Dutch mail bomber demands BTC payment to end attacks

What happened to cryptocurrency today: An extortionist has mailed two letters bombs to Netherlands postal office. 

The letter bombs were tagged with ransom demands. The bomber has declared its intention to send out more if the demands are not met. 

Fire in the mail 

Two mail bombs set off in the Netherlands on Wednesday. According to the Dutch police report, the anonymous criminal is requesting for a digital currency payment to prevent future attacks.  

The first bomb had exploded at a postal sorting office in ABN Amro bank in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The letter bomb went off moments after a mailroom worker tossed away the package. Mr. van der Varst, a worker at the postal sorting office in his statement said:  

“The colleague who was sorting the mail heard a hissing sound, and threw the package away.” 

The second explosion exploded within an hour of the first in a border town called Kerkrade. The parcel was sent to a local business, Ricoh, a Japanese electronics firm.  

Nobody was reported injured in both attacks although the mails contained powdery chemicals that were intended to inflict severe harm. The police when revealing the extortion notes accompanying the bombs held back information as to exactly how much in BTC the extortionist is requesting. 

The Police have launched their investigation but are not officially linking both cases together yet. Amsterdam police spokeswoman Lex van Liebergen in an interview today with De Telegraaf, a Dutch website said:  

“It is fair to say that all of these are connected because the same demand was made however, we still don’t know who sent it. We are still investigating.” 

peculiar occurrence 

This would not be the first time the Netherlands has seen criminals demand crypto payments. The 2015 Jumbo bomber, who put mailed bombs to Jumbo supermarkets around the country, also demanded payoff in Bitcoin. 

Kees Van Dijkhuizen, the CEO of ABN Amro bank said:“Good news is that he is not wounded, bad news ofcourse is that these things happen and that our people have to deal with it.”   

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