How to Receive PayPal payment to bank account in Nigeria 2020 without UBA Africard

How to receive PayPal payment to bank account in Nigeria 2020: is with a US PayPal and Nigerian Payoneer or a Mozambique PayPal with a Nigerian Dorm Account. I’ll Update Others As They Become Available.

As you know, there have been controversies around the UBA Africard limitation as to whether or not it’s working.

how to receive paypal payment to bank account in nigeria 2020 without UBA Africard Paypal

On a personal note, I haven’t confirmed if it’s working or not on my end but users on our Telegram group and subsequent complain I read online, suggest that the limitation on the card might last for a while.

While we keep our fingers crossed on UBA Africard PayPal, and waiting for the next big option to receive PayPal payment to a bank account in Nigeria 2020, I feel it would be necessary to expand on one of the options on how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria that I wrote last year.


It’s most likely not a new thing to you that everything process around operating a (without the .ng) account, which is totally useless; is not ethical and always against PayPal TOS.

So like other guides, this is just one quick hack around to save you the headache of having to settle for an exchanger.

Option 1 To Receive PayPal Payment to bank Account in Nigeria 2020 without UBA Africard PayPal:

👉👉US PayPal with Nigeria Payoneer Account👈👈

I get some comments about this that it isn’t working anymore, but this is usually from mischief-makers as this worked even as close as the previous week.

You can also use this process in the most ethical way as possible if you have someone in the US who trusts you enough to enable you to use their PayPal account or open one on your behalf for such purpose.

If you don’t, here is a go: find your way around a US PayPal and a Nigerian Payoneer account.

If you have a Nigerian Payoneer account, if you don’t have one, you can signup here.

After you signup with Payoneer from the link above, it’s time to link it with your US Paypal account.

To do so,

Get a Payoneer Global Payment Bank Account

You can easily apply for this account on Payoneer, by navigating to receive > global payment service.

uba africard paypal
Payoneer Global Payment Service Dashboard

As you can see on my dashboard, there about four different countries that I can apply to get a bank account number.

The last time I tried this, it was with a US bank account.

The first bank account didn’t work, so I had to contact Payoneer CS, and they gave me a new bank account.

I used the new bank account and it worked with PayPal.

Once you have successfully added your bank to paypal, you will need to wait for a while, before paypal will charge payoneer a little confirmation fee, this is usually done twice, unlike the card method.

Once your account has been charged successfully, you can always withdraw from your or your friend’s, relation etc (assuming you have someone to help) paypal account to your Nigerian Payoneer account.

You can also cash out from payoneer the same day (IN FEW MINUTES approx. 30max) using the Transferwise method.

I have been using Transferwise for a while now, and I know how not to get banned on Transferwise.

See the video below for a detailed guide on how to use Transferwise to withdraw your Payoneer funds with a dignifying rate in less than 30 and 10 minutes.

How to withdraw from Payoneer to your Nigerian bank with awesome rate in less than 10 minutes

Option 2 To Receive PayPal Payment to bank Account in Nigeria 2020 without UBA Africard PayPal:

👉Mozambique PayPal with Nigeria Domiciliary Account👈

On Tuesday (25/2/2020), the CBN caution banks on misleading information about a domiciliary account, and they clarify issues in that regard, you can see the post here.

This means, this method might just be the winner method to use for your PayPal withdrawal.

But I always advise people to carefully and conservatively use technical information like this as it will be their disadvantage if, in the end, they do otherwise.

I got the permission from a friend to make use of this information as I have not tested it myself.

This is how it works:

Open a Nigerian Domiciliary Account

You can walk up to any bank in Nigeria and ask to open a Domiciliary account, this account helps you receive foreign deposits (the same thing UBA Africard does).

I am not very sure you need a current account to open a domiciliary account. But I am sure they would need a guarantor from you, and I think that is all.

But it may vary from bank to banks.

I opened mine with Sterling bank, and that was their requirement.

Open a Mozambique Paypal

After you have opened a Nigerian Domiciliary account with any bank, you can now add it with the checking option to your Mozambique Paypal.

This is the same way you will add the US Paypal – Nigerian Payoneer account.

I cannot make established comment on the safety of your Paypal account, as this is totally relative yet, I would suggest you do not use this method for exchange.

If you do, it’s likely to trigger unusual activitiy and attention that affect the effectiveness of this option anytime soon.

If you have other options or difficulty, I would love to meet you and help you in the comment section.

Stay Safe!

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