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How to Become a Bet9ja Shop Owner in 2 Weeks

Being a Bet9ja Shop Owner or having a Bet9ja Shop Register license is one amazing ways to diversify your investment portfolio if you do not mind the brick and mortal make business option.

Bet9ja is one of the leading sports betting companies in Nigeria offers you the opportunity to setup, run and own a business by becoming one of their Bet9ja agents (sales outlets).

What you do as a Bet9ja agent is to promote their product range from an international brand.

Here is how to become a Bet9ja shop owner in 2 weeks and unlock great lucrative opportunities
with a top brand.

How To Get A Bet9ja Shop Register License

To get a Bet9ja shop register, it involves two process. The online form completion and submission

  • The physical registration and confirmation
  • The online form completion and submission

First Phase: Online Registration

Bet9ja shop register requires you to complete a registration form with them on their website. The following are the required fields that must be included:

  • Name (first name and last name)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Shop address
  • Location of operation (local government, city, and state)
  • Phone number
  • Email address (must be functional)
  • Upload document (as required by the Bet9ja register website)
  • Write business description

Once you have filled the required fields, enter a CAPTCHA character to confirm you’re not a robot.

Check the privacy box, and finally click on the “Register Now” button to complete the registration process.

Thereafter you should note the following:

Your proposed Bet9ja shop must be within a busy or densely populated area.

The shop should be spacious enough to accommodate business adequately.

Your proposed shop should not be within proximity of another Bet9ja shop. It should be at least a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes average walking distance.

You should have laptops/computers, televisions, a reliable power source and stable internet connection.

Second Stage: The Physical Registration and Confirmation

This stage has six necessary steps, including:

  • Submission of documentation to Bet9ja shop
  • Submission of documentation to Bet9ja shop
  • Checking of documents and location
  • In-person introductory conversation with field staff
  • Verifying of your premises
  • Signing the agent contract
  • Get your Bet9ja shop ready to go with assistance from the Bet9ja shop register support

What Are the Benefits of a Bet9ja Shop Agent?

As a Bet9ja Shop agent, you can leverage many unique competitive advantages. These include:


  • Commission rates based on turnover. Earn a commission between 2% – 20% for every
    bet printed in your shop.
  • Enjoy commissions for all mobile and online customers registered through your tellers.
  • Zero liability/risks for winning bets.
  • Access to more than 5,000 events from the most popular sports available weekly.
  • More than 12,000 live betting events available monthly.
  • New and exciting products that are developed continuously.
  • Leading world-class sports betting software.

Technology and equipment:

  • On-site and mobile technical support.
  • Set-up support for hardware.


  • Free training course to get you and your staff ready with the prerequisite knowledge for
    the opening of a betting shop.
  • On-site support from competent Bet9ja shop register field staff.

The End!

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Online Business that Pays Daily: Become a PayPal Exchanger and Earn in Millions

Tags: online business that pays daily, online business in Nigeria that pays

There is no more time to explain to anyone that you are broke in this digital age.

If you are a Nigerian, you should suck at being broke, by this time.

As you know your government doesn’t care about you,

you are responsible for your own life whether or not you will live the next day, is not in the agenda of any of your leaders.

I also think you will keep licking people’s ass if you don’t emancipate yourself from the state planned poverty that is coming upon you.

Me and you should be more grateful to God for giving people wisdom to setup what we have today as the internet.

Without it some of us would be as hopeless as a “church rat”,

you should not hear from me that church rats are poor.

But off course, not as rich as the ones in the shrines where there is constant yam and fish.

Well I am a Christian and was just trying to make you feel at home,

at least, you now know a Nigerian is behind this and can only tell you the truth because he has been stinkingly poor and hopeless as the rat.

I do not want to tell you about my story as this will prolong issues.

Person wie de hungry, wie visit him neighbor say him won watch TV, no really de see anything for the TV, him just de wait make food ready!

The question is about online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays.

Without much ado, I will just tell you that you can actually make 100,000 Naira for every exchange cycle you do.

And this will depend on how often you are willing to round trip this process.

By roundtrip, I mean, the start and the end of every exchange cycle.


online business that pays daily

What is Exchange?

Click Here to Learn how to do PayPal exchange and earn in millions today

Exchange is changing from one currency to another. And it is one hot cake online business that pays daily, or one online business in Nigeria that pays.

In this context of PayPal, it means buying PayPal funds from Yusuf and selling to Obinna in various means for cash.

You will be buying from Yusuf because he is a freelance writer on, and all his concern is to write quality articles for his customers on Fiverr, who in turns pays him in Dollars.

Yusuf’s expertise is in writing and doesn’t really care about what is happening with forex as much as he can convert his dollar funds in Fiverr to a “reasonable” Naira, he would count himself as fulfilled.

Reasonable Naira because he is not foolish, such that when Bureau De Change (BDC) is selling at 440 Naira Per Dollar, you will be buying his PayPal funds at 200 Naira Per Dollar, no. Not that kind, at least 300 to 340 Naira Per Dollar, and it would be reasonable and Yusuf really would not care so much.

Obinna on the other hand, is a broke suckling.

He just got off the veil of the “Nigerian University”, and is searching the internet like a chicken picking rice on the floor, looking for ways “he can breath” at least through the online media, since he does not have 15 years experience to qualify for the jobs in his field.

Obinna knows Yusuf, maybe through the Facebook or some other ways. Obinna also knows this means to exchange PayPal funds to Naira at such a high rate as equal to BDC or even higher. He approached Obinna who is already used to exchanging his PayPal funds for maximum of 320 Naira Per Dollar. He requested to buy his funds for about 360 Naira Per Dollar.

At least, not any Nigerian I know of, would not want to maximize his profit from taking literally no additional action with zero risk. Because Yusuf knows the 1000NairaDaily Telegram Verified Exchangers Platform, and would request Obinna go through the escrow before he can trade with him.

Zero risk on the part of Yusuf, because he is sure Obinna would have to make a deposit to the escrow before he will send his hard-earned PayPal funds to Obinna.

So once Obinna subjects himself to escrow, Yusuf will transfer his funds to Obinna, while Obinna authorize the escrow to release funds. Escrow takes his insignificant fee and release the Naira to Yusuf.

At this point, Obinna would then proceed to exchange with our method and pocket the overflow rate.

Assuming the day Obinna exchanged with our method, the rate was 470 Naira Per Dollar as it has been for over 3 weeks now. Obinna would make a profit of 110 Naira Per Dollar.

Meaning, if he has done 1000 units of dollars, he would make 110,000 Naira at one cycle.

Everyone wins with this!

So if you are looking for online business that pays daily, or online business in Nigeria that pays and benefit all parties involved. Then getting to learn how to exchange digital currencies such as PayPal dollar for Naira at BDC rates is all you need to focus on now for this month to make your first million online.

And for your information, the CBN have authorized the BDC to sell foreign currencies, and this means more PayPal funds will be lurking around, waiting for you to grab.

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I will see you on the other side!

What is Paga and How to Make Money Working as a Paga Agent

There is more than one way to make money on Paga, and one of such ways is by becoming a Paga agent. This is a great method of making quick money on the side as it is almost passive, requiring some actions on the part of the agent. It also lucrative because the services offered by Paga are basic services that people require daily. 

A Paga agent who has an existing business and has established a reputation in his or her community will be earning a good income from Paga.

Anyone can become an agent, and in this article, we will be detailing how to become a Paga agent and how to make money from being a Paga agent.

What is Paga?

Paga is a payment platform that allows users to send and receive money, buy airtime and pay bills.

