How To Sell Feet Pics Online(Make Money from Feet)

Feet? Yes, feet. Nothing fetish, just some creative money-making system. In this article, I will be detailing steps to sell feet pics (pictures) online.

One of the quickest ways to make money online is selling stock photos and videos, and selling feet pics is one of them. People have made quite a lot of money selling real live pictures of feet to stock photo sites. It is pretty easy and a great way to make money.

The feet pics market.

Is there a market for feet pics? Unfortunately, yes. There is an online market where you can sell feet pics, and it is nothing weird or fetish.

Some people buy pictures of feet for business purposes. Take, for example, a small business into foot care products. They will need good stock pictures to use for their branding and marketing. Magazines are also another market for feet pics, and of course, bloggers who use photos for their articles also.

Then there are those people who have a thing for feet. It is a bit odd, but yes, they will pay for a feet pic. However, that is not our target market, just an honourable mention.

Moving on

Where can you sell a feet pic?

Many websites and apps exist as marketplaces for selling pictures of feet. For example, there are stock photo sites that will buy directly for you, and there are also sites where you can put up your photos, like in a virtual storefront.

Here is a list of websites and apps where you can sell your feet pics:

  • Alamy
  • Dreamstime
  • iStockphoto
  • 123RF
  • Adobe stock iStockphoto
  • Fotolia/Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Gettyimages
  • Crestock
  • Big Stock Photo
  • ScoopShoot
  • Foap
  • Snapwire

How much to charge for feet pictures

As with everything you sell online, feet pic prices are based on several factors. However, on average, you can sell a feet pics for as low as $10, and you can get as high as $2000 and above.

There are so many factors that come into play regarding pricing. The brand buying your picture, for starters, will determine how much you are getting. It also depends on the exclusivity of the feet pic. Let us says, for example, that you are selling the picture to a stock photo website. You might not get the same price if you sell it for a magazine for their exclusive use.

Feet pics prices are factor-based.

Where can you get feet pics?

Since your feet pics have to be original, the most accessible place to get feet pics will be your own feet. Unfortunately, we all do not have cute feet, and variety is the spice of life.

The next best place will be the people around you. Now it will look weird if you go around pointing your camera at people’s feet, so start with your friends and family.

As you grow, you can begin to show people your portfolio and ask for permission to take pictures of their feet. You might have to pay some of them to take photos of their feet.

When getting feet pics, it is best to get many pictures. You can have a stockpile of feet pic for sale with the right editing tool.

How to sell feet pics

The picture you intend to sell has to meet specific standards. For example, you cannot put up just about any feet pics for sale. To start selling feet pics, here are some pretty easy guidelines.

Get motivated

The money should be motivation enough, but as a creative, I have realized that sometimes, seeing what other people have done or what is out there is a great motivation. So my advice for you will be to check out the sites I have shared above to stir your creative juices. It is also possible to get motivated by feet(in an utterly non-fetish way). Someone around you might have gorgeous feet, and that might inspire you to grab a camera.

Whatever works for you, get motivated.

Know the standard

Yes, there is a standard for feet pics. Funny, but like with body modeling, there are certain conditions a pair of feet must meet to make great “feet models.” Generally, Feet that are arched with long slender toes are seen as beautiful, and of course, they must be well-manicured—no charred feet. However, do not let this restrict you. Be creative. Take beautiful feet pictures and put them up.

The camera is essential!

Of course, a camera is beyond essential. Of course, a good camera is needed to take beautiful feet pics, but if you cannot afford a camera, then use a phone that has a fantastic camera. Phone photography is a thing, and there are tons of tutorials online on phone photography.

Whether you use a camera or a phone, make sure they give you high-quality feet pics.

Take pictures!

Random pictures, feet pics photoshoot, anything, take pictures. Alternate your style, get creative. You might not be able to set up a photoshoot setting if you are taking feet pics of strangers on the street. This is why you should utilize the people around you. That way, you can set up a feet pics photoshoot and create different scenes and options.

Apart from creating scenes, it would help to take pictures in different positions. Some of the positions to consider include:

  • Toes pointed out
  • Feet peeking out from the sheets
  • Feet in the air
  • Crossed feet
  • Feet ajar, e.t.c.

When you are done taking pictures, the second half is Editing.

Editing is what will turn the feet pic into sellable art. You might be lucky to take a fantastic picture with great features. On the other hand, nature might be on your side to provide you with the proper lighting and atmosphere, coupled with your great setup, and that is a good thing.

Sometimes, it does not happen that way. The pictures might not come out looking as good as you want them to. So, it is time to edit. Luckily there are so many editing apps for phones and PCs that editing the pictures will not be a problem.

Prior knowledge of photo editing will be a bonus, and if you don’t, you can learn while you grow,

Set up shop

I will not necessarily advise using social media to sell your feet pics, except you are okay with selling them for persons who have feet fetishes. The best places online to sell feet pics are the photo stock websites I had shared earlier. So sign up to sell feet pics, upload your pictures and get ready to sell.

Remember to watermark your feet pics before posting them online; otherwise, you will lose them without getting paid.

Promote and promote

When you set up your feet storefront in these websites or wherever you choose to set up shop, do not neglect the promoting part. Marketing is essential, so go out of your way to promote your business.

Sell and do it all over again.

Once sales start coming in, do not sit back. Keep promoting and selling. Constantly research to see what kind of feet pics styles are in constant demand and practice improving your feet pic quality.

How to sell feet pics, again and again(long term plan)

Over time, you might have some regular persons whose feet you use for your feet pics. They become your feet models. This means that feet care becomes serious business. Whether you are using your feet or a model’s, it is essential to understand angles. The same way we know the best angles for our faces when we take selfies.

Remember to protect your feet, and ask your models to protect theirs too. Again, do not stick to a particular kind of feet pic; throw in varieties, babies, kids, even older people. Pictures tell stories; a foot’s pics are not different.

It is perfectly okay to go beyond feet pics, take pictures of the entire leg, other body parts, e.t.c.

Remember to set up different scenes; after all, variety is the spice of life.

Who can sell feet pics?

Anyone can sell feet pics, as long as it is legal and you are of the legal age. In some countries, you have to be an adult to sell pictures of your feet or engage in selling feet pics. Try to know the law on this before you start taking pictures.

It is not illegal, but it is better to know what the laws are if there are any.

Now that you know all of this, are you ready to make some money from feet?

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