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How PiggyBank App can make you earn 1000 naira daily

piggybank app
piggybank app

You earn 1000 Naira daily when you refer someone to save with PiggyBank App.

PiggyBank App is a platform that helps people learn how to save and invest in farm products.

You also earn 1000 Naira daily each time you teach someone else how to save and how to invest in farm products.

PiggyBank App is more like an app that incentivizes people to do the right thing; to secure a better future for themselves and family.

Why you should learn about PiggyBank App

PiggyBank App is not a network marketing app or business but an investment app with several investment options.

PiggyBank investment options provide a return on investment (ROI) of up to 25% per annum. That weighs more than Treasury bills and any other risk-free investment out there.

PiggyBank is registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria. According to Piggyvest, they’re on a mission to give everyone the power to better manage and grow their own finances.

Piggybank is the foremost and first “Saving & Investment” app in West Africa and was first launched in 2016.

Piggybank uses to be an only-savings platform but revisited its mission to include viable investment options and modified its name to Piggyvest.

There are numerous benefits of cultivating a good saving habit, which is the least thing I want to talk about in this post. To know more about what a good saving habit can do to you see 10 important benefits of saving money.

Using Piggyvest App, you can:

  1. Earn 1000 naira daily by referring people to save or invest with Piggyvest
  2. Join your friends to save for a particular purpose (this will be a very useful option for members of any marriage committee, such as a committee of friends etc). All members of the saving vault will have the same restricted access to the vault until the date you all assign as the maturity date.
  3. You can invest your spare money in one of their vaults and get a 25% ROI in one year instead of leaving your money to lie in wait for inflation.

The most amazing part is that, if you decide not to invest any amount in Piggyvest, you still earn 1000 naira daily till when you get tired of it, just by referring people to join the platform free of charge.

How much can you earn with Piggybank App?

There is really nowhere on Piggyvest that it says to what end someone can earn.

If anything last till eternity, then it’s as good as saying, you can keep earning 1000 naira daily with Piggyvest till eternity.

How to scale up your Piggybank earnings?

To scale up your 1000 naira daily money from Piggybank App, you would need to tell as much people as possible about Piggybank App; its products and services.

The more you tell people, the more you register people to the platform and the more you earn.

It’s not only 1000 naira per day (only) that you can make from Piggybank App or Piggyvest. It’s per number of heads that joins the vest through your referral link.

If you can talk to a group of 100 students about savings, and get 50 of them signup under your link, you have lockin 50,000 Naira for that day.

How to redeem your 1000 naira from Piggybank

To redeem your earnings from Piggybank, there are about a few steps that I consider the most transparent referral network and model I have ever seen.

Make sure your prospect signup with your referral link.

Piggyvest App

Make sure they save at least 1000 naira to unlock their bonus

Once someone signs up under you, and deposit 1000 naira in your flex savings wallet, you are given a 1000 naira referral bonus and the person.

So it’s a win-win situation with nobody losing out. You win 1000 naira and the person you register also win 1000 naira.

So at the end of the person’s circle, they will have 2,000 naira balance in their vault.

They can decide to invest in Piggyvest with this money to earn 20% annual bonus or refer others to earn as well.

It’s all a simple process.

Click here 👉👉 https://piggyvest.com/l/7bd7a71 👈 to signup on PiggyVest with my link.

If you have any concern and question, you can send me a WhatsApp chat via this line 09081275044. Tell me you want to register on Piggybank and I will assist you further.

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Blockchain community in Africa strengthens as QURAS partner with BNUG


BNUG today: In the last 24 hours, the internet is all indexed with the novel partnership between the foremost Secret Contract Platform for Privacy and the buzzing cryptocurrency and blockchain community in Nigeria, Africa, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG).


Quras, an Asian next-generation blockchain protocol, provides private-protection and anonymity in a transaction. Ahead of its mainnet launch by early April 2020, it is looking to expand its developer base and community beyond Asia to greater Africa by partnering with the leading blockchain non-profit associations in Africa, BNUG.

This partnership should be coming from BNUG’s interest in fostering the growth between blockchain and cryptocurrency communities in Africa and beyond through quality talent development, seen in its last year’s launch of #BlockchainDev1000 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Who will be the major players in this BNUG partnership?

BNUG’s influence within the blockchain and Fintech community is strong. From private to government bodies and across the border sponsored organizations and professionals.

Its ever buzzing Telegram community is occupied with over a thousand and a half blockchain enthusiasts, developers, fintech experts, social media influencers, civil servants, and people from all walks of life.

BNUG has its major team based in Lagos, Nigeria where most of its activities and vision for the community are being rolled out.

BNUG has its major team based in Lagos, Nigeria where most of its activities and vision for the community is being rolled out. The BNUG community up till the time of this publication focuses on the technology’s education, development, adoption, and integration in Nigeria and across Africa, which is most likely the most beneficial programs of a like-minds community such as this is taking blockchain to full adoption.

BNUG was launched in 2016 and has since worked with all levels of government, including Nigeria’s Security and Exchange Commission increasing industrial competitiveness, promoting community development initiatives, and enhancing consumer safety.

Its latest initiative, #BlockchainDev1000 participants get to know more about decentralized application development and multi-platform exposures for building smart contracts. The new partnership with QURAS means that participants will also be trained on the QURAS platform.

QURAS was founded in 2017. It is currently listed on three digital asset exchanges, Bithumb Global, BiKi, and CoinTiger. Its mission is to champion the revolution of information protection by using cutting-edge technology such as blockchain in industries.

What impact will this partnership make on the African continent?

With this partnership, QURAS is looking to bring its self-sustaining ecosystem to Africa, one that shares all transaction fees with project owners and, in turn, supports protocol adoption and long-term viability.

Meaning Fintech organizations will strengthen in Africa as it’ll now be able to give back to their customers. BNUG’s pioneer, Chimezie Chuta, is optimistic about the partnership. When quizzed on the recent developments, he said:

The partnership will provide QURAS with massive brand exposure in Africa. Secondly, our local developers are going to be exposed to the QURAS privacy-focused blockchain platform and that they are going to be ready to find out how to create solutions on the platform.

Chuta Chimeze – founder BNUG

He also added that

“It shows social responsibility when a brand, like QURAS, identifies itself with the noble causes instilled in BNUG’s vision. It has how of deeply engaging the project with the greater community, which successively will increase usage and participation. You will see the QURAS project grow organically not only in Nigeria, but across Africa. Nigeria features a population of 200 million people, and breaking into such a market that gives open access to the greater emerging market economies of Sub-Saharan Africa .”

