Cryptocurrency market predicts Trump wins landslide 2020

What happened to cryptocurrency today: Trump win landslide 2020 🙂 ? United States citizens will be going to the polls in less than nine months, and millions of crypto traders worldwide are predicting that Trump will win 2020 election in a landslide.

trump win landslide 2020

Crypto investors are presently wagering their assets on the outcome of the election. Odds in the betting market are in Donald Trump’s favor.

Are Crypto Traders Backing Donald Trump?

Anytime you get to see the name “Donald Trump” within the crypto community, it’s likely going to be a good time to sit back and watch how it unfolds.

It’s become so interesting that members of some cryptocurrency community are wagering with BTC about the outcome of the soon to come historic re-election of Donald Trump.

Some exchange have also gone ahead by making smart contracts around the re-election of Donald Trump. An example is the one disclosed by FTX Exchange, a crypto trading platform.

The aim of the release is to give non- American citizens the opportunity to take long or short positions on the outcome of the November elections.

FTX exchange also launched a new token named after Donald Trump to stand as a symbol of the agreement.

TRUMP token goes up to $1 if the present President Of The United States (POTUS) is victorious; however, if the poll goes south, the token’s value will become $0.

The Current Price of The Donald Trump Token

TRUMP token traded for $0.62 at the time of publication. This means that Trump stands a better chance of being re-elected.

According to FTX traders, there is a 62% chance of Trump’s victory. The favorable odds aren’t seen only on FTX exchange; other bookmakers on the Internet also have odds that favor Donald Trump. 

Augur Market Predictions

Traders are also using the leverage provided by Augur to predict Trump wins landslide 2020.

Augur is a prediction market platform created on the Ethereum blockchain. The software enables users to create prediction market platforms for people to predict certain outcomes.

Augur also predicts that Donald Trump has a 95% chance of winning the 2020 elections. In the passing week, Trump skyrocketed from 1/1 to 10/11 to win the elections.

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