It offers a flexible platform for payment transaction that allows users to self-serves or use a Paga agent. Paga’s platform is open and secure, allowing customers to pay for services they regularly enjoy either by using Paga’a online platform or using any of the agents.

Overtime, Paga has grown to become a great source of passive and even active income online.

Who is a Paga agent

According to paga, a Paga agent is one who has and does the following:

· A Paga agent has the authorization to provide Paga services to customers. They have been trained to do this, even though they are independent

· A Paga agent has direct contact with customers, especially those who are within their living and working areas. 

· The agent has the following roles


  1. Registration of new customer 
  2. Offering customer service assistance to customers
  3. Filling customers’ Paga accounts with cash.
  4. Performing payment transactions on behalf of the customer
  5. Helping customers to process cash withdrawal requests.

What benefits are available to a Paga agent.

.Paga uses a commission-based approach to pay its agents. Paga agents make money from commissions made on transactions. The more transactions they carry out, the more commissions the agent makes. Asides the commissions made on transactions, Paga agents also have access to training and other incentives.

How to become a paga agent 

how to become a Paga agent

 it is quite easy to become an agent. Paga actually encourages and advises that intending agent should probably have established businesses and presence. This will help to portray them as reliable to potential customers. Their jobs as Paga agents will also increase footfalls into their already existing businesses.

On how to become a Paga agent, simply go to This is the sign-up page for Paga agents. Once there, there is a form for you to fill. Fill the form correctly and submit.

Paga will get back to you when they are done with the verification process.

You could simply send email to, and they will have one of their field representatives contact you. They will give further instructions on the on-boarding process

Frequently asked question on how to be a Paga agent.

Does it cost money to get signed up as a Paga agent?

 Yes. You pay to start up as Paga agent.

How much will it cost to sign up as Paga agent?

The sign-up fee for a Paga agent is N20,000. This amount serves as both your startup investment and your branding funds. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Paga agent?

Paga agents will receive a commission for every transaction they perform. Apart from the commissions, there are bonuses and other incentives which Paga roll out at intervals. One of the best ways to increase your earnings on Paga is to do more transaction. Another benefit of Paga, especially for persons with existing businesses is that there is in an increase in footfall and people traffic into your business. You will not only be making commissions from Paga but also have an increase in sales.

How much do you need have in agent account as startup capital as a newly registered agent?

The amount of money you choose to put in your account as startup capital is totally up to you.


Will there be any form of training on how to transact on Paga as a new agent?

Yes. a Paga representative is assigned to extensively train new Paga agents on how to become a Paga agent once their Paga agent account has been set up.

Can you transfer your agent account to another person?

No. An agent account cannot be transferred to another person.


Can one agent account be operated simultaneously in different locations?

To operate Paga in different locations, you to create different user accounts.


As a registered agent, can I operate from any location in Nigeria?


As a registered agent, you can operate anywhere in Nigeria with your agent account.

As a new agent, will get branding materials from Paga?

Yes. Branding materials are part of the incentives that new agents get when their accounts have been set up.

How to fund your Paga agent account

There are several ways of funding your Paga account:

Via Bank transfer 

You can fund your Paga wallet using internet banking or by using the bank’s mobile app.

This will allow you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to your Paga account. 

Use the steps below to use bank transfer for funding:

Step 1: Log in to your internet banking

Step 2: Select transfer to other Banks

Step 3: Insert your 10 digits Paga Nuban account number

Step 4: Select “Paga” or “Pagatech” as beneficiary Bank

Step 5: Input amount

Step 6: Fill the required field on the transfer page

Step 7: Input your PIN

Step 8: Complete the transfer process

Using the Naira Debit card

To use your Naira Debit card for funding your Paga account, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on fund account under “account”.

Step 2: Enter amount

Step 3: Click on “Fund account”.

Step 4: Select card as a payment option, then click on the deposit tab below

Step 5: Enter your card number

Step 6: Enter the expiry date of your card

Step 7: Enter CVC at the back of your card

Step 8: Input your PIN

Step 9: Click on deposit and follow the instruction to fund your wallet

Paga Agent

You can use an existing Paga agent around you to fund your account.

 GT Collections

You can use GT Collections via the internet banking or mobile app option. follow the steps below to fund using this option

 Step 1: Log in to your GTB account

 Step 2: Click on other payments

Step 3: Click on more payments

Step 4: Click on Infotechs & other services

 Step 5: Select “Pagatech Limited” from the list of merchants

 Step 6: Click on Paga Collections

 Step 7: Insert your 10 digits Paga account number, fill other details and amount

 Step 8: Click on continue

 Step 9: Confirm and complete the process

NB: This service is available to GTBank customers only

GTBank 737

You can fund your Paga account via GTB *737# service. To do so, follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Dial *737* 50*amount*145#

Step 2: Enter your 10 digit Paga account number

Step 3: Confirm name and enter your 737 PIN or last 4 digits of your GTB debit card and send

NB: This service is available to GTBank customers only.

How to increase your Paga transactions and get more commissions.

A paga agent with an already established business can simply tell customers about their added business on the side; this makes it easy for them to not only market their Paga agent services but also use Paga for payment services for their business.

However, if you do not have an already existing business, but want to be a Paga agent, the best thing to do is set up shop in a busy location. Places, where business activities are high, are the best locations.

When you set up shop, display your branding materials properly. Do not stop there; utilize your social media pages to market your services. Even though a major part of your business and customers will come from those around you, you can also draw in traffic by advertising your services online. Ensure you have impeccable customer services and watch your customer base grow.

Good luck! Interested in more ways to make money?

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How to receive money through PayPal in Nigeria

PayPal is an online payment system based in the US that supports transportation of funds from one party to the other. To know how to receive money through PayPal, you have to take into consideration the country your PayPal account is domiciled.

PayPal is currently available in 4 continent, more than 200 countries and support 25 currencies.

And it has different policies for different region, countries and currencies.

See list of PayPal supported countries here

For example, in Africa, you can use PayPal in South Africa both as family and friends (FnF), and as goods and services (GnS).

This privilege for example, is not available in Nigeria, which happens to be the most human populous and largest GDP economy in Africa.

In Nigeria, you may only use PayPal to make payments and not receive payments.

Using Nigeria is almost unreasonable except for online vendors that don’t support Visa card and Masters card (which is very unlikely), and you are left with the sole option of paying with your Nigerian bank card through PayPal.

Of which, you will be buying dollar from your bank at outrageous rate to fulfill your online transaction.

So at a very reasonable extent, your country determines how to receive money through PayPal, and whether you can receive money through PayPal at all.

And for the essence of this post, we will be addressing this in two ways,

How to receive money through PayPal for PayPal eligible countries and how to receive money through PayPal for countries not supported by PayPal.

How to receive money through PayPal in supported countries

How to receive money through PayPal
PayPal supported countries in Africa
How to receive money through PayPal
PayPal supported countries in Americas
How to receive money through PayPal
PayPal supported countries in Asia
PayPal supported countries in Europe

If you are in any of the countries above, you can receive money through PayPal in 3 ways.

How to receive money through PayPal with your registered PayPal email address.

How this method works, is for you to send a payer your email address, and he will login to his own PayPal and send funds to your email from his account.

Usually there is a charge on most PayPal payments especially when it is a GnS payment and it is going from one country PayPal to another.

The charges is not something you can control, you will have to deal with it.

How to receive money through PayPal with your link

Similar to invoice, the link helps you create a payment link for your payer.

It is something like this:

Assuming your username is ikwueze, and the amount you want to receive from your client is $50.

Your link becomes:

Once your client click on the link, they are directed to an entry box to either modify the amount or click ok to make payment.

Receive money through PayPal invoicing

Invoicing is a feature where you bill a buyer from your PayPal account and either send the link to the invoice or have PayPal email them directly.