Chuta Chimezie – founder bnug

The CEO of QURAS, Shigeki Kakutani was excited about the partnership. During an interview, he said:

“Currently, there are quite 500 blockchain engineers in BNUG and that we envision the association to succeed in their target of 1,000 engineers. A strong and growing developer community is vital for QURAS as these engineers will lead the longer-term development of applications on our platform.”

Shigeki Kakutani – founder Quras blockchain

He concluded by saying,

“The QURAS team already features a Community Manager living in Lagos who will help manage partnership efforts between our organizations. I am grateful to be partnering with such a great association.”


Undoubtedly, the future of blockchain technology is brighter in Africa. Let us know what you think of this recent partnership by leaving a comment.

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How to make money on fiverr in Nigeria in 2020

how to make money on fiverr in nigeria

How to make money on fiverr in Nigeria

Making money online is one of the easiest ways to tap into the global economy and it’s something that you lose out of each minute you didn’t sell online.

As a Nigerian, I see Fiverr as a providence to us especially as a Nigerian youth who is trying to get his foot out into the world.

I have written about Fiverr last year, and this post is a wrap of the video I made today that shows you how to research for a gig that can make you at least One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) monthly on fiverr throughout 2020.

In this video, I made a recommendation of you starting with the Graphic Design category if you want to make your first buck this week.

And if graphic design is your thing, it means you already know the anatomy of the entire business.

Otherwise, if you still want to take part of this niche, you should consider using a quick hack I recommended.

Using Canva is one of the quickest ways to design like a pro designer even if you know nothing about Photoshop, Corel Draw, Indesign, etc.

Click here to signup on Canva and start designing today like a pro.


Here is the video on how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria in 2020.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student

how to make money online in nigeria as a student

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student: It’s time to end the broke game, lift your self-esteem, and start living your dream right from the campus.

how to make money online in nigeria as a student

In today’s world, you need to participate fully in events that shape your future and if you’re broke, that won’t come through. For example, during my campus days, we saw some folks who couldn’t afford textbooks and handouts.

In the Nigerian tertiary education system, it’s no news that not buying textbooks and handouts could affect your grade. Some lecturers even go as far as not giving tests, instead would allocate 20 of the 30 percent for CA to study materials.

Apart from lecturer’s sentiments, you need these materials to study and do well as a student. It’s demoralizing and even a bad practice to borrow materials. Some students even go as far as photocopying materials without the consciousness that they’re doing the wrong thing.

The thing is if you would do well and really make the best of your life, you need to be empowered. And the first step of empowerment is financial empowerment. My assumption is that you do not have any psychological issue. If you do, then your case is special. You should watch out for our posts on personal development.

1000nairadaily aims at raising people who will not be a burden to Africans and that they will do so in the most dignifying manner.

If you can learn the art of making legitimate money, you should be on top of your game as a student. And in this post, I will show you how to make money in Nigeria as a student in 2019.

To make money online, you need skill, traffic, and a platform. In this post, I’ll focus on the skill. But in the coming posts, I’ll tell you about the platforms where you can sell your skill.

Forget about traffic for now. Once you can earn with the skills that I will list in this post, you can then come back to learn how to build funnels and traffic generation.

By then, you should be empowered enough to move to the next phase of entrepreneurship.

Basically, this post will focus more on the skill you need to acquire than the platform you need to sell this skill.

Subsequent posts will tell you about the platforms to sell your skill.

How to make money in Nigeria as a student in 2019.

Graphic Design

Visual presentation isn’t fading away anytime soon.

It’s one skill that you can learn and earn at least N50,000 naira monthly if you will be serious with life.

When I started teaching computer operations in 2009, it was Corel Draw or PhotoShop.

But now with Canva, you can make modern digital graphics for social media, blogs, etc.

You can design Facebook ads image, Facebook posts image, Facebook cover image, Instagram image, twitter, and the likes for free.

The second tool you can use to achieve this is Design Wizard

Here are the words from one of the pioneers:

Design Wizard is an excellent alternative to Canva. It holds over 1 million high-quality images, with hundreds of thousands of image templates. Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize feature. There are also integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer and Intercom”.

David coen

Hopping on the website, I was required to input my name and email address and then was redirected to a signup page for a 14-day trial with an option to use it without payment.

Overall I would say it feels good on my first instance, each click feels like a flip on your smartphone.

I would not want to compare it to Canva rather I would suggest you give it a try and have the feel for yourself.

One of the most distinctive features I see on the site is the tutorial they offer to users. So you have no need not to make money online today as a student with this tool.

Here are some of the screenshot I snapped on the site.

If you can master this skill, you will need to reach out or volunteer for review. Volunteering with any offline organization or the ones you have met online, would make a great way to start putting contacts of clientele together.

And more so that you need something to present to people when you start your outreach campaign for clients. I will explain this better in the coming posts.

Make money online in Nigeria as a student with Website Content Writing

This is perhaps one of the evergreen ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student. Every page on the internet, have content.

Unlike years ago where businesses only get a website and probably pay for the few static pages. This is not so in 2019.

Today, if you are selling online, and no one is getting updates and real-time clarification about your products, you really will be out of business soon.

And this tells the importance of website content writing to business owners.

There is no limit to how much you can make as a content writer, and it spikes if you already have the skill. And if you don’t, you can learn.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student

See the screenshot above, it’s one of my live accounts on Fiverr. It’s a content writing account and has earned more than N3million NGN. What if I show you some other of my accounts that got banned by Fiverr?

Fate had made it impossible for me to attend a good secondary school. I never sat in a Literature in English class, and I use to be very bad at words.

In fact, the first woman I wrote for (I can’t find the screenshot), she said, “your content reads like a sermon“.

That was my reality, but because I needed to beat the hostage poverty had kept me, I was willing to put in more work.

Due to my resolve, I kept bidding for jobs on freelancer.com and soon got some clients I worked with via skype. And due to my bad writing, I lost them all. But soon I got to know Fiverr, and the rest is that you too can make money writing online.

Make money online in Nigeria as a student with WordPress Website Design

With an open-source content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you don’t have to write a single code for you to make a breathtaking website.

Websites like 1000nairadaily.com, phcitycars.com, and some other websites that I own, are made with few clicks.

