How to make money on weekends in Nigeria with Upwork Jobs

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If you work 9 to 5 and are looking to expand your income revenue base on weekends with no special skill like programming, web development, writing skill etc, then you should try data entry jobs on Upwork.

While the demand for writing increases with the number of writers, data entry jobs doesn’t increase proportionately as it’s seen as some no brainer kind of work that can easily be boring and less of a thing that requires creativity.

While such belief is not totally false, it offers you an opportunity who aren’t doing it for passion or something you want to be known for but as something, you want to occupy your self with at your leisure time during weekends.

So instead of whiling away the time with friends at the bar and clubs during the weekend, you can convert that time to do some boring task and get paid wholesomely for it.

So this means you will be doing 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, and a freelancer during your weekends.

You shouldn’t bother if you will have an hour left for yourself. The thing with freelancing is that it’s like a hobby. And it’s super flexible. The weekends we are even referring to might just be 3 hours per day ie 6hrs for a weekend and you can even make equivalent to what you make for the whole week with this 6 hours.

That sounds ridiculous, but it’s possible.

You should be patient enough, I guess, to read to this point and it will make little or no significance trying to convince you on why you give this a try. Because if you need it enough you should by now believe that this is possible.

So how do you make money on weekends with Upwork or offering data entry services on Upwork?

You should know about the service you will be offering, Data Entry before I get you to understand how the process works.

Data Entry Services on Upwork

Data entry is a service that will require you to input, sort, and reconcile data for businesses.

Business nowadays work with a lot of data. From email addresses organization, collated data from online scraping tools, comma-separated values, copy typing, transcribing cursive handwritings etc. are all data entry tasks that business owners don’t want to spend their time doing.

They prefer to outsource services such as these to people, not even their staff because employing someone, whom you take care of their insurance and a lot of bills just to copy type data from one place to the other is counterproductive. So business owners prefer to pay you whom they only have a one time or not too official dealing with, to handle such task.

Such tasks do not require a special skill. If you can put on the computer and can use Microsoft Office tools like Excel, then you are good to go. I also do not want to assume that you reading this post cannot do those. But it’s possible you don’t have a personal computer (PC), then you may still bid for these jobs with your phone and when you get them, you go to a nearby Cyber Cafe to get these things done, make your delivery and go back home to enjoy the rest of your weekends.

So now that you know the kind of service that you will be offering, you need to also know about the platform itself.

What’s Upwork?

Upwork is a freelance hiring platform that connects sellers with buyers. It also acts as an escrow service and that is what it’s different from Classifields like Craigslist, Jiji and the likes.

On Upwork, a buyer who needs certain service will make a post about their needs and Upwork will match you with their needs depending on your skills. It will list those demands on your feeds so that you can apply and get hired by the poster.

Upwork charges a 20% fee on all successful transaction, and it protects you as a seller. Immediately an agreement is reached by you and the seller, an order is placed, and the poster will be debited the like sum that was posted with the job. Once the job is completed and the buyer certifies the order as fulfilled, you will get 80% of the total sum.

However, Upwork incentivizes you the more you sell to a particular buyer. If you transact up to $500 with one client, your charges will be reduced from 20% to 10% and that goes down to 5% as you do more transaction with the person up to $10,000. But you should just stick your mind to 20% as it is hard to even have to deal with one single buyer to $500 or even $10000. Let me not be cynical, you can do more than that. I believe in you!

How to Get Data Entry Jobs on Upwork

First is to make an account on Step two is to fill up your profile as you do on Linkedin or any job site. Write a nice profile or look up for Data Entry profiles and mimic but reflect you in it.

Then, and important stage is to take their basic skills exam. They are very easy but you should give it your best shot and pass very well. Without passing these tests, you will find it hard to get jobs because there are filters that shovels that malign those who didn’t take these tests.

This process might take you the entire day, even after you have got your account approved on Upwork.

Get a break and come back the following day, or you can still complete these process the same day if you have your full day.

If you are done with those, you should take a look at some available jobs that you can take on.

You should know your keyword, and for this post, it’s Data Entry. But you can scour the search engine to see some more you can get.

Now come back to Upwork and search with those keywords, save your favourite jobs and now it’s time to bid or submit proposals.


Ther is no automatic apply button on jobs on Upwork as you have on Jiji etc. You have to submit proposals for every job ad you see on Upwork except for existing clients that can make orders with you from your inbox. Outside that, you must submit proposals for jobs.

Proposals, like a cover letter for a job, is you trying to tell what you have done and how you are the best fit for the job.

Here is a proposal format you can adopt:


I’m Faith Nte, a data entry specialy from Nigeria. I’m a Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel and Word with a degree in Business Administration and Management from Rivers State University. I’ve worked with 60 clients to help with different data entry tasks ranging from copy typing, web research, data reconciliation, arranging table data and perform calculations, inspect a workbook in Ms. Excel and more.

Attached is a sheet that of one of the most tasking job I have done for a client – to reconcile a department’s budget and performance of a multinational company. THIS PROVES I CAN DO THE JOB I’M APPLYING FOR.

I believe I would perform well at this job because of SPECIFIC REASON WHY.


Thanks for your time and consideration and let me know if you have any questions,


You should feel free to use this template but be sure you edit it to reflect your abilities and experiences.

Now let me explain the two boldface phrases above.

There is no way, I will conclude that because you have Microsoft certification that qualifies you or makes you the best for the job. But then it’s a hot commodity in this niche and you should still say you do even if you don’t have it. Just like you say you are rich by faith, the same way you should say you have it by faith (DO NOT JUDGE ME BY THIS. IT IS NOT ETHICAL BUT I DONT WANT YOU TO GET FRUSTRATED) so if you can, get it to save you.

Also if you have a degree, you should say you do. Even though it’s not the best thing they want to hear, nobody wants to keep explaining a task to someone who isn’t processing fast. So having a degree might raise the bar for you.


Let’s talk about the bids.

You will be competing with others. A usual rate per hour is $5, and that will need a lot of work that could even exceed that amount of time, and you know this is not the kind of thing you want to do to support your family.

However, for your first jobs on the site, you should accept bad jobs with low income as you really have no reputation to count on.

You have 0 work hours and 0$ earned and you need some forms of validation and sales for you to make another sale on Upwork. And the other part of it is you need to make sales to remain on Upwork.

If you do not make sales over a period of time, your account will be set to private and that means your profile will no longer be public. And if it stays further in that state, you account will be disabled from Upwork.

Getting your Account Approved on Upwork.

If you are looking at making money on weekends with data entry jobs on Upwork you need to first get approval before you can make money from the platform.

Getting approved on Upwork is generally hard as they are trying to make the platform good for both sellers and buyers. They want to make sure that those selling do not outwear that buying. And unlike other platforms like and, Upwork offers everyone equal opportunity on its platform.

So getting verified is not dependent on your location but on your expertise and profile credibility.

If you have followed the entire steps above, and couldn’t get approved on Upwork, you should click here to have me help you with the entire process until your account is approved.

I wish you good sales on Upwork.

One thing you should know is that the more you delay, the more money you lose if you were to get Upwork approval and start selling on Upwork today.

Faith Nte

Faith Nte is a Content Writer and Personal Finance Blogger

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