It works like the traditional invoicing where you input customer name, shipping address and all sundry regarding the order.

Once your customer receive your payment order, they will update it and PayPal will deduct their fee and make the balance available to you.

There are other means of receiving money through PayPal such as integrating PayPal to your website etc. If you know any or have any more method you would like to know, leave your comment below.

You can also read, how to open a paypal account in Nigeria.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling DStv Subscription Plans

Multichoice owes over 40% of its customers base to Nigeria, which is understandable given the Nigeria population. Imagine what this means for DSTV subscription plans. While you might believe that this number is only of benefit to DSTV, it will shock you to know that the large customer base of DSTV can be of great advantage to you. 

How? Keep reading as we discuss it in this article.

Before we dive into making money online from DSTV subscription, let us understand how DSTV subscription and packages work.

When it comes to subscription plans, DSTV subscription plans offer a variety of choices, and perhaps this attribute is what makes them one of the most popular satellite services in Nigeria. They offer a direct to home Pay-TV service and have made their mark in Nigeria and across Africa.

Joining the Nigerian Pay-TV scene in 1994, DSTV has grown to become consumer choice in Pay-TV. Managed by the Multichoice group, DSTV has found a way to own the market with is unique subscription plans. DSTV subscription plans are designed to accommodate virtually everyone.

DSTV subscription plans have evolved over the years to accommodate their continuously expanding customer base.

Not only have their plans and packages evolved, but their products offer has also expanded to accommodate more premium customers; for example, the DSTV Explora offers a premium range of pay-TV service.

DSTV packages in Nigeria.

DSTV packages in Nigeria depends on your need. It has a variety of packages for their customer bases. The initial cost for DSTV is between ₦9,900 -₦44,900. This amount covers the satellite dish, the DSTV decoder, cables, installation and 3 months subscription.

There are different DSTV packages in Nigeria that you can subscribe to according to your budget. The package type depends on the decoder and subscription plan. DSTV package offers the Explora and HD decoders. 

I will be listing the different DSTV packages in Nigeria from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  1. HD+dish kit+3 months DSTV Access subscription = ₦9900
  2. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact subscription = ₦9900
  3. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact plus subscription = ₦13500
  4. HD+ dish kit+1 month DSTV Premium subscription = ₦18200
  5. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦29900
  6. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Compact plus subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦33500
  7. Explora + dish kit+1 month DSTV Premium subscription+ Smart LNB = ₦38300

With these different packages, you can find the one that suits your budget or taste better. You can also upgrade your HD decoder to Explora by simply purchasing the Explora decoder.

 DSTV bouquet prices

 dstv bouquet prices

To effectively satisfy its customer base and needs, DSTV has different bouquet plans. DSTV bouquet prices ad competitively marked and they also offer values. Whatever your budget is, there is a DSTV bouquet for you.

Here is a list of the current DSTV bouquet process:

Package: DSTV Padi, price:₦1850

At ₦1800 per month, DSTV Padi offers over 40 channels which cut across local and international channels. It also offers over 10 radio channels. DSTV Padi is designed to have something for everyone. With over 40 channels, there is a variety of news, music, cartoon, religious and entertainment channels to pick from; the Padi package is friendly and affordable.

Package: DSTV Yanga, price: ₦2565

With over 109 channels(visual and audio), DSTV Yanga is one of the popular choices as it offers a wide variety of channels, and it is quite affordable. With this package, Zee world lovers have access to their favourite series. It adds some spice to the Padi package

Package: DSTV Confam, price: ₦4615

The Confam package is specially designed for family us. With a wide variety of family and kids entertainment, boasting of over 128 channels, the Confam package is a great choice for family, and the price is friendly. The DSTV Confam package also includes channels like Sony Max.

Package: DSTV Compact, price: ₦6975

The DSTV compact package adds a lot more to the family package. With over 135 channels, all 24 audio channels, this package is bringing a lot to the table at ₦6975.

Package: DSTV Compact plus, price: ₦10925

What is better than DSTV Compact? DSTV compact plus with additional channels that are specially aimed at sports lover, the DSTV compact plus is for you if you love sports. With DSTV compact, you have access to about 90% of the English Premier League matches as well as other leagues.

Package: DSTV Premium price: ₦16200

As the name suggests, The DSTV premium package is the summit of DSTV packages. It offers over 175 channels, latest block buster movies, over 16 sports channels, an additional 7 M-net movie channels, non-stop box office movies, new pop up channels over the year.

When DSTV says premium, they mean premium, as the features of this package make the package worth the price.

With the different DSTV subscription plans, you can pick the one that works for you and go ahead to enjoy your DSTV.

However, as stated earlier, you do not only have to enjoy DSTV as a consumer only. There are ways to make money selling DSTV subscription plans online.

How to make money online in Nigeria selling DSTV subscription plans

With all the products and packages available from DSTV, they have been able to provide a source of income for people in Nigeria indirectly.

Apart from working directly with Multichoice, you can make money from DSTV by selling their subscription plans to DSTV customers.

You can sell DSTV subscriptions and make good money on the side. At a time when formal employment is not readily available, a lot of people are venturing into this business.

The beautiful thing about selling DSTV subscription plans is that it takes little start-up capital and you can do it on the side along with your regular job or business.

It does not require you to have an office, hence why it is a lucrative online business.

What you need to start is a computer or smartphone, and internet access and you are good to go.

Understanding the subscription business.

In subscription business, you will be helping subscribers pay for a service they enjoy for a commission. Like in the case of DSTV subscription plans, you simply help DSTV owners subscribe for their preferred plans for a commission.

The business strategy for a subscription business is customer retaining, you want them to come back, and the best way for you to do this is to offer superb customer service to your customers.  

What you are selling exactly is the convenience, not really the subscription. A lot of people do not mind paying about ₦200-₦300 for you to help them with their DSTV subscription plans, rather go through the process themselves. With this in mind, it is important that you provide excellent service that will keep them coming back.

How to sell DSTV subscription plans online.

dstv subscription packages,

Since your business is online, your customers will come from there. Your marketing has to be online. 

Ensure you are set up with your smartphone or computer.

Although several ways exist for purchasing DSTV subscription plans, I will recommend the Quickteller platform has the best user interface, it is free and easy to use.

 Simply download the application on your phone ad familiarize yourself with the process, if you are using a smartphone, if you are using a computer, you can use this link: to access their payment portal.

On the payment portal, all the information you need to subscribe for the customer is requested, and then you can proceed to pay. You will need an ATM Mastercard or Visa card to carry out this transaction. To ensure that there is always cash in your operating account, opt for the transfer payment method.

Your charge will be the cost of the DSTV subscription plans and your commissions.

So if you are charging ₦200, and the customer wants the DSTV Confam package, your total charge will be: ₦4815. 

Marketing the DSTV subscription plans business.

The internet is vast, and that means your customers can come from anywhere, but you have to make them know you exist. Utilize your social media platforms properly to market your service. You can carry out Ads on social media platforms like Facebook too. 

Talk about your business. Use Canva or any design application to design a good flyer and share to your contacts. Recruit the help of people in promoting your business.

Offer good customer service, and then ask your customers for referrals. Do not stop talking about your business. 

Make sure your pricing is competitive, especially since your business is online.

You can start small, from the comfort of your home, market your service aggressively. Do a good job, rinse and repeat. Soon you might have the need to expand your business as your customer base expands.

You can also add subscription plans for other Pay-Tv and services too.

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20 lazy man investment with monthly returns in Nigeria

If you run a 9 to 5 and still want some extra cash in your bank every month, knowing an investment with monthly returns in Nigeria that will pay you at least ₦50,000 or more in a month is possible. And the good news that this article is here to teach you. Most of the strategies will be teaching you how to make money online in Nigeria.