Yet you can register in the course section, comment on the blog and do other things. All without a single line of code.

In fact, many of the developers you know these days, do not make websites from scratch. They mostly use a CMS and a template.

Please comment and share… This blog will be updated.

5 minute scalping strategy: How To Make Money Online Scalping Crypto

5 minute scalping strategy

If you are a trader, you can make a lot from coins with high liquidity with a 5 minute scalping strategy.

What is crypto scalping?

Scalping is a style of crypto trading for adrenaline junkies. If you always find yourself staring at 1-minute charts or getting in and out of traders faster than an investor can open an earnings report, scalping might just be your godsent trading tragedy. 

When you are a scalp trader, you aim to harvest your profits from small price moves. Your goal won’t be to make a profit on every trade you make but to accumulate small profits over and over again. When done properly, crypto scalping helps in growing trading accounts over time. 

How does it work?

Crypto scalping is heavily based on technical trading analysis. Anyone who wants to go down this rod needs to learn at least the basics. The scalper will use both charts and big release news to make profits within a short timeframe. 

The goal isn’t to hold on to an investment at all, but to simply capitalize on the growing trading volume to exit with a small gain. When you do this many times for a trading day, you will end up making significant profits. 

A lot of crypto scalpers will use a 5-second chart of their trades to buy in and sell quickly. A trader can make about 100 deals during a trading day if they are quite active. But, obviously, trading this way demands tons of fees. So it is necessary to make sure the trades are profitable before you enter them. Generally, scalpers need more robust planning and stronger discipline than regular crypto traders. 

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Crypto scalping strategies 

Now, let’s get to the “how”. The first strategy is range trading, which involves monitoring the price movement between the high and low levels within a certain period. The bottom and top of the range serve as the support and resistance, respectively, until the range is broken. That means traders will aim to buy when things are in the support stage and sell when there is resistance.

The more frequently the price touches either level, the more likely the level will eventually be broken. This scalping crypto strategy can therefore work well for traders using a 5-minute timeframe, though a stop-loss will be essential for when a breakout occurs.

Secondly, we have the bid-ask spread strategy. For some scalpers, it is all about aiming to exploit the bid-ask spread—the difference between the bid and ask prices. Scalpers can make money from any considerable difference between the two. 

There are two instances where the bid-ask spread occurs in scalp trading. First off, a wide bid-ask spread is when the asking price is higher and the bid price is lower than usual. This tends to happen when there are more buyers than sellers, causing the price to rise. Crypto scalpers will therefore be selling at this point.

Scalp traders hold on to their assets for an even shorter period compared to crypto day traders. Day traders might make a couple of deals per day, but a scalper will make many trades in quick successions. 

The 5 minute scalping strategy is you doing the same thing but within a 5 minute cycle. This way, you are less likely to get caught in the web of coins dipping on you.

If you want to be a successful trader, I would recommend you learn all you need to know free of charge on Binance Academy.

Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria: How to Buy Bitcoin with P2P


Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria

Becoming the hardest currency on the planet, you may be thinking of how to Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria. But with the recent ban by CBN, you may want to learn about Binance P2P Nigeria, and ways to pay your suppliers in Nigeria.

Bitcoin offers several opportunities yet an easy way to ruin one’s years of a hurdle. P2P (Peer to Peer) has been in existence before Binance made it possible to buy with Naira. Sites like LocalBitcoins have long been a legit platform for P2P, and with the massive adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, now, is the best time to learn more about P2P. Since the majority of the purchase of crypto is made for the purpose of trading, with Binance being the most popular trading platform on the African continent, it would be good to learn about Binance P2P than any other.

After learning about P2P, and you have decided to trade, in this post, we have listed several ways through which, you can buy cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria

Learn how to become and eCurrency Exchanger in Nigeria

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfers

Bank transfer has ensured the seamlessness of any form of trading. Whether it’s grocery shopping, buying gadgets, or buying cheap bitcoin in Nigeria, you can complete any transaction within a few minutes through bank transfer. Peer-to-peer exchange platforms allow you to buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria with naira from vendors using the bank transfer option.

Binance P2P Nigeria

Mobile applications and USSD codes make it easier to send money to bitcoin sellers. The seller provides account details, you pay the bitcoin’s naira equivalent into the seller’s account, and you receive the BTC in your wallet once the seller confirms the deposit. However, when using this option, endeavor to verify the seller’s credentials and ensure the seller’s name and account details are a match before proceeding to make payment to avoid scams.

Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria with Gift Cards

Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria

This is another common way to buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria. Once you’ve purchased a gift card, either iTunes or Amazon with cash and activate it, the next step is to scratch the back and have the card receipt available with you.

You can find gift card options on platforms like Coincola. Simply select the option of buying BTC with gift cards, your browser might be redirected to another page. This page will contain a list of various traders and rates to purchase your iTunes or Amazon cards. The traders will offer you the option of paying back with bitcoin.

Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria on Local P2P Groups

You can also buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria from open or closed social media groups. This process might be termed too risky as people easily get dubbed on these platforms. There are several Instagram and WhatsApp peer-2-peer groups where you can purchase bitcoin with naira. 

A few of these groups are paid groups; however, the majority of them are free. Security is guaranteed in the paid groups because the admins painstakingly verify each member’s identity and act as escrows, ensuring that every trade is successful. The free P2P groups are anyone’s guess – so try as much as you can to avoid them.

Buy Cheap Bitcoins on Peer-To-Peer Platforms

This process involves exchanging your cash for bitcoins. The P2P platforms usually have different vendors with different rates. They also act as escrows for the credibility and transparency of the entire process. Here are a few reputable P2P platforms that you can buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria.


Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria

CoinCola is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange that offers P2P trading to Nigerians. The platform’s OTC marketplace allows Nigerians to buy cheap bitcoin using their local fiat currency. Register an account using your email address to get started. Once registered, scroll through the list of bitcoin vendors and select the one with your preferred price and make a purchase.


Coindirect is an exchange and a P2P trading platform that enables you to buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria. To get started, create a free account using your email address. Once you’ve set up your account, update your profile and verify yourself. Now your account is ready to buy bitcoin from the P2P marketplace.

If you select a seller from the peer-to-peer marketplace, you’ll send your payment in the local currency using the indicated method of payment. When the seller confirms your payment, the platform will release the bitcoin from escrow to your Coindirect wallet.


