How PiggyBank App can make you earn 1000 naira daily

piggybank app

You earn 1000 Naira daily when you refer someone to save with PiggyBank App.

PiggyBank App is a platform that helps people learn how to save and invest in farm products.

You also earn 1000 Naira daily each time you teach someone else how to save and how to invest in farm products.

PiggyBank App is more like an app that incentivizes people to do the right thing; to secure a better future for themselves and family.

Why you should learn about PiggyBank App

PiggyBank App is not a network marketing app or business but an investment app with several investment options.

PiggyBank investment options provide a return on investment (ROI) of up to 25% per annum. That weighs more than Treasury bills and any other risk-free investment out there.

PiggyBank is registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria. According to Piggyvest, they’re on a mission to give everyone the power to better manage and grow their own finances.

Piggybank is the foremost and first “Saving & Investment” app in West Africa and was first launched in 2016.

Piggybank uses to be an only-savings platform but revisited its mission to include viable investment options and modified its name to Piggyvest.

There are numerous benefits of cultivating a good saving habit, which is the least thing I want to talk about in this post. To know more about what a good saving habit can do to you see 10 important benefits of saving money.

Using Piggyvest App, you can:

  1. Earn 1000 naira daily by referring people to save or invest with Piggyvest
  2. Join your friends to save for a particular purpose (this will be a very useful option for members of any marriage committee, such as a committee of friends etc). All members of the saving vault will have the same restricted access to the vault until the date you all assign as the maturity date.
  3. You can invest your spare money in one of their vaults and get a 25% ROI in one year instead of leaving your money to lie in wait for inflation.

The most amazing part is that, if you decide not to invest any amount in Piggyvest, you still earn 1000 naira daily till when you get tired of it, just by referring people to join the platform free of charge.

How much can you earn with Piggybank App?

There is really nowhere on Piggyvest that it says to what end someone can earn.

If anything last till eternity, then it’s as good as saying, you can keep earning 1000 naira daily with Piggyvest till eternity.

How to scale up your Piggybank earnings?

To scale up your 1000 naira daily money from Piggybank App, you would need to tell as much people as possible about Piggybank App; its products and services.

The more you tell people, the more you register people to the platform and the more you earn.

It’s not only 1000 naira per day (only) that you can make from Piggybank App or Piggyvest. It’s per number of heads that joins the vest through your referral link.

If you can talk to a group of 100 students about savings, and get 50 of them signup under your link, you have lockin 50,000 Naira for that day.

How to redeem your 1000 naira from Piggybank

To redeem your earnings from Piggybank, there are about a few steps that I consider the most transparent referral network and model I have ever seen.

Make sure your prospect signup with your referral link.

Piggyvest App

Make sure they save at least 1000 naira to unlock their bonus

Once someone signs up under you, and deposit 1000 naira in your flex savings wallet, you are given a 1000 naira referral bonus and the person.

So it’s a win-win situation with nobody losing out. You win 1000 naira and the person you register also win 1000 naira.

So at the end of the person’s circle, they will have 2,000 naira balance in their vault.

They can decide to invest in Piggyvest with this money to earn 20% annual bonus or refer others to earn as well.

It’s all a simple process.

Click here 👉👉 👈 to signup on PiggyVest with my link.

If you have any concern and question, you can send me a WhatsApp chat via this line 09081275044. Tell me you want to register on Piggybank and I will assist you further.

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