Hence, if you’ve been experiencing some difficulties in earning a legitimate side income online, this is the place to be. All you need to earn is the necessary skillset. So, without further ado, let’s help you make some money.


With blogging, you look for people’s pain point, develop an expertise in it, write posts about it, they see you as an authority, and pay you to solve their problem, on the one part.

You can simply go full business, take up some products within the health niche, hobby niche or financial niche, write posts about them in form of a review, and earn commission per sale.

This can be done in various form, video, text or audio visual (video and text).

Blogging is ranked as the number one money-making opportunity in Nigeria, and anyone can do it by sharing valuable information about any niche.

Search volume of “Blogging”

You could blog about politics, animals, sports, business, and so forth. As long as you have proper knowledge about a particular aspect of life, you can create a blog around it.

As a blogger, your major aim is to drive traffic to your blog.

Traffic remains the premier facie of viability in any business around or done on the internet.

With a good traffic coming to your blog, you should be sure of banking some dollars through different monetization windows.

How to make money online in Nigeria blogging?

Blogging is one “lazy man” investments with monthly return in Nigeria, if you know how it works.

And the concept of “lazy man” here means, you don’t necessarily have to work all the time before you get paid.

It means, you developed a system that pays you while you do nothing.

So you can earn money online in Nigeria blogging by becoming an adsense publisher, affiliate marketer, promoter and selling your own products on your blog, on auto pilot.

Nevertheless, you should understand that blogging involves content and the kind of content that people would read with their data and time, is quality content, only!

The key contention is how to make content on a consistent basis that is quality and good to read.

There are various ways of making content that appeal to your target audience, but first, it starts with knowing who your audience is.

How to know your blog audience?

You know your blog audience, first by deciding on the niche you want to focus your blog on.

If you want to blog for business, you should focus your blog around people’s hobby, beauty, health and fitness, education etc.

As a golden rule, you should choose a niche that never fade away with time and season.

For example, if you decide to focus your content on addictions, such as alcohol, masturbation, smoking etc or on racial topics such as #blacklivematter, black, negros, or on history: African history, european history, history of Nothern Nigeria etc.

You will not run out of ideas with such blog.

But then, you shouldn’t be carried away with how good a niche topic is.

You should subject it to certain criteria.

the amount of people that are actually searching for that topic or people who are willing to spend their money on products or recommendations in that you will be giving in that niche.

How to know if a blog niche is profitable

There are several tools that can help you ascertain such.

But before you look for such tool, you should first know the parent topic of that niche.

For example, if we decide to go with “overcoming masturbation”, we should query the keyword on or to understand how many people are searching for such content and also what the parent topic is.

investment with monthly returns in Nigeria result for “masturbation

Our query returned a positive result, which shows about 50 to 100 monthly searches per month on Google.

Even though this is not so much a large amount of traffic to guarantee a good earning as much as #50,000 per month, it is just an example that gives you a direction of where you are heading.

investment with monthly returns in Nigeria
More results of our query on “masturbation

Digging further, the query is giving us a better perspective of what the subtopic we to base our blog.

In the screenshot above, you can see words such as Immune system, sex toy, fornication, penis enlargement etc.

You can also see some geo location results such as Anambra, Borno, Ekiti, Delta and Enugu.

Assuming I want to close in on this topic, I would have some clarity of at least the topic and subtopics of the niche I am interested in

Topic is Masturbation and subtopic could be “religious perspective of overcoming masturbation”

If we dive deeper, we would see some products we can sell in this niche, our blog tagline, url and endless topics that we can write about this topic.

To get to a great closing on blog niche that pays, you would need tools that help you reveal incredible data such as seen in the screenshot below,

investment with monthly returns in Nigeria

Blogging is one investment with monthly returns in Nigeria that is very easy to embark upon if you have the right guiding. If you do not have any money to invest, you could also earn money with zero investment, absolutely free.

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is probably now a new term in the world of business or other ventures.

It is probably one of the most commonly used words you will ever find when discussing make money online or offline options.

And as a Nigerian, it is one skill that you need to recoup on your investment with monthly returns in Nigeria.

While marketing has never looked “sexy”, the way it was so last year, the internet has revolutionized how marketing is done.

And so much that you do not necessarily need to pull off your guard every blessed time you wish to do marketing.

investment with monthly returns in Nigeria
Online marketing process

Instead of walking down the street all the time, you identify where your customers gather online, and promote offers to them to earn a commission.

And with such marketing, you develop a process known as funnel, where you gather your leads, prospect to them and convert them to your offers.

And this require some investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. But depending on how you choose to investment.

With your time or with your cash.

Investing with your time would require extra effort than with your cash.

You may need skills such as copywriting and strong persuasion skills to convert strangers into customers through your YouTube channel or your personal social media account.

For paid promotion, you simply need to get the promotion assets from the vendor, and use it to run your campaign either with Google Adwords or Facebook sponsored advertisement.

YouTube Videos

If you are comfortable on camera, you may consider building a following with your videos on YouTube.

Video content is almost unbeatable in terms of the level of connection. So you may use this means to grow your audience, your email lists, and promote offers to your audience for commission.

Your videos can be centered on anything, but you must be creative and unique to earn on YouTube.

You can make a video about something you are passionate about and upload it on the platform.

The next step is to make it go viral by sharing the link and drive traffic to your channel.

As your views begin to increase, you can make money through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

On YouTube you would need 4000 watch time hours and 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel with Google, but before then your audience can always buy from you via your affiliate links.

Crypto Exchange

Like trading forex, crypto exchange means you are staking your money in a volatile market to earn on arbitrage.

You can comfortably make up to six figures monthly as a cryptocurrency exchanger.

One of the famous trading pairs is BTC/USDT, BTC/LTC, ETH/LTC.

How to trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria

Trading cryptocurency in Nigeria is basically, you go to crypto exchange site such as Binnance, fund your base currency with your Nigerian debit card or simple create a base currency wallet and do a P2P purchase from anyone you know or from our telegram group.

Once you are done with that, you set your entry point and your exit point.

And that means, you set your account to open a trade with your desired pair, eg you have $50 BTC and you set your trade to activate (ie, buy LTC) when it fall to certain amount, and sell it when it rise to certain amount.

And to know the “certain amount” is where the issue of expertise comes into.

You have to study your graph and understand the major events that influence price fluctuation in the crypto exosystem to be able to determine such limit to a reasonable extent.

Another best way is to buy such info from the experts such as Daba.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media account managers in Nigeria are not so much, and many small and medium scale businesses need their services.

You can work as a SMM agent on part time basis. Depending on your schedule, and if you are good at what you do, you will not run out of client so easily.

You can manage accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

As a beginner, you need to contact local businesses around you and offer them your services for a fee. This side hustle is quite lucrative and can earn you up to six figures in a month.

The best part is that there is no constraint on your location and you can do these service across clients and platforms with the help of tools such as hootsuite.

Real Estate Brokerage

Did you know that you can earn 10% of a real estate transaction when you refer someone to a property? Yes, it’s real. If you refer someone to property, you are entitled to a 10% commission for that particular transaction.

Bamboo group, Landway, Gtext Homes to mention, give 10 to 15% per referral that buys a property from them.

And most real estate properties go from 1 to 100 millions and above. So depending on people you know and their quality, you can start to determine your income.

It may need little investment.

Becoming a realtor is one way to earn ₦50,000 or more monthly.

