Minting Millionaires: Online Business that Pays Daily in Nigeria

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the following online business that pays daily in Nigeria can make you indifferent of the hardship this new normal has caused the world. Skills from blogging, affiliate marketing, bank sales agent etc can pay you daily.

One in every two Nigerians in the country’s labour market is either underemployed or unemployed. In the last five years, the country’s unemployment rate has more than tripled, and there’s enough to show that things will only get worse. 

According to a World Bank prediction, the flailing Nigerian economy is set for its worst recession in four decades, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. While the super wealthy save up to send their children abroad for studies and better employment, all we can do back home is double efforts. 

Moreover, the world is going digital. So, rather than only submitting a filed CV in an office and waiting years to hear back from them, there’s the backup plan with online business in Nigeria that pays daily.

With little time to master the required skills and the zeal to actually earn some bucks, these online jobs would pay every competent young Nigerian. 


It may sound all too familiar, but blogging done correctly and consistently can fetch you up to NGN 500 thousand naira in a month.

With sharing information as the key aim, this is something you can do for yourself or for others. 

Nevertheless, personal blogging is more lucrative.

Moreover, starting isn’t a pocket-tearing experience.

NGN 4,000 can get you a domain name, and roughly the same amount will go into hosting monthly.

So, with about NGN 3,000, a professional blog can be turned into a money-making machine.

Affiliate Marketing

By 2022, affiliate marketing spending in the United States alone will reach $8.2 billion.

That’s just a snapshot of how fast a seemingly little-known industry is growing.

Being Nigerian does not matter, because cashing in on the billion-dollar trend isn’t geographically restricted. 

Affiliate marketing is one online business that pays regardless of your location.

See the best affiliate marketing options for you in 2020.

As far as you can convince people to buy products from given companies, you can earn daily—probably hourly if you are a sales nazi.

To make things easier, eCommerce websites such as JUMIA, AliExpress, Shopify and even Konga have affiliate programs you can take advantage of.

With JUMIA, for instance, you can earn up to 11 percent commission on every sale you inspire. 

Bank Sales Agent

Gone are the days when approaching people on the streets was the only way to get people to open bank accounts.

Now, it can be done online, and some banks are willing to pay you for bringing them new customers.

If this weren’t a lucrative online business in Nigeria that pays weekly, Don Jazzy, the music producer, perhaps wouldn’t be committing to it. 

V, a banking app owned by VFD Microfinance Bank, is an example of a bank sales agent platform you can earn from.

Most initiatives like these are regulated by the CBN, so there’s no room for defaults.

Once your customer you bring in opens an account and deposits money into it, you earn.

So, how much you make is dependent on how many people you convert.

Web Search Evaluation

Looking to get paid per hour?

Then become a web search evaluator.

It is a straightforward yet delicate online business that pays weekly and allows you to earn while working remotely.

Basically, you would be helping search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo improve their search result experience.

If you’ve ever used Google and marvelled at how its results match your input, know now that there are people behind it.

With their help, relevant results and improved overall performance is guaranteed.

To become an internet assessor, you can apply, after which you would have to pass an online exam. 


Last year, Jack Dorsey visited Nigeria.

The highlight of the Lagos tour was offering Dara Oladous, the creator of Quote Replies—a Twitter-based bot that helps you find quoted replies of tweets—a job.

That, among many other manifestations, goes to say that everything from coding to software development is the rave nowadays. 

If you can code in your sleep, then you could lose some bedtime and rake in some bucks.

You can help companies build applications that would help them interact with their clients.

Or, you could be troubleshooting their online assets, checking for bugs and security flaws. Either way, there are millions to be made monthly. 

Online Survey

For digital marketing, content is king.

But for business growth, data is the supreme overlord—that’s why some companies are willing to pay you for it.

Online surveys are basically a medium through which businesses collect valuable information that would help them better grow their enterprises. 

Because data also entails public opinions and honest perceptions, you can help businesses gather the information they need and get paid.

The companies create the survey, so all you have to do is answer the questions honestly.

You may not qualify for all surveys because some of them are based targeted to different regions, metrics and industries. 

YouTube Vlogging

This is more like the ultimate online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

YouTube has raised millionaires in Nigeria far more than oil.

There are more than 2 billion monthly users on YouTube worldwide, making it the world’s second-most-popular social network, right after Facebook. ‘

So, if you have a flair for the dramatic, can be controversial or just be outright hilarious, there’s a place for you on this streaming app. 

If you grow your YouTube audience with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, you could be making up to NGN 50 million on a monthly basis.

But to monetise your channel, you need to first have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of content.

That’s to say: making vlogging profitable isn’t a day job. Consistency is key. 

There is a litany of online businesses in Nigeria that pay, but these are the most sought-after means.

You can also become a social media marketer, a data entry specialist or a virtual assistant, depending on which job description matches your current set of skills. 

Faith Nte

Faith Nte is a Content Writer and Personal Finance Blogger

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