PayPal Nigeria diamond bank is so last year not UBA Africard

PayPal Nigeria diamond bank

PayPal Nigeria diamond bank versus UBA AfriCard

With the internet, change really is inevitable.

Of course, there were days when electronic banking wasn’t a thing that looks promising. But today, we are evolving rapidly into an era when the time of brick and mortar banking will be something we find in the museums.

Funny as it reads, but it tells of the dynamic nature of innovation and change. And this is something that is reflective on the numerous changes we have gone through in the banking system, in Nigeria.

Evolving from the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) in banking to the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) has encouraged many innovations in the banking system.

And one of such is the real-time gross settlement between different bank cards and cards manufacturers on different payment gateways and machines.

In Nigeria, the evolving nature of our debit and credit cards for online transactions testifies of this change.

At a time it was First Bank Gold Cards, at most other times, it was the popular PayPal Nigeria diamond bank cards.

The name “PayPal Nigeria diamond bank” is believed to be as a result of the numerous successes PayPal account operators from Nigeria had using the card for account verification.

Fast forward to today, many other bank cards such as GTBank Mastercard, Access Bank Visa Cards, Get Barter Cards and many others are proven to work for PayPal verification.

But something differential that the current UBA AfriCard has, is a combined benefit of having to use this same card to verify your PayPal account and still withdraw to your UBA AfriCard wallet in Nigeria.

This breakthrough is something I feel so good to write about even though I am not able to explain the technology behind this.

Yet it’s something I am willing to study and write about it as soon as I find something interesting.

To use the UBA AfriCard to verify your PayPal account, you should read: How to open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria that sends, receives and withdraws to your Nigerian bank at CBN rate.

Steps to use the UBA Africard for PayPal withdrawal

  1. Open a PayPal account with a Lesotho PayPal extension.
  2. Verify with your UBA Africard
  3. Load your account and withdraw to your bank.

The link above will help you to get through the Lesotho PayPal account opening and withdrawing process.

Wish you the best…

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