Lots of individuals are searching for good properties to buy or rent; you can take advantage of that to build a side income for yourself. With the help of the Internet, your work is made easier as you can advertise and get quality leads from various platforms littered all over the web.


investment with monthly returns in nigeria
How much you can earn online as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you offer your skills online in a bid to make money. This is among the few online businesses you can start without paying a dime and still earn a considerable income.

However, if you should be mentored by someone who is already in the business, your earnings will be limitless. You can offer you services on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer.

Freelancing has turned a lot of Nigerians into millionaires, and in most cases, you earn in dollars.

They render all forms of services, which includes writing, editing, and proofreading, graphic design, coding, digital marketing, etc.

As long as you have a digital skill to over, you will certainly see someone who is willing to hire you. As such, you get to earn some cool cash.

I can be your fiverr mentor, click here to know how!

Online Banking With V

It is easy to run an online bank today with your phone or laptop, and you earn by recruiting people to bank with you. The process is straightforward, and you need no license or documents to start.

All you need is an app called V.

The platform is run by one of the largest microfinance banks in the country, VFD Microfinance Bank, and they abide by CBN regulations.

You can download the Android and iOS compatible app and sign up to begin. The app allows you to earn different royalties for your referrals.


Would you like to be paid for answering questions on online surveys, doing small tasks, playing games, and so forth? Then ClixSense is a platform to be in. You also get paid for your referrals.

ClixSense is one of the few survey sites that doesn’t place a restriction on Nigerians.

As long as you do the work diligently, you will surely get your earnings.

You can earn up to $1.50 per survey; the amount you earn depends on the survey sponsor.

Another perk of enrolling in ClixSense is that in the absence of surveys, you can undertake other tasks to make money online in Nigeria.

ClixSense is one of the most recommended sites for Nigerians, so if you’ve been facing some confusion about how to make naira online through surveys, you now have an answer!

Renting Your Spare Room Through Airbnb

This app gives you the privilege of leasing out the extra room in your home to local and foreign visitors.

If you’ve had an extra room in your house and it has been lying fallow, you stand a chance to earn up to ₦50,000 from it every month.

The renters are pre-screened by the platform, so you need not worry about that. Therefore, if you have a free room at home and you have been searching for how to make money in Nigeria, this is your best bet.

You can earn as much as ₦10,000 or more per night on Airbnb rentals in Nigeria, and you also get to interact with people from around the globe. So, what are you waiting for to exploit this option?

Network Marketing

Business, they say, is a game of numbers.

This saying has been proven to be correct, as most successful businesses have a large customer base. So, if you are a people person and you have the charisma, you can become a network marketer and make up to six figures through it.

There are so many sustainable network marketing platforms in Nigeria today, feel free to enroll in one, and comfortably earn a side income monthly.


This platform is similar to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and is among the most innovative ways to make money online in Nigeria. Here, you are paid to answer questions.

Therefore, if you have good knowledge about a variety of topics such as sports, politics, health, fashion and more, you can answer questions and win money. You could earn between ₦2,000 to ₦5,000 for every round you participate in.

Forex And Binary Options Trading

Forex involves the buying and selling of currencies, and it is a good way to earn a side income monthly. Since the price of currencies around the world will always fluctuate, Forex will be a viable income stream for people. You can analyze the market and execute trades to bag some cool cash.

Binary options are a bit similar to Forex, but it is all about predicting price movements for a short period. Let’s say you believe that the price of a currency will rise in the next five minutes; you can take that trade. If you are correct, you will make a profit; however, you have to careful because trading as a whole comes with its risks.

Become A Merchant On Jumia Or Konga

You can sell your items from the comfort of your home with these platforms, and it is easy to get buyers because they are the biggest online stores in the country.

You only need to create an account, find trending products, and create a listing. When someone orders your item, you can simply dispatch it through a logistics company and earn your profit.

Piece of cake, right?


Being a dropshipper means you have an online store with no inventory.

Your main objective is to generate orders and forward them to the wholesaler; he will ship the items to the customer anywhere in the world. So, your profit here is the difference between retail and wholesale prices.

This side hustle has turned lots of people into millionaires, meaning you could also be one if you get it right.

Pi Network

This is a new technology that has the potential of becoming the next big thing. It is an emerging cryptocurrency that is run by the people within the network.

Presently, it has over 3.5 million users worldwide, and you can earn by referring people. The best part is that you don’t have to pay to join; it is totally free.

Online Tutoring

If you are knowledgeable about a particular thing, you can create a course on it and earn money. Platforms like Udemy and Teachable allow you to publish your courses.

You set your tuition prices, and when people enroll, you make money. This is an easy way to bag more than ₦50,000 extra in a month.

Become A Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you are employed remotely to help people or businesses carry out certain tasks.

You only need a laptop, smartphone, and stable Internet connection.

You can render services like cold calling, emailing, customer support, transcription, etc.

It is surely one of the best ways to earn extra cash in your free time.

Bottom Line

Our great journey ends here, and we are sure that you have found some ways to make money online in Nigeria and investment with monthly returns in Nigeria. Feel free to explore any of the options, and you would be glad you did.

How to Make Money from Home as a Kid

Teaching a kid how to make money? Yes, and we are going to learn how to make money from home as a kid.

Kids are curious, and they learn quickly. Apart from kids who have a natural inclination for business, a lot of kids can be taught the benefits of understanding money and learning ways to make money as a kid.

Generally, an average kid will be open to making money, especially if they get to keep it and catch some fun along the way. When summer break is on, you can engage your kids with most of these activities. A lot of the ways to earn money as kids are fun, educating activities that not only keeps them productively occupied, but they also help them earn money and learn some early business lessons.

Learning ways to make money as a kid will help kids develop a healthy relationship with money, and also grow up with an entrepreneurial mindset. Introducing them early to money-making ideas also helps to build focus and a sense of responsibility in kids. It will also help them to develop the necessary skills needed for success in life.

Ways for kids to make money.

It will surprise you that even the kids will be interested in ways for kids to make money. There are over a hundred ways for kids to make money, from household chores to full-on businesses. Over the years, there have been kids who have built successful brands and business from simple hobbies and passions. Teaching your kids ways to make money can grow to become something bigger in the future. Now let us answer the question: how to make money from home as a kid.

What are the common ways to make money as a kid in the neighbourhood?

As a kid, you will want to make some money to get something extra. To help you make some money, I have listed some tips on how to earn money as a kid. Before you start any of these ventures, make sure you are the right age and that your parents or guardians are aware of what you intend to do.

Offer services to the neighbours.

You can perform a number of services and chores for your neighbours in return for payment. You can offer to help them pull up weeds or clean up the leaves on their lawn. You can also offer your services to shovel their driveway, manage their mails, especially if they travel a lot, mow their lawns if you are old enough, wash their cars among other tiny chores. 

House sitting

You can offer to help people house and plant sit if you are old enough. When your neighbours go on vacation, you can offer to house sit for them. You will take out the trash, help to pick up mails and the newspaper. You will also go by the house often to make sure everything is okay. A house that has house plants will require you to water the plants too. 

Pet sit

Like house sitting, people will pay you money to help them look after their pets when they are out of town. You won’t be pet sitting in the owner’s house; you will keep the pet with you, feed them, walk them if need be and groom them.

Dog walking

Try not to walk more than the number of dogs you can handle, but dog walking is a great way to make some money. You can do a couple at a time and expand your client base.

Trash can service

You can offer to help your neighbours take out their trash, especially if they are really busy. At the same time, it is one less chore for them to worry about. It is a nice opportunity for you to make money.

Paper route

Yes, reading newspapers is still a thing. Find out where to sign up for a paper route and start delivery. It will teach you discipline as you have to get up early to do this, but it is great to make money as a kid.

