How To Register with Uber As A Driver in Nigeria 2019

How to register with Uber as a driver in Nigeria,

Uber Nigeria app, Uber Nigeria car requirements.

How To Register with Uber As A Driver in Nigeria

Uber is a 21st-century technology taxi company. It’s the corporate version of independent taxi drivers.

And more interesting is that with the help of the Uber Nigeria app, you can call them from anywhere.

The Uber Nigeria app is always ready to take ride orders from customers at any given time and location.

As a customer or one looking to utilize the uber Nigeria app, all you need to do is to download the app and make your ride request.

The app uses a special algorithm to match drivers with riders who are not necessarily in an exact location.

Currently, this service has phased out the stress of having to bargain with conventional taxi drivers.

It now offers a more dignifying option of having to people of a different class. As it has comfort, premium and executive options.

Unarguably, the adoption of ride-sharing with uber Nigeria app is overwhelming and what time is right than now to know how to register with Uber as a driver in Nigeria?

If you are ready, I will show you how to register with Uber as a driver in a few steps below.

To register with Uber as a driver, you will need to meet some requirements;

Driver requirements

how to register with uber as a driver in Nigeria
  • To become a driver, you need to have a valid driver’s license in Nigeria. The Federal Road Safety of Nigeria (FRSC) is the place to get your drivers license.
  • You should not be below 21years of age.
  • You will also need to obtain the Lagos State Driver Institute ID card (LASDRI). That is if you are going to be working in Lagos.
  • Finally, you should prepare for a safety screening exercise or test.

Vehicle requirements

All vehicles in the Uber services must be in excellent and physical working conditions and with the right documents.

Uber doesn’t accept the old model of car, from the 2008 model to date. A good working radio, air-conditioning system and must be a 4-door car.

The vehicle needs to have the necessary license like the certificate of roadworthiness which you also obtain from FRSC.

You will need the vehicle inspection pass if you are going to be driving in Lagos.

Tint permit for tinted windows, vehicle insurance etc are some of the various aspects of your vehicle inspection that will carry out.

There is the First bank insurance and Mansard insurance among others that are in partnership with Uber.

Also part of their screening exercise is to ensure that you own the license. They will also require to verify your vehicle registration number to avoid unnecessary issues.

Signup online

uber nigeria app
Sign up with Uber

Once you have all this requirement, you should go to the uber website online and register.

Uber will also ask you to fill your bank details and upload the necessary documents before you do the test as stated earlier.

Uber will also do some background check on your documents to ensure you don’t have any criminal record or a revoked license before now.

And if you are successful in your application, you will need to bring the vehicle for some inspection before Uber will certify you as a driver in Nigeria.

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