Buy Cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria

Paxful is another P2P trading platform where you can purchase bitcoin in Nigeria from a range of local bitcoin sellers. After signing up, choose a vendor who offers the amount of bitcoin you’re willing to purchase, then begin your buy order. There will be trade details on the left side of your screen, and a chat box to dialog with your preferred seller throughout the transaction process. Once the transaction is approved and complete, the BTC will arrive in your Paxful wallet.



This is arguably the leading P2P exchange in the world. The platform offers services to buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria. To buy bitcoin, click on the vendor with the preferred price range on the homepage, review his terms and if acceptable, go ahead and make a purchase with your chosen payment method. You’ll need to open an account and verify your details to buy bitcoin on the platform. 



Remitano is a P2P Bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy cheap bitcoin in Nigeria. You need to have a registered account with your email, Google or Facebook. Once you’ve registered your account, scroll through the list of bitcoin vendors and select one with your preferred price. Also know that every seller has a maximum bitcoin limit you can purchase.

Remitano also allows you to choose where the seller will deposit your bitcoin – either your Remitano wallet or a different wallet.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous platforms available for buying cheap in Nigeria with Naira. But you have to be cautious and do your due diligence (DYOR) when buying on these platforms. Alternatively, you can do a physical meet-up with buyers in your city. There will likely be one Bitcoin exchanger close to you.

You can join our group on Telegram, get into my PayPal exchange program to sell PayPal funds at 470 Naira per Dollar.

Minting Millionaires: Online Business that Pays Daily in Nigeria

online business that pays daily

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the following online business that pays daily in Nigeria can make you indifferent of the hardship this new normal has caused the world. Skills from blogging, affiliate marketing, bank sales agent etc can pay you daily.

One in every two Nigerians in the country’s labour market is either underemployed or unemployed. In the last five years, the country’s unemployment rate has more than tripled, and there’s enough to show that things will only get worse. 

According to a World Bank prediction, the flailing Nigerian economy is set for its worst recession in four decades, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. While the super wealthy save up to send their children abroad for studies and better employment, all we can do back home is double efforts. 

Moreover, the world is going digital. So, rather than only submitting a filed CV in an office and waiting years to hear back from them, there’s the backup plan with online business in Nigeria that pays daily.

With little time to master the required skills and the zeal to actually earn some bucks, these online jobs would pay every competent young Nigerian. 


It may sound all too familiar, but blogging done correctly and consistently can fetch you up to NGN 500 thousand naira in a month.

With sharing information as the key aim, this is something you can do for yourself or for others. 

Nevertheless, personal blogging is more lucrative.

Moreover, starting isn’t a pocket-tearing experience.

NGN 4,000 can get you a domain name, and roughly the same amount will go into hosting monthly.

So, with about NGN 3,000, a professional blog can be turned into a money-making machine.

Affiliate Marketing

By 2022, affiliate marketing spending in the United States alone will reach $8.2 billion.

That’s just a snapshot of how fast a seemingly little-known industry is growing.

Being Nigerian does not matter, because cashing in on the billion-dollar trend isn’t geographically restricted. 

Affiliate marketing is one online business that pays regardless of your location.

See the best affiliate marketing options for you in 2020.

As far as you can convince people to buy products from given companies, you can earn daily—probably hourly if you are a sales nazi.

To make things easier, eCommerce websites such as JUMIA, AliExpress, Shopify and even Konga have affiliate programs you can take advantage of.

With JUMIA, for instance, you can earn up to 11 percent commission on every sale you inspire. 

Bank Sales Agent

Gone are the days when approaching people on the streets was the only way to get people to open bank accounts.

Now, it can be done online, and some banks are willing to pay you for bringing them new customers.

If this weren’t a lucrative online business in Nigeria that pays weekly, Don Jazzy, the music producer, perhaps wouldn’t be committing to it. 

V, a banking app owned by VFD Microfinance Bank, is an example of a bank sales agent platform you can earn from.

Most initiatives like these are regulated by the CBN, so there’s no room for defaults.

Once your customer you bring in opens an account and deposits money into it, you earn.

So, how much you make is dependent on how many people you convert.

Web Search Evaluation

Looking to get paid per hour?

Then become a web search evaluator.

It is a straightforward yet delicate online business that pays weekly and allows you to earn while working remotely.

Basically, you would be helping search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo improve their search result experience.

If you’ve ever used Google and marvelled at how its results match your input, know now that there are people behind it.

With their help, relevant results and improved overall performance is guaranteed.

To become an internet assessor, you can apply, after which you would have to pass an online exam. 


Last year, Jack Dorsey visited Nigeria.

The highlight of the Lagos tour was offering Dara Oladous, the creator of Quote Replies—a Twitter-based bot that helps you find quoted replies of tweets—a job.

That, among many other manifestations, goes to say that everything from coding to software development is the rave nowadays. 

If you can code in your sleep, then you could lose some bedtime and rake in some bucks.

You can help companies build applications that would help them interact with their clients.

Or, you could be troubleshooting their online assets, checking for bugs and security flaws. Either way, there are millions to be made monthly. 

Online Survey

For digital marketing, content is king.

But for business growth, data is the supreme overlord—that’s why some companies are willing to pay you for it.

Online surveys are basically a medium through which businesses collect valuable information that would help them better grow their enterprises. 

Because data also entails public opinions and honest perceptions, you can help businesses gather the information they need and get paid.

The companies create the survey, so all you have to do is answer the questions honestly.

You may not qualify for all surveys because some of them are based targeted to different regions, metrics and industries. 

YouTube Vlogging

This is more like the ultimate online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

YouTube has raised millionaires in Nigeria far more than oil.

There are more than 2 billion monthly users on YouTube worldwide, making it the world’s second-most-popular social network, right after Facebook. ‘

So, if you have a flair for the dramatic, can be controversial or just be outright hilarious, there’s a place for you on this streaming app. 

If you grow your YouTube audience with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, you could be making up to NGN 50 million on a monthly basis.

But to monetise your channel, you need to first have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of content.

That’s to say: making vlogging profitable isn’t a day job. Consistency is key. 

There is a litany of online businesses in Nigeria that pay, but these are the most sought-after means.

You can also become a social media marketer, a data entry specialist or a virtual assistant, depending on which job description matches your current set of skills. 