How to make money from home as a kid.

If there is anything that this Coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that making money from home is a great initiative. Kids are not left out either if they cannot go out and carry out activities that will help them make money from home.

You might be trying to figure out how to make money from home as a kid, and luckily for you, there are more than one ways you can make money from home as a kid. A lot of these methods are online because we are cataloguing activities the kids can do at home in a pandemic.

Make and sell jewellery and crafts.

This is a great option for kids who have creative tendencies. Do you like creating pieces of jewellery or beautiful accessories from regular craft items at home? Then you should try this. All you have to do is have your parent open an account on Etsy. Create beautiful pieces, take pictures of them and post them on your Etsy page and start selling. 

Create YouTube videos

You can also make money from YouTube videos. You see those arts and crafts you do? You can make videos on them and post them on YouTube. The more views and subscribers you get, the more your chances of making money through ads. You can also use YouTube to carry affiliate marketing by reviewing some popular kids products. You have to build up your followers first, and then you can reach out to companies that produce kids products and offer to review their products on your YouTube channel. 

Sell beautiful pictures

You can sell pictures of almost anything online. Look around you, there are beautiful things to capture. Do not have a camera? Do not worry, a smartphone with a great camera will do. Some good editing and you can have some really good stock pictures to sell online. You can find places to sell pictures online here.

Sell old things on E-bay.

There is no better time than now to learn how to make money as a kid. Everyone I home. This is the best time to go into the artic or the basement and pull out old toys and household items. Put the pictures up on E-bay and start selling. This is one of the best tips on how to make money fast as a kid, so start making money.


What will kids write about that people will like to read? A lot. You will be surprised at how much writing kids re doing and how much people are reading them. You can write and sell your poetry, musings, thoughts, and even deliberate on general topics you feel concerned about. You can start a blog, have an adult help you set it up to gain traffic and encourage other kids to write for the blog. Here is an exciting idea, you can turn your collection of poems and writings into an E-book and sell online. Amazon allows you to sell your book as a self-published author.

Take online surveys

Yes, people, companies want to know what kids think. Survey sites like Swagbucks have surveys that are designed for especially for kids. You can get signed up and receive notifications whenever there is a survey for you.

There are so many ways for a kid to make money, both online and around the neighbourhood. 

 When it comes to learning how to make money from home as kinds, it is important that adult supervision is available where necessary. Not just to help them set up stores online and take pictures, but also to help them interact with potential buyers.

Parents, early exposure to way for kids to make money is highly encouraged as I have earlier mentioned. Do not see this as an opportunity to just occupy the kids. It is also a bonding moment for yourself and the kids. Get involved, and they will thank you later. You can form a group (using virtual means) of kids interested in business so that your kids do not get bored or feel alone.

Even if you are helping them hold on to the money or they need to contribute to the need of the house, be open with them. This is also a great time to cultivate a great saving culture among them.

Other means of getting your kids interested in how to make money from home is to introduce them to works of literature, articles and movies that focus on kids and children entrepreneurs or kids going into business. The kids will get encouraged when they see kids like them doing these things and developing a sense of financial independence.

Dear kids, this is a great way to build your dreams or simply make some money, so take advantage of these opportunities that are around you and make the most of them.

How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures Like a Pro

Making money from selling feet pics is quite unusual, but an effective way to make money online. If you’ve had a thought on how to start making money from selling feet pics, one question to ask is: how much to charge for feet pictures?

So here is a quick list tip for you:

  1. It does not require you to be nude. It is a decent way to make money with your body part. Nothing ritualistic or indecent.
  2. It makes for a good side gig. Side gigs are lifesavers. You can never make too much money, and let us be honest, the money from the little side gigs we do always come in handy.
  3. It can be a full-time thing. Yes. Selling pictures of feet online can be a full-time business. You can become creative and become a feet photographer, or if you have the industry standard feet(slender, smooth and arched), you could become a foot model. Some people make up to $90,000 annually from selling foot pictures! Imagine that.
  4. It cost little to nothing to start. It is one of my best businesses to jump on. All you need is a good camera. A smartphone with a good camera will suffice. There are hundreds of free editing application for smartphones that will help you clean up the picture and give it a professional look. YouTube is filled with tutorials on phone photography.
  5. Feet are everywhere. You can ask your friends and family to pose for you. This way, you have a variety of pictures to sell. Always remember to take the person’s permission first. You have to tell them what you intend to do with the picture
  6. Almost anyone can do it, as long as the country’s regulations are obeyed.
  7. It is easy to get to and easy to learn.

Hold on, before we dive into talking price point, let us look at the benefits of selling feet pics online.

There are much more reasons why feet business is good business, but I will stop here for now.

Now back to the question

How much to charge for feet pictures?

In deciding your price points, there are specific questions you should answer. Feet business has a lot to it, as easy as it is, it can also be quite tricky when it comes to deciding how much to charge.

Like with every business, you are in the feet pics business to make money, and maybe as a hobby, but money is the highest motivator. This means that you have to be making money from your pictures a lot.

I have seen feet pictures attract a 6-figure price. Why? The people buying it saw something they wanted.

In the world of feet pics business, there is no “one size fits them all” theory, because just as the feet themselves will not all wear the same size of shoes, so there is no fixed of pricing feet.

However, there are certain things to consider, which will, in a way, influence the price of your feet pics.

The look of the feet. 

We know those slender feet are considered beautiful and a lot of magazines use them, so it is likely that your picture will rake in a lot of money if it is a slender foot.


By location, I mean, where you sell your pictures. You can read my previous post on how to make money from feet to find some of the best places to sell your feet pictures.

The buyer.

Who generally buys feet pictures? Blogger, website owners, magazines, branding firms and people with a feet fetish. Some of these might pay a low amount, and some of them can spend a lot of money.

This is where I will insert some warnings: If you are not comfortable with people using your feet pic for their feet fetish, you might want to reconsider or sell to the other set only, but then there is no telling.

Selling safe is also important, especially when using social media to sell. Avoid any form of personal contact. Keep your personal picture and private life away from your feet pic business page. This is business; you must keep it so.

Avoid in-person meetings; it is for your safety. Don’t get too close and personal with recurring clients.

Moving on…

In this article, we will be breaking down some of the Frequently asked questions, and they will better help us answer the question “how much to charge for feet pictures”.

To answer this question, I picked 6 questions that close address the main question

What are the reasonable feet pics price?

When it comes to selling feet pics, there is really no set reasonable feet pic price.

In the article on to make money selling feet pics online, I explained that the price for a feet picture is highly dependent on a lot of factors. In terms of what the reasonable feet pic price is, I will say this: it is business, do not go too low, but do not go too high either especially if you are selling using an online shop. However, there are some deals that come through where $1000 is a reasonable price, so, it depends on who you are selling to and where.

 How does pricing for personal feet pictures work?

The beautiful thing about selling feet pictures is every foot is beautiful. In as much as there are some feet that are considered industry standard feet,(slender and arched), pricing for personal feet pictures

there is a market for every foot. When deciding on the pricing for personal feet pictures, it is all about the market. You might be blessed with the standard slender, arched feet, and so you might want to put your pricing for personal feet pictures somewhere around a minimum of $20. However, just because your feet are not the industry standard slender, arched feet doesn’t mean your pricing for personal feet pictures should go low. No. A minimum of $10 is a good place to set the price.

What are the standard feet pic prices?

To be honest, there are no standard feet pics prices. There is no industry regulation for feet pics prices. Like I have previously stated, the prices of feet pictures are highly dependent on the pictures and where you are selling them. In general, the standard feet pic prices start from somewhere around $10, so except you are selling one of those one-off pictures that can rake 6 or 7 figures, the standard price should be a minimum of $10. Start there; it is a good place to start. By one-off, I don’t mean that selling a feet pic for a good amount of money will only happen once. You might be lucky to get a contract or meet a client that keeps coming back, so, fingers crossed.

