Online Business that Pays Daily: Become a PayPal Exchanger and Earn in Millions

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There is no more time to explain to anyone that you are broke in this digital age.

If you are a Nigerian, you should suck at being broke, by this time.

As you know your government doesn’t care about you,

you are responsible for your own life whether or not you will live the next day, is not in the agenda of any of your leaders.

I also think you will keep licking people’s ass if you don’t emancipate yourself from the state planned poverty that is coming upon you.

Me and you should be more grateful to God for giving people wisdom to setup what we have today as the internet.

Without it some of us would be as hopeless as a “church rat”,

you should not hear from me that church rats are poor.

But off course, not as rich as the ones in the shrines where there is constant yam and fish.

Well I am a Christian and was just trying to make you feel at home,

at least, you now know a Nigerian is behind this and can only tell you the truth because he has been stinkingly poor and hopeless as the rat.

I do not want to tell you about my story as this will prolong issues.

Person wie de hungry, wie visit him neighbor say him won watch TV, no really de see anything for the TV, him just de wait make food ready!

The question is about online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays.

Without much ado, I will just tell you that you can actually make 100,000 Naira for every exchange cycle you do.

And this will depend on how often you are willing to round trip this process.

By roundtrip, I mean, the start and the end of every exchange cycle.


online business that pays daily

What is Exchange?

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Exchange is changing from one currency to another. And it is one hot cake online business that pays daily, or one online business in Nigeria that pays.

In this context of PayPal, it means buying PayPal funds from Yusuf and selling to Obinna in various means for cash.

You will be buying from Yusuf because he is a freelance writer on, and all his concern is to write quality articles for his customers on Fiverr, who in turns pays him in Dollars.

Yusuf’s expertise is in writing and doesn’t really care about what is happening with forex as much as he can convert his dollar funds in Fiverr to a “reasonable” Naira, he would count himself as fulfilled.

Reasonable Naira because he is not foolish, such that when Bureau De Change (BDC) is selling at 440 Naira Per Dollar, you will be buying his PayPal funds at 200 Naira Per Dollar, no. Not that kind, at least 300 to 340 Naira Per Dollar, and it would be reasonable and Yusuf really would not care so much.

Obinna on the other hand, is a broke suckling.

He just got off the veil of the “Nigerian University”, and is searching the internet like a chicken picking rice on the floor, looking for ways “he can breath” at least through the online media, since he does not have 15 years experience to qualify for the jobs in his field.

Obinna knows Yusuf, maybe through the Facebook or some other ways. Obinna also knows this means to exchange PayPal funds to Naira at such a high rate as equal to BDC or even higher. He approached Obinna who is already used to exchanging his PayPal funds for maximum of 320 Naira Per Dollar. He requested to buy his funds for about 360 Naira Per Dollar.

At least, not any Nigerian I know of, would not want to maximize his profit from taking literally no additional action with zero risk. Because Yusuf knows the 1000NairaDaily Telegram Verified Exchangers Platform, and would request Obinna go through the escrow before he can trade with him.

Zero risk on the part of Yusuf, because he is sure Obinna would have to make a deposit to the escrow before he will send his hard-earned PayPal funds to Obinna.

So once Obinna subjects himself to escrow, Yusuf will transfer his funds to Obinna, while Obinna authorize the escrow to release funds. Escrow takes his insignificant fee and release the Naira to Yusuf.

At this point, Obinna would then proceed to exchange with our method and pocket the overflow rate.

Assuming the day Obinna exchanged with our method, the rate was 470 Naira Per Dollar as it has been for over 3 weeks now. Obinna would make a profit of 110 Naira Per Dollar.

Meaning, if he has done 1000 units of dollars, he would make 110,000 Naira at one cycle.

Everyone wins with this!

So if you are looking for online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays and benefit all parties involved. Then getting to learn how to exchange digital currencies such as PayPal dollar for Naira at BDC rates is all you need to focus on now for this month to make your first million online.

And for your information, the CBN have authorized the BDC to sell foreign currencies, and this means more PayPal funds will be lurking around, waiting for you to grab.

Click here to learn more!

I will see you on the other side!

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