How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling DStv Subscription Plans

Multichoice owes over 40% of its customers base to Nigeria, which is understandable given the Nigeria population. Imagine what this means for DSTV subscription plans. While you might believe that this number is only of benefit to DSTV, it will shock you to know that the large customer base of DSTV can be of great advantage to you. 

How? Keep reading as we discuss it in this article.

Before we dive into making money online from DSTV subscription, let us understand how DSTV subscription and packages work.

When it comes to subscription plans, DSTV subscription plans offer a variety of choices, and perhaps this attribute is what makes them one of the most popular satellite services in Nigeria. They offer a direct to home Pay-TV service and have made their mark in Nigeria and across Africa.

Joining the Nigerian Pay-TV scene in 1994, DSTV has grown to become consumer choice in Pay-TV. Managed by the Multichoice group, DSTV has found a way to own the market with is unique subscription plans. DSTV subscription plans are designed to accommodate virtually everyone.

DSTV subscription plans have evolved over the years to accommodate their continuously expanding customer base.

Not only have their plans and packages evolved, but their products offer has also expanded to accommodate more premium customers; for example, the DSTV Explora offers a premium range of pay-TV service.

DSTV packages in Nigeria.

DSTV packages in Nigeria depends on your need. It has a variety of packages for their customer bases. The initial cost for DSTV is between ₦9,900 -₦44,900. This amount covers the satellite dish, the DSTV decoder, cables, installation and 3 months subscription.

There are different DSTV packages in Nigeria that you can subscribe to according to your budget. The package type depends on the decoder and subscription plan. DSTV package offers the Explora and HD decoders. 

I will be listing the different DSTV packages in Nigeria from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  1. HD+dish kit+3 months DSTV Access subscription = ₦9900
  2. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact subscription = ₦9900
  3. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact plus subscription = ₦13500
  4. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Premium subscription = ₦18200
  5. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦29900
  6. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact plus subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦33500
  7. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Premium subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦38300

With these different packages, you can find the one that suits your budget or taste better. You can also upgrade your HD decoder to Explora by simply purchasing the Explora decoder.

 DSTV bouquet prices

 dstv bouquet prices

To effectively satisfy its customer base and needs, DSTV has different bouquet plans. DSTV bouquet prices ad competitively marked and they also offer values. Whatever your budget is, there is a DSTV bouquet for you.

Here is a list of the current DSTV bouquet process:

Package: DSTV Padi, price:₦1850

At ₦1800 per month, DSTV Padi offers over 40 channels which cut across local and international channels. It also offers over 10 radio channels. DSTV Padi is designed to have something for everyone. With over 40 channels, there is a variety of news, music, cartoon, religious and entertainment channels to pick from; the Padi package is friendly and affordable.

Package: DSTV Yanga, price: ₦2565

With over 109 channels(visual and audio), DSTV Yanga is one of the popular choices as it offers a wide variety of channels, and it is quite affordable. With this package, Zee world lovers have access to their favourite series. It adds some spice to the Padi package

Package: DSTV Confam, price: ₦4615

The Confam package is specially designed for family us. With a wide variety of family and kids entertainment, boasting of over 128 channels, the Confam package is a great choice for family, and the price is friendly. The DSTV Confam package also includes channels like Sony Max.

Package: DSTV Compact, price: ₦6975

The DSTV compact package adds a lot more to the family package. With over 135 channels, all 24 audio channels, this package is bringing a lot to the table at ₦6975.

Package: DSTV Compact plus, price: ₦10925

What is better than DSTV Compact? DSTV compact plus with additional channels that are specially aimed at sports lover, the DSTV compact plus is for you if you love sports. With DSTV compact, you have access to about 90% of the English Premier League matches as well as other leagues.

Package: DSTV Premium price: ₦16200

As the name suggests, The DSTV premium package is the summit of DSTV packages. It offers over 175 channels, latest block buster movies, over 16 sports channels, an additional 7 M-net movie channels, non-stop box office movies, new pop up channels over the year.

When DSTV says premium, they mean premium, as the features of this package make the package worth the price.

With the different DSTV subscription plans, you can pick the one that works for you and go ahead to enjoy your DSTV.

However, as stated earlier, you do not only have to enjoy DSTV as a consumer only. There are ways to make money selling DSTV subscription plans online.

How to make money online in Nigeria selling DSTV subscription plans

With all the products and packages available from DSTV, they have been able to provide a source of income for people in Nigeria indirectly.

Apart from working directly with Multichoice, you can make money from DSTV by selling their subscription plans to DSTV customers.

You can sell DSTV subscriptions and make good money on the side. At a time when formal employment is not readily available, a lot of people are venturing into this business.

The beautiful thing about selling DSTV subscription plans is that it takes little start-up capital and you can do it on the side along with your regular job or business.

It does not require you to have an office, hence why it is a lucrative online business.

What you need to start is a computer or smartphone, and internet access and you are good to go.

Understanding the subscription business.

In subscription business, you will be helping subscribers pay for a service they enjoy for a commission. Like in the case of DSTV subscription plans, you simply help DSTV owners subscribe for their preferred plans for a commission.

The business strategy for a subscription business is customer retaining, you want them to come back, and the best way for you to do this is to offer superb customer service to your customers.  

What you are selling exactly is the convenience, not really the subscription. A lot of people do not mind paying about ₦200-₦300 for you to help them with their DSTV subscription plans, rather go through the process themselves. With this in mind, it is important that you provide excellent service that will keep them coming back.

How to sell DSTV subscription plans online.

dstv subscription packages,

Since your business is online, your customers will come from there. Your marketing has to be online. 

Ensure you are set up with your smartphone or computer.

Although several ways exist for purchasing DSTV subscription plans, I will recommend the Quickteller platform has the best user interface, it is free and easy to use.

 Simply download the application on your phone ad familiarize yourself with the process, if you are using a smartphone, if you are using a computer, you can use this link: to access their payment portal.

On the payment portal, all the information you need to subscribe for the customer is requested, and then you can proceed to pay. You will need an ATM Mastercard or Visa card to carry out this transaction. To ensure that there is always cash in your operating account, opt for the transfer payment method.

Your charge will be the cost of the DSTV subscription plans and your commissions.

So if you are charging ₦200, and the customer wants the DSTV Confam package, your total charge will be: ₦4815. 

Marketing the DSTV subscription plans business.

The internet is vast, and that means your customers can come from anywhere, but you have to make them know you exist. Utilize your social media platforms properly to market your service. You can carry out Ads on social media platforms like Facebook too. 

Talk about your business. Use Canva or any design application to design a good flyer and share to your contacts. Recruit the help of people in promoting your business.

Offer good customer service, and then ask your customers for referrals. Do not stop talking about your business. 

Make sure your pricing is competitive, especially since your business is online.

You can start small, from the comfort of your home, market your service aggressively. Do a good job, rinse and repeat. Soon you might have the need to expand your business as your customer base expands.

You can also add subscription plans for other Pay-Tv and services too.

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