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria?

can i use paypal in nigeria

You can use PayPal in Nigeria to make payments only. You cannot receive payments with a PayPal account registered in Nigeria. But if you would like to know how other Nigerians use PayPal account to receive payments in Nigeria, read on.

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria
PayPal account in Nigeria

Meanwhile, the picture above is what it looks like to have a PayPal account in Nigeria.

First of all, How can I use PayPal in Nigeria?

Step 1: Signup on PayPal.com

You would need to head on to paypal.com, which would redirect you to paypal.com/ng. The “/ng” is the Top Level Domain (TLD) for Nigeria. Like many other companies, PayPal usually use country specific TDL per country.

This will also determine the level of privilege you will have on PayPal.

If you visited paypal.com/ls, which is a TLD for Lesotho’s PayPal, you would have certain privileges that is not on the “/ng”.

Privilleges such as:

  • Can receive funds into your PayPal balance as family and friends (fnf). With fnf, PayPal usually will charge the sender a flat fee of 4.99 USD.
  • Can send funds to another PayPal user as goods and service (gns). With gns, PayPal usually will charge the sender a percent of every amount you send out of your PayPal account.
  • Can withdraw or transfer funds to your Visa card balance in your country.

So that is one way to explain the visible difference between the various PayPal TLDs.

At the signup page, the first thing you would see is the provision to input a phone number

Input your phone number to start

After you have input your number, you would be required to verify your phone number. After verification, you should proceed to input your email and verify accordingly.

Since you can only use your PayPal Nigeria account for payments, you would have little stress opening a paypal account in Nigeria.

Next would be to input your details like your name, date of birth etc.

Then you would need to add a payment option, which is a debit or credit card to your PayPal account.

This will be the only option from which you can spend on PayPal.

A Nigerian PayPal account does not have a PayPal balance. Hence you will always spend from your card each time you want to make payment with PayPal.

The Cons of PayPal for Nigeria

There are a few thing to note if you want to determine the use case of a Nigerian PayPal.

Especially after you have heard it can only be used for payments.

You may be wondering on if there is anything wrong if you only had to make payments with your PayPal account.

Especially that you have seen PayPal as a payment option in many of the websites you shop online.

If you could only have a PayPal account that enables you transaction on such websites, what could be the disadvantage.

First, you can only spend on your card

This is the same thing as putting your card details on these websites and just simply make your payments.

Rather than having to go through the “hurdle” of adding it to a PayPal account.

Thereafter login to your PayPal account before you can make payments.

So the question would be why do you have to go through so many process rather than one.

In an attempt to make payments online?

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria?

Second, you will not have a PayPal balance

Not having a PayPal balance means you cannot send or receive funds from and to other PayPal users.

This gives you very limited privilege of PayPal

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria?

Third, you will really have no need of a PayPal for Nigeria

This is because why many Nigerians use PayPal for payments over a credit or debit cards is thus:

The Nigerian Naira has a track record of growing weaker almost every year since its inception.

And this impacts negatively when a Nigerian buys online with their credit or debit card

One is with the exchange rate.

Two is with the spending limit.

PayPal for Nigeria, Can I use PayPal in Nigeria
Typical Nigerian card limit

How do you explain the frustration of being restricted from spending your own money due to stringent bank or national policies?

The screenshot above, was me trying to make payment on Alibaba with my Nigerian card.

The payment was about $420.00 USD (184,314.00 in Naira).

I was told it would exceed my monthly limit of $100.00 USD (43,945.00 in Naira).

This was with an exchange rate of N438.84 NGN / $USD.

Can you imagine such limitation?

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria

The Pros of PayPal for Nigeria

Can you imagine that after I had gone through numerous frustration and then I finally bought a PayPal funds for 340 naira per dollar?

That would have been an amazing cost saving option for me.

But with a PayPal for Nigeria, this is not yet the case.

It is really hard to figure out one way PayPal for Nigeria is of an advantage.

Nevertheless, some have said it helped them run a Facebook ads.

And this was counted as an advantage where their card was initially refused by Facebook.

Even if this works, you would be charged from your card.

And this means still at the same rate as using a card directly to run your ads.

Can I use PayPal in Nigeria

So what are the known ways Nigerians use PayPal in Nigeria?

Many Nigerians utilize neighboring African countries PayPal to fill in the gap.

Countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa are some of the prominent African countries where a PayPal account has full function.

In this post on how to open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria, I broke down everything you need to know about this country’s PayPal option.

With each of these countries, you can open a PayPal account from Nigeria. Add your Nigerian card, and still have a PayPal balance.

With this PayPal balance, you can buy PayPal funds from freelancers at an affordable rate. For as low as 340 Naira per Dollar and save huge amount.

What other means do you use PayPal in Nigeria, leave a comment below.

How to withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account in 2020

how to withdraw money from paypal without a bank account

How to withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account: Get a PayPal account in Lesotho, Dubai or Mozambique. Get a UBA AfriCard (Naira) International High or Low, and withdraw at 380 Naira Per USD.

If you are a freelancer, or you receive payment online via PayPal, you may want to enjoy a much better rate to get additional value for your money. To do this, you would need to learn how to withdraw your PayPal funds at 470 Naira Per USD. Or at every prevalent Bureau De Change (BDC) rate. To do so, click here, also you will learn how to create a PayPal that will last you almost forever without falling into the grey side of PayPal.

So here is how to withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account in 2020

Get a Functional PayPal Account

First of all, you would need to get a functional PayPal account account.

By this, I mean a PayPal account that can send and receive funds here in Nigeria. This method also works in Ghana, incase you are reading from Ghana.

To get a functional PayPal account, for this guide, I recommend a Dubai PayPal account, and that means you would need to go to paypal.com/ae.

How to withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account
Homepage of Dubai PayPal

You should understand the difference between these interfaces.

If you had typed in paypal.com in your browser, it would have automatically used your device location and would have returned to you the country’s PayPal of your device location.

That means if I browse from Nigeria, and visit paypal.com, it will redirect me to paypal.com/ng, and that means I will be browsing the PayPal for Nigeria.

And that would mean I would still be limited on certain features.

If that is clear, we will move to the next thing:

Which is to complete the signup process by following up with this video.

Get A UBA Africard (Naira), International High or Low.

uba africard international low
uba prepaid card
UBA Africard or Prepaid card (international low)

The UBA Africard works like a mobile money wallet. Although it can be linked to your existing UBA account, it is independent of it. You can get this card even without getting an account with UBA bank.

