How to make money from mobile apps

How to Make Money from Mobile Apps

How to make money from mobile apps

If you’re looking at how to make money from mobile app, you should make android a consideration.

Speculations have it that users of the smartphone will rise to 3 billion people and users of the Android operating system will be up to 85 percent of that figure.

Also, it is predicted that the total income generated by mobile apps will rise above the 45 billion dollar mark.

The Google play store which is the app store platform for the Android OS recorded 65 billion apps downloaded around the world in 2015.

Little wonder, organizations, and individuals now decide to monetize their apps and want to earn an income with it and of cause they are earning from it.

You really don’t want to be left out of this trend where you make money from mobile app.

Because your peers are making money with it, you are busy spending on your smartphone,

you are open to lots of ways to help you earn money online with Android app. apart from your regular daily jobs if you have any. At least it is not a crime to have multiple streams of income.

Below are a few ways to earn money from Android apps:

Create your own apps with in-app ads and in-app purchase

How to make money from mobile apps

This option is for those who have the resources to create or develop their own app.

Firstly, you have to know one particular issue your app will help solve, what people will know your app for.

Try making your own app unique from your competitors, especially if you want your app to be purchased before users can get it.

Distinguish it from others and make it the “go-to” app for that particular problem even if it means users will have to purchase it before use.

You can also make it freemium but have in-app ads. Either people pay you for advertising on your app or you get paid as people click the ads and in-app purchase of items in the app for the complete package why the app was created.

Complete surveys online with mobile apps

How to make money from mobile apps

There are research organizations that have Android apps they use to do survey about different things.

What you have to do is to download any of these apps and then when there are questions to answer you answer them and then you get paid.

These questions are not difficult to answer, but you should be aware that these questions are timed so you shouldn’t waste time in getting them done.

Examples of such Android apps are Survey on the Go, Swagbucks and Google Opinion Rewards.

Although, Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t give physical cash, just virtual cash to purchase apps on the play store and other items.

Watch videos and contents

You get paid by viewing content and watching videos most times not more than 45 seconds in an Android app.

They post trailers of new apps and all you do is watch them or simply upload interesting videos and get likes. With Apptrailers Android app you can earn money.

Sell your stuff from mobile apps

We now have lots of e-commerce site that allows you to sell your stuff online. Either an old item that could be worth something to some people or new products.

And these platforms would give you the best experience if you operate from their mobile app. 

You can virtually sell almost every category of items from electronics to items of clothing.

Platforms like eBay give you a very cool experience on their mobile app. Other e-commerce organizations like Amazon and Etsy with a great Android app.

Nowadays people work smart to earn money. You don’t need to work 20 hours out of 24 hours every day before you start earning money. Try looking for other means like the Android app and choose what works for you.

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