Blockchain & Digital Asset Conferences in Nigeria

how to trade bitcoin in nigeria
3rd Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference 2019

Blockchain Nigeria & Digital Asset Conferences in Nigeria

Except you are a Nigerian but living in Eritrea, you should have heard or used Bitcoin in Nigeria as it is one of the most promising places on the planet for cryptocurrency adoption.

As Nigeria is currently listed by’s Africa could be the next frontier for cryptocurrency post, as the Main Bitcoin Countries.

Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large remain a buzzing innovation that everyone wants to be identified with. For the sensation like the dotcom era, but also for the benefits that this technology and its applications have alongside.

For the millennials, blockchain, bitcoin et cryptocurrency has created a new channel for wealth generation.

Portharcourt Future of Money and Digital Asset Conference
Port Harcourt Future of Money & Digital Asset Conference

By the simple creation of a new and more liquidated investment channel, unlike the stock exchange, millennials who have little or no investment capital,

finds it more appealing to jump into crypto referral networks, earn bitcoins, invest to profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage.

To this sect, it’s more rewarding than to spend time going with a broker who probably will take six months before he could land them very little proceeds from their investment and moreso for a fee.

For SMEs, blockchain is the only invention that can salvage them from statutory obligations such as taxations and government duties that intensify competition and increase the barrier to new entrants. Therefore favoring the cash cows and giving lesser room for innovation and change.

Blockchain Nigeria & Digital Asset Conferences in Nigeria
Abuja Blockchain 4 Good Hackathon

It’s a no brainer that industrialization is a process to address issues common with productivity, and premier to these is the challenge of customer satisfaction with minimal resources.
How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student

Whether it was Henry Ford’s Management Principles or the classical theories, they all addressed an issue common with management, governance, contracts, security, scalability, transparency, human inclusiveness, optimal services with lower costs etc.

These are basically an intrinsic value proposition of the blockchain and something that SMEs can not afford to put behind.

If you are looking at entering and even disrupting an already established market, you can only do that with the latest technology, and currently, blockchain is boasted to be the leading force of all.

Blockchain Nigeria & Digital Asset Conferences in Nigeria
Chimezie Chuta, Founder/ Coordinator Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

For professionals, blockchain is more or less a new gold to mine. As an early adopter and leader, you will be the go-to person for blockchain project management, blockchain developer, blockchain digital marketer and the likes.

If it’s blockchain that’s attached to your title, you are the new life wire of organizations who will not want to be swept off the competition.

If you are a hedge fund manager, and you are looking at how to how to trade bitcoin in Nigeria, you should consider conferences like these.

Conferences as these might just be your best bet to getting the right connection with internationally established fund managers.

And this means, exposure, quality connection, and more effective service delivery.

Surv. Faith Titus, Founder eWealthAtlantic, PortHarcourt, Nigeria.

According to the 2018 Upwork Skills Index, blockchain skills recorded the most in-demand freelance talent across the world.

#1 Blockchain & digital Asset Conferences in Nigeria.

Abuja Blockchain & Digital Asset Conference, Abuja.

Like many other conferences around the world, this conference organized by the Blockchain Nigeria User Group is located in the capital city of Nigeria.

Hon. Gbajamialia, Honorable Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Nigeria.

The current edition of the program features a lot of industry leaders, policymakers, government stakeholders, and blockchain/cryptocurrency industry influencers to discuss blockchain as it affects governance, and legal practices within the country.

how to trade bitcoin in nigeria
Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria. Former Presidential Aspirant under the Young Progressive Party (YPP).

Blockchain Nigeria User Group is perceived as a think tank for both private and public institutions as they relate to the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.

Port Harcourt Future of Money & Digital Assets Conference

Bro. Felix Obuah, Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Arguably the future of money is not fiat or paper money but functional/utility tokens. This conferences, hosted by eWelth Atlantic brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of money and digital assets.

how to trade bitcoin in nigeria
Professor Lawyer Obara, Professor of Accountancy, Rivers State University (RSU).

The key pioneers of these blockchain & digital assets conferences in Nigeria are Chuta Chimezie and Surv. Faith Titus.

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