All you need to do is to visit their bank and ask for this card.

It is not necessary to tell them your use of the card.

This should only be used for legitimate purposes as otherwise you will be handing over yourself to the law enforcement agency for prosecution. This is the reason initially never wanted to put this out on the web, but due to popular demand I am making this available with caution.

So if you are a freelancer, and you earn online like from Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour etc…

this is a very good option for you to use to withdraw your money to your bank in Nigeria at a signifying rate.

Back to the issue.

Once you get this card, you should fund it at the bank with at least 1000 to 2000 Naira.

After you have funded this card, you should then proceed to attach it to your functional Lesotho or Dubai PayPal account.

You will get a code, sometimes twice, and it will debit about 1.95 USD from your card.

The debit alert usually would come with a code like this:

uba africard
paypal card confirmation debit

Once you have such alert either on your mobile phone, you should proceed to PayPal and use the code to verify UBA Africard on PayPal.

Once you are done with that, your Lesotho or Dubai PayPal account will be ready to withdraw funds to your UBA card.

uba africard
UBA africard (international high)

Some people have reported to me that the limit on the international low is way lower than the international high.

So if you are at the bank, you may want to ask for the international high. Nevertheless, you should accept anyone that is available as you can always apply for the international high in due time.

Paypal to uba africard withdrawal

That is all you need to know about withdrawing your paypal account to your Nigerian bank account.

As at the time of writing this post, the withdrawal rate has revolved around 380 and 379 Naira per USD.

If you want to learn how I withdraw the same PayPal funds at 470 Naira per dollar, you should click here. This offer is only limited to 20 persons (NO GIMMICKS).

Join our channel on telegram to be the first to get our post.

You can leave your comment below this post and I will reply to you almost immediately.

See you in the next post.

The Truth About easiest way to immigrate to Canada in 2020.

easiest way to immigrate to canada

The recent political, social and economic situations in Nigeria has sparked a quasi movement of youths who are looking for the easiest way to immigrate to Canada or relocate elsewhere in search of greener pastures. 

Top on the list of destinations is Canada, but young Nigerians are unsure where it remains a good idea to relocate to the country. 

Well, right now, at least, here are my thoughts on questions that go from feasibility to profitability in an endless cycle of diaspora uncertainty. 

Still Ongoing In Canada…

In the past few months, it has been proven countlessly that Canada is one of the best countries in the world anyone can live in. Thanks to their well-developed healthcare system, the Canadian government’s several care-giving programs and the overall economic health of the country. 

One cannot turn a blind eye to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Canadian leadership has been able to respond fairly, having devised multiple platforms on which the comfort and satisfaction of every person is keenly considered and ensured.

As of now, the government has set up several initiatives for both individuals and businesses, giving them the resources they need to best the Covid-19 storm. More so, these setups enable Canadians or Canadian immigrants to recover from the disruptions even as the nation’s economy shakes off the shock of the global healthcare crisis. 

For instance, an initiative called the Child Care Benefit (CCB) for families with children is currently ongoing, regardless of the worst of the pandemic being behind us. Also, in May 2020, the government gave the CCB a boost with a one-time push of up to $300 per child. Logically, if such programs exist during crises, a good life is guaranteed all round. 

On the immigration side of things, the federal government of Canada keeps its arms wide and warmly open to immigrants from almost every part of the world. The behavior is dissimilar to that of the United States, who up until now is extending its ban ramifications against Nigerian immigrants, students included. 

Based on these three parameters, it won’t be unfounded to assert that relocating to Canada would be one of the best immigration decisions Nigerians can make in 2020. Additionally, there couldn’t be a better time than now to start putting things together, as the world gradually resumes commercial activities. 

Which Programs Are Avaialable?

  • If you fall between the ages of 25 to 35, it is best to focus on the Express entry program, unless you have what it takes to go through the Provincial programs (PNPs). 
  • Express Entry programs have low chances of success for 35 to 45 year-olds, at least right now. 

Note: The Express Entry programs and the provincial programs are heavily dependent on your age, your capacity to ace the IELTS exam and get an impressive CRS point. 

If these two methods don’t look like they favor you, there is another, one which was introduced just last year. Called the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program, it basically allows you to become a permanent Canadian resident even without a college degree. 

Here are reasons why this program is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada

  • You do not need a high IELTS score (5.0 is a good score). 
  • Almost immediate job placement in Canada. 
  • Age isn’t a factor. 
  • Unlike Express Entry, this program isn’t based on points. 
  • Only 12 months of previous work experience is required.
  • It requires just 2 years of post-secondary education i.e. OND holders can apply. Unlike others, you are at an advantage with an OND, masters degree is out of place with this route.

However, these apparently lenient rules do not mean the program is open to all and sundry that just meet the requirements. 

What Else is easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

Well, relocating to Canada is a huge but worthy investment, especially if you are immigrating alongside your family. So if you are struggling to put food on your table or can’t get your bills paid on time, you might want to take a raincheck until things become more solid. 

First off, relocating is going to put a hole in your pocket. While there is no definite amount of money one can say is involved, here are some of the expenses you will be looking at:

  • The fee for applying for a permanent residence is $550 for adults and $150 for children. 
  • The IELTS test costs NGN 75,000 per head.
    If you are relocating with your spouse, he or she will also have to take it separately. 
  • Plane tickets, taking into account that you might be flying with your family. 

But if getting the funding for your plans is no issue, then let’s get ahead with it. 

According to Daniel Ola, who is a certified Immigration consultant living in Canada, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is straightforward and fast. Give and take, you’d be in Canada in 6-9 months assuming you start today

According to him, a rising count of some forward-thinking Nigerians are already leveraging on this opportunity, which means the channel is soon to become highly competitive. So, there’s no  better time than now to get acquainted with the system and start processing it. 

What Makes the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program the easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

It isn’t news that Canada is a pretty large country. As of now, a significant count of the immigrants to enter through the Express Entry and Provincial nominee programs select Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as their choicest places of residence. 

With these big towns getting occupants, there are other nearly-equally-developed ubranities with low populations. Long story short, the Canadian government wants to fill those towns. Hence, the program was created to encourage settlement in such places. 

The most exciting upside of this arrangement is that you get a permanent resident visa, which gives you access to a melange of benefits. The most prominent of it all, is that, within 3 years, you and your family can apply for Canadian citizenship. When granted, you will be free to reside wherever you want in Canada. 

