol, provides private-protection and anonymity in a transaction. Ahead of its mainnet launch by early April 2020, it is looking to expand its developer base and community beyond Asia to greater Africa by partnering with the leading blockchain non-profit associations in Africa, BNUG.

This partnership should be coming from BNUG’s interest in fostering the growth between blockchain and cryptocurrency communities in Africa and beyond through quality talent development, seen in its last year’s launch of #BlockchainDev1000 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Who will be the major players in this BNUG partnership?

BNUG’s influence within the blockchain and Fintech community is strong. From private to government bodies and across the border sponsored organizations and professionals.

Its ever buzzing Telegram community is occupied with over a thousand and a half blockchain enthusiasts, developers, fintech experts, social media influencers, civil servants, and people from all walks of life.

BNUG has its major team based in Lagos, Nigeria where most of its activities and vision for the community are being rolled out.

BNUG has its major team based in Lagos, Nigeria where most of its activities and vision for the community is being rolled out. The BNUG community up till the time of this publication focuses on the technology’s education, development, adoption, and integration in Nigeria and across Africa, which is most likely the most beneficial programs of a like-minds community such as this is taking blockchain to full adoption.

BNUG was launched in 2016 and has since worked with all levels of government, including Nigeria’s Security and Exchange Commission increasing industrial competitiveness, promoting community development initiatives, and enhancing consumer safety.

Its latest initiative, #BlockchainDev1000 participants get to know more about decentralized application development and multi-platform exposures for building smart contracts. The new partnership with QURAS means that participants will also be trained on the QURAS platform.

QURAS was founded in 2017. It is currently listed on three digital asset exchanges, Bithumb Global, BiKi, and CoinTiger. Its mission is to champion the revolution of information protection by using cutting-edge technology such as blockchain in industries.

What impact will this partnership make on the African continent?

With this partnership, QURAS is looking to bring its self-sustaining ecosystem to Africa, one that shares all transaction fees with project owners and, in turn, supports protocol adoption and long-term viability.

Meaning Fintech organizations will strengthen in Africa as it’ll now be able to give back to their customers. BNUG’s pioneer, Chimezie Chuta, is optimistic about the partnership. When quizzed on the recent developments, he said:

The partnership will provide QURAS with massive brand exposure in Africa. Secondly, our local developers are going to be exposed to the QURAS privacy-focused blockchain platform and that they are going to be ready to find out how to create solutions on the platform.

Chuta Chimeze – founder BNUG

He also added that

“It shows social responsibility when a brand, like QURAS, identifies itself with the noble causes instilled in BNUG’s vision. It has how of deeply engaging the project with the greater community, which successively will increase usage and participation. You will see the QURAS project grow organically not only in Nigeria, but across Africa. Nigeria features a population of 200 million people, and breaking into such a market that gives open access to the greater emerging market economies of Sub-Saharan Africa .”

Chuta Chimezie – founder bnug

The CEO of QURAS, Shigeki Kakutani was excited about the partnership. During an interview, he said:

“Currently, there are quite 500 blockchain engineers in BNUG and that we envision the association to succeed in their target of 1,000 engineers. A strong and growing developer community is vital for QURAS as these engineers will lead the longer-term development of applications on our platform.”

Shigeki Kakutani – founder Quras blockchain

He concluded by saying,

“The QURAS team already features a Community Manager living in Lagos who will help manage partnership efforts between our organizations. I am grateful to be partnering with such a great association.”


Undoubtedly, the future of blockchain technology is brighter in Africa. Let us know what you think of this recent partnership by leaving a comment.

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