Ps: should you get a contract, make sure you have a lawyer go over it, and that the lawyer explain the terms in details. Feet pics are creative works; it can be hard to manage exploitation if not properly handled.

Basic foot picture pricing

What then are the basic foot picture pricing? Should there be a basic foot picture pricing? Actually, the fact that foot pictures are not really regulated is grounds for there to be some form of a bar. Even though there is no formal price list, there should be some sort of price tracking. Basic foot picture pricing should be based on the picture type. To make it easy for others to sell their own feet pictures, do not beat down your prices. It is a bad market for others if your price goes below a certain amount. As much as there are no standard prices for feet pictures, we have established that a minimum of $10 is a good place to start. So try not to go below that.

How much to charge for feet pics

Now to the big question: how much to charge for feet pics.

With all the questions we have answered from step 1-4, I believe you have a better grasp on price points for feet pictures. Is there a trick to setting the price for feet pictures? 

Not really. When you start posting your feet pictures, whether on social media apps or on sites that help you sell feet pictures, the easiest way to know if you are charging okay, is to review other people’s prices and keep it within range. However, if you believe your picture is exceptional, compare to what is available around you, you can choose to go higher. Like I said, just don’t go lower than the average bid. It is a bad business move.

How much can you make from toe pics

How much can you make from toe pics

Earlier in this article, I had shared that there are people who have made up to 

$90,000 selling feet pictures. On how much you can make from toe pics, well, the same thing applies. With the awareness of this really lucrative business opportunity, you can make a good sum, especially if you are dedicated to it.

Now that we have answered some of the question on how much to charge for feet pictures, ready to start making money? Then let’s go.

Not interested in selling feet pics?

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5 Unusual Ways To Make Money Selling Makeup Online(How to start a skincare business)

Have you ever wondered how to start a skincare business? How easy or hard it can be?  Maybe you might have the idea to start, but you have no idea what it might entail.

Or perhaps, you desire to know how to make money selling makeup online. You might not realize this, but the beauty and cosmetics industry is a thriving industry. With the organic skincare sector growing to become a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry, there are a lot of opportunities for anyone looking to start a skincare business or looking to make money selling makeup. 

 Over the years, the art of buying and selling online (E-commerce) has continued to define consumer shopping experience and also how people do business. The internet has given almost everyone an opportunity to start a business. This article is going to be focusing on two topics simultaneously, as we look into how to start a skincare business and how to make money selling makeup online.

How to start a skincare business

When it comes to starting a skincare business, there are different ways to approach it. It depends on the level of involvement you want to have.  You can either start a skincare business by selling skincare products or producing them. When it comes to production, you can either produce by yourself, on your own or have a company manufacture them for you. It also depends on the area of skincare you are looking into.

A lot of persons are moving into the organic skincare business because there is now a serious awareness of the benefits of organics over chemical skincare products.

The first thing to do is identify your niche: organic or chemical or a mix of both, complete skincare or focused skincare (face or body), skin and hair or just skin, self-produced or outsource.

These decisions will inform how you approach the business; for example, you might decide to self-produced to either retain authenticity or because of funds. On the other hand, you might decide to outsource the production to a manufacturing company to minimize your overhead cost.

Whatever your decision is, they will form the basis of your business.

Let’s break this process into steps:

Identify areas of opportunities.

The key purpose of business is to provide solutions to problems, by either devising an original solution or improving an already existing one. When you decide to go into skincare, you have to identify the areas of opportunities.

The easiest way to do this is to ask the question: “ what is the customer’s pain point”. What this means is basically, what problems still exist in the skincare business that is not effectively tackled, how can you solve that problem.

For example, one of the ways to make money selling makeup is to stock makeup in not so common shades, like extreme end shades. Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line has tapped into this area of opportunity, so if you choose to make money selling makeup, Fenty is one way to solve consumer’s pain point.

The same thing applies to skincare products, whether you chose to sell or produce,  finding the consumer’s pain point is key. It will help you decide on a focus market and inform the other business decisions you will make.


Your next step is decision making, some of which has been stated earlier. Do you have prior experience in skincare business? Do you want to produce skincare products and sell, or you just want to sell skincare products.


Producing means you will either have a background in skincare production or get trained in it. Skincare products are sensitive, so expert knowledge is needed. Even if you do not want to self-produce, it is advisable to have basic knowledge of how products interact and mix. You can also hire a team of experts to work for you to develop your unique formula if you chose to go that route. Alternatively, for small and medium scale businesses, the best option for anyone who wants to produce but does not have expert knowledge, you can go into partnership with a verified skincare production company. There you can have skincare products manufactured and branded for your company.


You might, however, decide to go with selling. Selling skincare products is another way to start the skincare business, and if you have a knack for skincare, it might grow into production.

When it comes to selling skincare products, you can also sell makeup alongside your skincare products.


Another decision for you will be what target audience you want to cater to. You can decide to cater to a particular group or everyone. You can also decide to focus on a particular income class or everyone. It is up to you, but you have to decide as this will influence the next step


The second step is to research. Research is vital. What are the statistics? How to start a skincare business in your region. This article is one of such research.

The global skin care products market is projected to reach US$183.03 billion by 2025. This is a reasonable and sustainable growth.

Based on the decisions you have taken,  you have to carry out in-depth research.


Your research should cover sourcing if you are self-producing. Location, experts in the field if you need to hire a team, especially if you are no expert. You have to also look into possible skincare manufacturing brands who can mass-produce for you if you choose to go that route.

You also have to research into packaging and branding.  Also, ensure you carry out proper research into the requirements by the regulatory bodies to avoid having issues by the time you are up and running.


If you decide to sell skincare and makeup products only, then sourcing is very important. At the research stage, you should be looking at the best places to purchase skincare products.

Do you want to represent a particular brand of skincare products? Do you want to carry popular drug store brands? Where can you get them at the best prices?

It is also possible to have a niche in selling skincare products. This should have been defined at the decision stage.


Thanks to the internet, you can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.  One of the quickest ways to make money selling make is to use the E-commerce route. Your research should look into marketing strategies. Whether you are a predominantly online store/brand, or you want to have a physical presence. You have to research your target group, their buying habits. Where do they shop? Which social media app do they use the most? This will help you plan your marketing strategies.


Like with every other step, the details of this step are based on your decisions.


If you are going into skincare production, then at this point, you should be kick-starting production. It is important to work with someone who has an understanding of the process as you will need help with Formula design, regulatory approval, design, packaging and distribution. Try not to do it all on your own. Ask questions, even if you are self-producing and starting small.


When you decide on niche and source, you can start buying products. There are two ways to do this


With dropshipping, you do not necessarily need capital, and it is a strictly online business. Dropshipping is a good way to make money selling makeup and skincare products. It is actually one of the best ways to start a skincare business.

You do not need to stock the items. You simply put up the items on your online store (social media pages, website, stores on E-commerce websites), market the items, and when customers order for them, the brand or manufacturer ships the items to the customers.


You can, however, choose to stock the items, especially if you have an online store. Then you will have to keep up with consumer’s needs and requests.

You also have to decide price points. This is very important because you are in the business to make profits. Your price point will be a derivative of your economic cost and your profit. Your economic cost is your cost of production or cost price plus all the other expenses that go into your business. Rent, transportation, consumables, online adverts, etc. you decide on the min profit margin you want. This will form your product price.