One thing about the entire process, is if you can read and write you can go over it yourself and save agency fee as well as get to understand the nitty gritty of the entire process so as to avoid stories that touch. 

And that is why Mr Daniel Ola (The Nigerian immigration expert I spoke about earlier) created a short video to explain how this new program works and how one can apply.

If you are interested, click the button below to watch the video now.

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HSI GLO: Subscribe, Check Your Data Balance Online


HSI Glo allows you to do your data subscription, real-time view of your balance, and recharge your Glo sim online without using a mobile phone

If you use a MiFi as I do, you may find it hard sometimes recharging your data as you do not always want to remove the sim from your phone to a small phone before you can recharge it.

And if you decide to use the SME data guys, you may be losing out on some fantastic bonuses that come with recharging your sim directly.

To enjoy this hassle-free process,

head on to HSI Glo website, and signup with your Glo sim number.

You can decide to recharge your Glo number right on the website or recharge with your mobile banking app.

Once you have the naira in your Glo sim card, you can then proceed to the store on the HSI Glo website.

Choose the data plan that your balance can purchase, and it would be successful.

You can also check your balance and the bonus, send and receive an SMS message from the platform.

Glo HSI platform

You can access the view all data plans link. From there, you will see all data plans and their prices. So you can choose from any with just a click.

There are other links, and you are free to explore them.

Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at youtube.com/1000nairadaily; our Telegram Channel: t.me/faithnteC

If you have further concerns, you can leave your comment below.

You can also read: How To Make Money Online From Mobile App

Dozy Mmobuosi: The Nigerian Mobile Mogul Who is Connecting African Farmers to the World

Dozy Mmobuosi

Dozy Mmobuosi through his Tingo Mobile, manufactured and distributed over 9 million mobile phones to farmers in Nigeria with a 36-month payment plan. Plans on issuing credit facility to farmers after the conclusion of its South Africa-based Yekani Manufacturing.

The world is getting to a tipping point where individuals and economies are beginning to understand that the only sustainable means of survival is to change the ways we do things. And for Nigeria, it is to change from the obsessive reliance on oil to a diversified economy starting with agriculture.

Far too many years, the boom in demand for oil, made it easy to forget the good old days when agriculture was our core economic component. But with the world ditching the idea of fossil fuels and adopting other grading means for power generation, many economies, including Nigeria, are rolling up their sleeve.

So, it is only about a little time before we begin to see a large pool of unemployed graduates and subsistence farmers seek financial inclusiveness through mechanized farming, which can only be possible through connected efforts with global communities.

Seeing the challenge yet the impact the agro-business presents to the Nigerian community, a mobile venture capitalist; Dozy Mmobuosi had gone ahead of time to provide a revolutionary product for Nigerian farmers. 

In 2017, Dozy Mmobuosi unveiled the NWASSA agri-business credit facility that enabled Nigerian farmers to connect with the international community by profiting from the global repository of information about the agribusiness. 

Before the Dozy Mmobuosi‘s NWASSA innovation, it was almost impossible for agribusiness entrepreneurs to get access to any credit facility of this kind. Not alone to think of dealing with the double-digit interest rate that the Nigerian money market is characterized. 

But with the NWASSA innovation, the Nigerian mobile mogul, Dozy Mmobuosi through experience with other countries, wanted to bridge the gap by first providing a data-enabled device with a 34-month payment plan for Nigerian farmers.

>>How to make money from mobile app>>

Dozy Mmobuosi Explains How NWASSA works.

To roll out this initiative, Dozy Mmobuosi through his company, Tingo Mobile partnered with insurance companies, cluster of farmers through various groups and with the government through the Ministry of Agriculture to obtain data that would be relevant for this initiative. 

NWASSA was only a part of the series of initiative that Dozy Mmobuosi introduced to the Tingo Mobile ecosystem through several partnerships that empowered Nigerian farmers by first bridging the communication gap with farmers and the international community.

Through this project, over nine million Tingo-branded mobile phones were produced and distributed, with payment spread through 34 months. That is, a farmer was able to secure a data-enabled mobile phone with just a monthly deposit of 1000 One Thousand Naira only. Such facility was not possible anywhere in the world but only through a Dozy Mmobuosi initiate.

Dozy Mmobuosi Explains The Reason Tingo Mobile Closed Its Nigerian Assembling Plant For a South Africa-based Manufacturing Plant.

Even though there was a plan for the NWASSA program to offer credit facility in cash to help the Tingo agri-business community, it had a fallout with suppliers and other stakeholders due to the foreign exchange gap.

Before the fallout, Dozy Mmobuosi’s Tingo Mobile operated two assembly facility in Nigeria before they were shut down due to several challenges that made it impossible to operate these facilities in Nigeria.

According to Mmobuosi, the gap in foreign exchange, and suppliers misconduct were among the many reasons that pushed Tingo mobile manufacturing plant out of the country into processing an acquisition for a South Africa-based assembling plant, Yekani Manufacturing where it will be operating from Q4 2020.

Such decision, according to Dozy Mmobuosi was beneficial to sustain the company through the thick and thin as it helped it cut the cost of generating its own power and still have to deal with procurement officers of questionable character who connived with vendors of Tingo mobile to inflate invoice and contracts leading to the involvement of law enforcement agency in Nigeria.

Being the CEO of the company, Dozy Mmobuosi, was saddled with the tasks of getting through and settling all ongoing legal process.

Dozy Mmobuosi is currently operating Tingo Mobile from his China manufacturers and through his Connecticut, United States office while waiting to complete the formalization of his acquisition of the South Africa-based assembling plant Yekani Manufacturing in Q4 2020.

How to Become a Bet9ja Shop Owner in 2 Weeks

bet9ja shop register

Being a Bet9ja Shop Owner or having a Bet9ja Shop Register license is one amazing ways to diversify your investment portfolio if you do not mind the brick and mortal make business option.

Bet9ja is one of the leading sports betting companies in Nigeria offers you the opportunity to set
up, run and own a business by becoming one of their Bet9ja agents (sales outlets).

What you do as a Bet9ja agent is to promote their product range from an international brand.

Here is how to become a Bet9ja shop owner in 2 weeks and unlock great lucrative opportunities
with a top brand.

