Where and How To Put Up Your Cute Feet Pics For Sale in 2021

Putting up your cute feet pics for sale or photographing your foot – or someone else’s might seem like a shoddy line of work. But there is such a thing as professional foot photography, and the business is quite lucrative. You can even learn how much to charge for feet pictures like a pro.

cute feet pics for sale

One Canadian foot model makes around $90,000 a year on IG, and another gets nothing less than $70,000 annually. 

According to a report by Business Insider, Instagrammers are seeking after-foot pictures, which is fueling demand in the feet pics for sale market. 

On average, one cute feet pics costs between $5 and $100, depending on the budget and clientele involved. 

That means you can sell for much more, just like the earlier mentioned Canadian foot model.

Is putting up cute feet pics for sale a legal venture?

Are selling feet pics legal? Are you thinking about the legalities of selling cute feet pics online? 

Well, in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, this kind of trade isn’t illegal. 

Even though you need to be 18 and above in some of these countries before you can advertise your feet pics on the web.

In this thread on Quora, many people have expressed their thoughts on the legalities of putting up cute feet pics for sale. Almost all of them from various countries have said it is legal as much as someone is willing to pay for it, and even if you just put it out for fun, it will still be legal.

But it all depends on your country.

Suppose you are in a very conservative country where publicly posted naked body parts is seen as illegal; you may want to check with your attorney or the requisite ministry to see if it is unlawful or not. 

On average, most people will pay for unclothed feet pics. 

If you put up clothed feet pics for sale, many will only consider it if it is memorabilia, and you need to be famous for you to receive an offer for such feet pics.

Most of the feet pics you will see for sale on Instagram or Esty are all unclothed, and that is where the beauty and usefulness lie. 

Nevertheless, people may have needs that are yet to be posted on the internet (maybe), which could just be clothed feet pics. 

If you are a seller and you have had such an offer, you could leave a comment to help other sellers who might find it interesting.

A few doubts you can research on.

There is about 3 comments in the Quora thread that said it is illegal, and you can see the screenshot below 

Quora post about cute free pics

Someone even said he was arrested in a country for doing something similar to feet pics sale.

Quora post about feet pics 1

Selling Cute Feet Pics: The Starter Pack

Before putting your cute feet pics for sale, you need to make sure that the following are in check. 

Cute feet pics Quality

It’s pertinent to invest your resources in high-quality images. 

There isn’t much room for low-standard photographs in the cute feet pics niche, so most clients aren’t interested in buying something whose Quality doesn’t cut it. 

The shots must be deliberate, professional, and of high quality, so they are well appreciated. 

Ideally, you want those pictures to look like those you come across on mobile apps, stock photo sites, and high-profile websites. 

For this, your smartphone camera can get the job done but feel free to invest in a professional camera to up your game. 

Religiously Care For Your Feet

In this market, your feet are the selling point. 

If they look unkempt, no one might want to pay for their pictures. Because the feet are the goldmine, it needs to shine just about every time. 

Basic hygiene, foot care routine, and some skin products should do just fine, depending on the texture of your feet. 

Get a pedicure session at least once a month and master the religion of keeping your feet tidy and healthy. 

Do your research to find out which exact products you should be using. 

Go to YouTube and watch some videos to update yourself on how you can groom great feet, from ankle to toenail.

Cute Feet Pics Sellers’ Anonymity

One of the most incredible things about buying and selling cute feet pics is that one isn’t sure about whose leg it is. 

Of the many things so alluring about this trade, retaining anonymity isn’t just the practice but also the big secret to making it on this market. 

The less you reveal your identity; the more likely your cute feet pics for sale are to get patronage.

When you put up your cute feet pics for sale, you don’t have to show other body parts. 

No one’s asking you to. You do not have to do anything you aren’t comfy with and can preserve your identity despite your feet being on the internet. 

It doesn’t matter how you look. With great feet, you can make thousands of dollars monthly online, anonymously. 

Vary The Poses

Trust, you don’t want to have cute feet pic of the same kind with every one of your clients. 

Your feet can be photographed from different angles and with varying goals in mind. 

It all depends on the way each client wants or what moves the market. 

Be as it may, it is ideal to have different poses for these images to create varieties. 

Offer lots of pose styles. 

When you brush yourself up on the various poses and put them into practice, you’d have more variety to offer, increasing your chances of success in the business. 

Visit or create different backgrounds for these pictures to help your clients understand that you have a broader scope of things. 

Take inspirations from shoe ads, foot modeling images, and stock photos. 

Where to sell Cute Feet Pics Online?

If you had a product you wanted to sell online and do not have a large online following, you’d probably consider growing your online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

You can use the same model to sell your feet pics online. 

Facebook marketplace, for example, is a place one can make such listings, Craigslist and other classifieds and more are some of the platforms you should leverage to sell your feet pics online.

How do I sell my feet pictures on eBay?

eBay is one of the best places where you can sell for free. 

It is one of the world’s largest platforms for such exchange and service that makes it easy for the clients you want. 

As long as your pictures are top-quality, advertising will yield many results, and money will start to flow into your account. 

To get started, head to eBay and set up a seller account. 

After that, upload the images on your dashboard, and keep adding as you go. 

Then, name the price of the project and post your pictures to the public. 

eBay is one of the easiest ways to sell your images, but they need to be top-quality. 

How do I sell my feet pictures on Esty?

Should you seek cute feet pics for sale online, you can take a look at Etsy

Most of the things sold on this online platform are jewelry, artworks, craftings, candy, and various household wares. 

However, the site also allows people to sell digital products, primarily images. 

The only odd thing about selling on Etsy is that buyers will not visit your page naturally. 

That is because Etsy is not a feet pics-focused venture. 

So consider it an eCommerce outfit where you can also sell professionally curated photos. 

Esty’s comprehensive services enable people to sell their products at just $0.20 for each item. 

It charges 5% as transaction charges, and the cost of its payment processing is $0.35.

How do I sell my feet pictures on Instagram?

Instagram is well recognized for promoting a wide range of things, from modeling to product marketing. 

As such, this social media platform makes for one of the most promising places to put up cute feet pics for sale

You are more likely to get clients for your work from Instagram compared to eBay and Etsy.

From there on out, you need to amass large followership and use those numbers to benefit the hustle. 

But make sure that your fan base comprises foot lovers, not folks who’d rather watch vine videos and partake in social media banters. 

With hashtags and the whatnots, you can drive your content to the right audience and inspire sales. 


Selling cute feet pics online is a way to make extra cash. 

We cannot see anything currently holding it back as far as it’s competently executed and tailored to meet the buyers’ requirements. 

Keep standing on that goldmine of yours. 

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