How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures Like a Pro

Making money from selling feet pics is quite unusual, but an effective way to make money online. If you’ve had a thought on how to start making money from selling feet pics, one question to ask is: how much to charge for feet pictures?

So here is a quick list tip for you:

  1. It does not require you to be nude. It is a decent way to make money with your body part. Nothing ritualistic or indecent.
  2. It makes for a good side gig. Side gigs are lifesavers. You can never make too much money, and let us be honest, the money from the little side gigs we do always come in handy.
  3. It can be a full-time thing. Yes. Selling pictures of feet online can be a full-time business. You can become creative and become a feet photographer, or if you have the industry standard feet(slender, smooth and arched), you could become a foot model. Some people make up to $90,000 annually from selling foot pictures! Imagine that.
  4. It cost little to nothing to start. It is one of my best businesses to jump on. All you need is a good camera. A smartphone with a good camera will suffice. There are hundreds of free editing application for smartphones that will help you clean up the picture and give it a professional look. YouTube is filled with tutorials on phone photography.
  5. Feet are everywhere. You can ask your friends and family to pose for you. This way, you have a variety of pictures to sell. Always remember to take the person’s permission first. You have to tell them what you intend to do with the picture
  6. Almost anyone can do it, as long as the country’s regulations are obeyed.
  7. It is easy to get to and easy to learn.

Hold on, before we dive into talking price point, let us look at the benefits of selling feet pics online.

There are much more reasons why feet business is good business, but I will stop here for now.

Now back to the question

How much to charge for feet pictures?

In deciding your price points, there are specific questions you should answer. Feet business has a lot to it, as easy as it is, it can also be quite tricky when it comes to deciding how much to charge.

Like with every business, you are in the feet pics business to make money, and maybe as a hobby, but money is the highest motivator. This means that you have to be making money from your pictures a lot.

I have seen feet pictures attract a 6-figure price. Why? The people buying it saw something they wanted.

In the world of feet pics business, there is no “one size fits them all” theory, because just as the feet themselves will not all wear the same size of shoes, so there is no fixed of pricing feet.

However, there are certain things to consider, which will, in a way, influence the price of your feet pics.

The look of the feet. 

We know those slender feet are considered beautiful and a lot of magazines use them, so it is likely that your picture will rake in a lot of money if it is a slender foot.


By location, I mean, where you sell your pictures. You can read my previous post on how to make money from feet to find some of the best places to sell your feet pictures.

The buyer.

Who generally buys feet pictures? Blogger, website owners, magazines, branding firms and people with a feet fetish. Some of these might pay a low amount, and some of them can spend a lot of money.

This is where I will insert some warnings: If you are not comfortable with people using your feet pic for their feet fetish, you might want to reconsider or sell to the other set only, but then there is no telling.

Selling safe is also important, especially when using social media to sell. Avoid any form of personal contact. Keep your personal picture and private life away from your feet pic business page. This is business; you must keep it so.

Avoid in-person meetings; it is for your safety. Don’t get too close and personal with recurring clients.

Moving on…

In this article, we will be breaking down some of the Frequently asked questions, and they will better help us answer the question “how much to charge for feet pictures”.

To answer this question, I picked 6 questions that close address the main question

What are the reasonable feet pics price?

When it comes to selling feet pics, there is really no set reasonable feet pic price.

In the article on to make money selling feet pics online, I explained that the price for a feet picture is highly dependent on a lot of factors. In terms of what the reasonable feet pic price is, I will say this: it is business, do not go too low, but do not go too high either especially if you are selling using an online shop. However, there are some deals that come through where $1000 is a reasonable price, so, it depends on who you are selling to and where.

 How does pricing for personal feet pictures work?

The beautiful thing about selling feet pictures is every foot is beautiful. In as much as there are some feet that are considered industry standard feet,(slender and arched), pricing for personal feet pictures

there is a market for every foot. When deciding on the pricing for personal feet pictures, it is all about the market. You might be blessed with the standard slender, arched feet, and so you might want to put your pricing for personal feet pictures somewhere around a minimum of $20. However, just because your feet are not the industry standard slender, arched feet doesn’t mean your pricing for personal feet pictures should go low. No. A minimum of $10 is a good place to set the price.

What are the standard feet pic prices?

To be honest, there are no standard feet pics prices. There is no industry regulation for feet pics prices. Like I have previously stated, the prices of feet pictures are highly dependent on the pictures and where you are selling them. In general, the standard feet pic prices start from somewhere around $10, so except you are selling one of those one-off pictures that can rake 6 or 7 figures, the standard price should be a minimum of $10. Start there; it is a good place to start. By one-off, I don’t mean that selling a feet pic for a good amount of money will only happen once. You might be lucky to get a contract or meet a client that keeps coming back, so, fingers crossed.

Ps: should you get a contract, make sure you have a lawyer go over it, and that the lawyer explain the terms in details. Feet pics are creative works; it can be hard to manage exploitation if not properly handled.

Basic foot picture pricing

What then are the basic foot picture pricing? Should there be a basic foot picture pricing? Actually, the fact that foot pictures are not really regulated is grounds for there to be some form of a bar. Even though there is no formal price list, there should be some sort of price tracking. Basic foot picture pricing should be based on the picture type. To make it easy for others to sell their own feet pictures, do not beat down your prices. It is a bad market for others if your price goes below a certain amount. As much as there are no standard prices for feet pictures, we have established that a minimum of $10 is a good place to start. So try not to go below that.

How much to charge for feet pics

Now to the big question: how much to charge for feet pics.

With all the questions we have answered from step 1-4, I believe you have a better grasp on price points for feet pictures. Is there a trick to setting the price for feet pictures? 

Not really. When you start posting your feet pictures, whether on social media apps or on sites that help you sell feet pictures, the easiest way to know if you are charging okay, is to review other people’s prices and keep it within range. However, if you believe your picture is exceptional, compare to what is available around you, you can choose to go higher. Like I said, just don’t go lower than the average bid. It is a bad business move.

How much can you make from toe pics

How much can you make from toe pics

Earlier in this article, I had shared that there are people who have made up to 

$90,000 selling feet pictures. On how much you can make from toe pics, well, the same thing applies. With the awareness of this really lucrative business opportunity, you can make a good sum, especially if you are dedicated to it.

Now that we have answered some of the question on how much to charge for feet pictures, ready to start making money? Then let’s go.

Not interested in selling feet pics?

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