How To Get A Bet9ja Shop Register License

To get a Bet9ja shop register, it involves two process.The online form completion and submission

  • The physical registration and confirmation
  • The online form completion and submission

First Phase: Online Registration

Bet9ja shop register requires you to complete a registration form with them on their website. The following are the required fields that must be included:

  • Name (first name and last name)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Shop address
  • Location of operation (local government, city, and state)
  • Phone number
  • Email address (must be functional)
  • Upload document (as required by the Bet9ja register website)
  • Write business description

Once you have filled the required fields, enter a CAPTCHA character to confirm you’re not a robot.

Check the privacy box, and finally click on the “Register Now” button to complete the registration process.

Thereafter you should note the following:

Your proposed Bet9ja shop must be within a busy or densely populated area.

The shop should be spacious enough to accommodate business adequately.

Your proposed shop should not be within proximity of another Bet9ja shop. It should be at least a
minimum of 10 – 15 minutes average walking distance.

You should have laptops/computers, televisions, a reliable power source and stable
internet connection.

Second Stage: The Physical Registration and Confirmation

This stage has six necessary steps, including:

  • Submission of documentation to Bet9ja shop
  • Submission of documentation to Bet9ja shop
  • Checking of documents and location
  • In-person introductory conversation with field staff
  • Verifying of your premises
  • Signing the agent contract
  • Get your Bet9ja shop ready to go with assistance from the Bet9ja shop register support

What Are the Benefits of a Bet9ja Shop Agent?

As a Bet9ja Shop agent, you can leverage many unique competitive advantages. These include:


  • Commission rates based on turnover. Earn a commission between 2% – 20% for every
    bet printed in your shop.
  • Enjoy commissions for all mobile and online customers registered through your tellers.
  • Zero liability/risks for winning bets.
  • Access to more than 5,000 events from the most popular sports available weekly.
  • More than 12,000 live betting events available monthly.
  • New and exciting products that are developed continuously.
  • Leading world-class sports betting software.

Technology and equipment:

  • On-site and mobile technical support.
  • Set-up support for hardware.


  • Free training course to get you and your staff ready with the prerequisite knowledge for
    the opening of a betting shop.
  • On-site support from competent Bet9ja shop register field staff.

The End!

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Online Business that Pays Daily: Become a PayPal Exchanger and Earn in Millions


tags: online business that pays daily, online business in nigeria that pays

There is no more time to explain to anyone that you are broke in this digital age.

If you are a Nigerian, you should suck at being broke, by this time.

As you know your government doesn’t care about you,

you are responsible for your own life whether or not you will live the next day, is not in the agenda of any of your leaders.

I also think you will keep licking people’s ass if you don’t emancipate yourself from the state planned poverty that is coming upon you.

Me and you should be more grateful to God for giving people wisdom to setup what we have today as the internet.

Without it some of us would be as hopeless as a “church rat”,

you should not hear from me that church rats are poor.

But off course, not as rich as the ones in the shrines where there is constant yam and fish.

Well I am a Christian and was just trying to make you feel at home,

at least, you now know a Nigerian is behind this and can only tell you the truth because he has been stinkingly poor and hopeless as the rat.

I do not want to tell you about my story as this will prolong issues.

Person wie de hungry, wie visit him neigbor say him won watch TV, no really de see anything for the TV, him just de wait make food ready!

The question is about online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays.

Without much ado, I will just tell you that you can actually make 100,000 Naira for every exchange cycle you do.

And this will depend on how often you are willing to round trip this process.

By roundtrip, I mean, the start and the end of every exchange cycle.


online business that pays daily

What is Exchange?

Click Here to Learn how to do PayPal exchange and earn in millions today

Exchange is changing from one currency to another. And it is one hot cake online business that pays daily, or one online business in Nigeria that pays.

In this context of PayPal, it means buying PayPal funds from Yusuf and selling to Obinna in various means for cash.

You will be buying from Yusuf because he is a freelance writer on fiverr.com, and all his concern is to write quality articles for his customers on Fiverr, who in turns pays him in Dollars.

Yusuf’s expertise is in writing and doesn’t really care about what is happening with forex as much as he can convert his dollar funds in Fiverr to a “reasonable” Naira, he would count himself as fulfilled.

Reasonable Naira because he is not foolish, such that when Bereau De Change (BDC) is selling at 440 Naira Per Dollar, you will be buying his PayPal funds at 200 Naira Per Dollar, no. Not that kind, at least 300 to 340 Naira Per Dollar, and it would be reasonable and Yusuf really would not care so much.

Obinna on the other hand, is a broke suckling.

He just got off the veil of the “Nigerian University”, and is searching the internet like a chicken picking rice on the floor, looking for ways “he can breath” at least through the online media, since he does not have 15 years experience to qualify for the jobs in his field.

Obinna knows Yusuf, maybe through the Facebook or some other ways. Obinna also knows this means to exchange PayPal funds to Naira at such a high rate as equal to BDC or even higher. He approached Obinna who is already used to exchanging his PayPal funds for maximum of 320 Naira Per Dollar. He requested to buy his funds for about 360 Naira Per Dollar.

At least, not any Nigerian I know of, would not want to maximize his profit from taking literally no additional action with zero risk. Because Yusuf knows the 1000NairaDaily Telegram Verfied Exchangers Platform, and would request Obinna go through the escrow before he can trade with him.

Zero risk on the part of Yusuf, because he is sure Obinna would have to make a deposit to the escrow before he will send his hard-earned PayPal funds to Obinna.

So once Obinna subjects himself to escrow, Yusuf will transfer his funds to Obinna, while Obinna authorise the escrow to release funds. Escrow takes his insignificant fee and release the Naira to Yusuf.

At this point, Obinna would then proceed to exchange with our method and pocket the overflow rate.

Assuming the day Obinna exchanged with our method, the rate was 470 Naira Per Dollar as it has been for over 3 weeks now. Obinna would make a profit of 110 Naira Per Dollar.

Meaning, if he has done 1000 units of dollars, he would make 110,000 Naira at one cycle.

Everyone wins with this!

So if you are looking for online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays and benefit all parties involved. Then getting to learn how to exchange digital currencies such as PayPal dollar for Naira at BDC rates is all you need to focus on now for this month to make your first million online.

And for your information, the CBN have authorised the BDC to sell foreign currencies, and this means more PayPal funds will be lurking around, waiting for you to grab.

Click here to learn more!

I will see you on the other side!

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