You can also offer tips on how to use skincare products and makeup to customers. This is one way to engage your customers as customer engagement is key when it comes to marketing and selling.

5 unusual ways to sell makeup online.

Selling is a huge part of business, and if after you are unable to sell your products, there is a problem. Here some unusual way to sell your products.

1.         Dropshipping

Like I described earlier, the dropshipping method is perfect for new businesses with little or no capital. All you need is a platform with great traffic and amazing products pictures, and you are good to go.

2.         Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you pay owners of blogs or website to link in your products in their post to pull in sales. It is quite effective as a sales channel

3.            Social media influencers

This option is perfect if you own a makeup brand or represent one or you have a big store. You can pay an influencer to do a review of your product or store. This will garner interest that can be converted to sales.

4.         Sample sales

Sample sales are regular sale. You can have an online sales party where people win something or get samples of their favourite brand if thy purchase up to a particular amount. It helps to boost sales, and it is a great way to market test a new product it boosts customer engagement.

5.         Niche marketing

Niche marketing is simply marketing to a particular group of persons. It is focused marketing. When you know your target audience and focus your marketing strategies on them; that is niche marketing.

Now that you have seen the basic steps on how to start a skincare business and make money selling makeup, go and make some money.

Some key things to always remember :

Change is constant, be open to change.

Learn, improve and grow. The world is dynamic and ever-changing.

Good luck!

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How To Sell Feet Pics Online(Make Money from Feet)

Feet? Yes, feet. Nothing fetish, just some creative money-making system. In this article, I will be detailing steps to sell feet pics (pictures) online.

One of the quickest ways to make money online is selling stock photos and videos, and selling feet pics is one of them. People have made quite a lot of money selling real live pictures of feet to stock photo sites. It is pretty easy and a great way to make money.

The feet pics market.

Is there a market for feet pics? Unfortunately, yes. There is an online market where you can sell feet pics, and it is nothing weird or fetish.

Some people buy pictures of feet for business purposes. Take, for example, a small business into foot care products. They will need good stock pictures to use for their branding and marketing. Magazines are also another market for feet pics, and of course, bloggers who use photos for their articles also.

Then there are those people who have a thing for feet. It is a bit odd, but yes, they will pay for a feet pic. However, that is not our target market, just an honourable mention.

Moving on

Where can you sell a feet pic?

Many websites and apps exist as marketplaces for selling pictures of feet. For example, there are stock photo sites that will buy directly for you, and there are also sites where you can put up your photos, like in a virtual storefront.

Here is a list of websites and apps where you can sell your feet pics:

  • Alamy
  • Dreamstime
  • iStockphoto
  • 123RF
  • Adobe stock iStockphoto
  • Fotolia/Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Gettyimages
  • Crestock
  • Big Stock Photo
  • ScoopShoot
  • Foap
  • Snapwire

How much to charge for feet pictures

As with everything you sell online, feet pic prices are based on several factors. However, on average, you can sell a feet pics for as low as $10, and you can get as high as $2000 and above.

There are so many factors that come into play regarding pricing. The brand buying your picture, for starters, will determine how much you are getting. It also depends on the exclusivity of the feet pic. Let us says, for example, that you are selling the picture to a stock photo website. You might not get the same price if you sell it for a magazine for their exclusive use.

Feet pics prices are factor-based.

Where can you get feet pics?

Since your feet pics have to be original, the most accessible place to get feet pics will be your own feet. Unfortunately, we all do not have cute feet, and variety is the spice of life.

The next best place will be the people around you. Now it will look weird if you go around pointing your camera at people’s feet, so start with your friends and family.

As you grow, you can begin to show people your portfolio and ask for permission to take pictures of their feet. You might have to pay some of them to take photos of their feet.

When getting feet pics, it is best to get many pictures. You can have a stockpile of feet pic for sale with the right editing tool.

How to sell feet pics

The picture you intend to sell has to meet specific standards. For example, you cannot put up just about any feet pics for sale. To start selling feet pics, here are some pretty easy guidelines.

Get motivated

The money should be motivation enough, but as a creative, I have realized that sometimes, seeing what other people have done or what is out there is a great motivation. So my advice for you will be to check out the sites I have shared above to stir your creative juices. It is also possible to get motivated by feet(in an utterly non-fetish way). Someone around you might have gorgeous feet, and that might inspire you to grab a camera.

Whatever works for you, get motivated.

Know the standard

Yes, there is a standard for feet pics. Funny, but like with body modeling, there are certain conditions a pair of feet must meet to make great “feet models.” Generally, Feet that are arched with long slender toes are seen as beautiful, and of course, they must be well-manicured—no charred feet. However, do not let this restrict you. Be creative. Take beautiful feet pictures and put them up.

The camera is essential!

Of course, a camera is beyond essential. Of course, a good camera is needed to take beautiful feet pics, but if you cannot afford a camera, then use a phone that has a fantastic camera. Phone photography is a thing, and there are tons of tutorials online on phone photography.

Whether you use a camera or a phone, make sure they give you high-quality feet pics.

Take pictures!

Random pictures, feet pics photoshoot, anything, take pictures. Alternate your style, get creative. You might not be able to set up a photoshoot setting if you are taking feet pics of strangers on the street. This is why you should utilize the people around you. That way, you can set up a feet pics photoshoot and create different scenes and options.

Apart from creating scenes, it would help to take pictures in different positions. Some of the positions to consider include:

  • Toes pointed out
  • Feet peeking out from the sheets
  • Feet in the air
  • Crossed feet
  • Feet ajar, e.t.c.

When you are done taking pictures, the second half is Editing.

Editing is what will turn the feet pic into sellable art. You might be lucky to take a fantastic picture with great features. On the other hand, nature might be on your side to provide you with the proper lighting and atmosphere, coupled with your great setup, and that is a good thing.

Sometimes, it does not happen that way. The pictures might not come out looking as good as you want them to. So, it is time to edit. Luckily there are so many editing apps for phones and PCs that editing the pictures will not be a problem.

Prior knowledge of photo editing will be a bonus, and if you don’t, you can learn while you grow,

Set up shop

I will not necessarily advise using social media to sell your feet pics, except you are okay with selling them for persons who have feet fetishes. The best places online to sell feet pics are the photo stock websites I had shared earlier. So sign up to sell feet pics, upload your pictures and get ready to sell.

Remember to watermark your feet pics before posting them online; otherwise, you will lose them without getting paid.

Promote and promote

When you set up your feet storefront in these websites or wherever you choose to set up shop, do not neglect the promoting part. Marketing is essential, so go out of your way to promote your business.

Sell and do it all over again.

Once sales start coming in, do not sit back. Keep promoting and selling. Constantly research to see what kind of feet pics styles are in constant demand and practice improving your feet pic quality.

How to sell feet pics, again and again(long term plan)

Over time, you might have some regular persons whose feet you use for your feet pics. They become your feet models. This means that feet care becomes serious business. Whether you are using your feet or a model’s, it is essential to understand angles. The same way we know the best angles for our faces when we take selfies.

Remember to protect your feet, and ask your models to protect theirs too. Again, do not stick to a particular kind of feet pic; throw in varieties, babies, kids, even older people. Pictures tell stories; a foot’s pics are not different.

It is perfectly okay to go beyond feet pics, take pictures of the entire leg, other body parts, e.t.c.

Remember to set up different scenes; after all, variety is the spice of life.

Who can sell feet pics?

Anyone can sell feet pics, as long as it is legal and you are of the legal age. In some countries, you have to be an adult to sell pictures of your feet or engage in selling feet pics. Try to know the law on this before you start taking pictures.

It is not illegal, but it is better to know what the laws are if there are any.

Now that you know all of this, are you ready to make some money from feet?

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