Quickest Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria Using Digital Media

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There are more than one and a thousand ways you can make money online in Nigeria using digital media.

In this blog, I am not going to list all of them because they’re inexhaustible. I can only explain in detail, the ones that have worked for me. But if you want to take a look at some of the major list, you can see 10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Quickly.

So I will be specific and write on make money online areas that I can personally answer your questions on, in case you need my help.

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Let’s get into this:

There are four major make money online niches I will focus on. Two of them are areas I am very passionate about but currently not doing but have the contacts and first-hand information that I can help you within case you wish to start today.

While the other two are the ones I do personally that I can show you a proof of them in case you’re a descendant of our brother Thomas. Don’t mind me, you shouldn’t feel bad for asking, at least, I won’t make you feel so. It’s worth it. Join the group and ask.

4 Quickest Way To Make Money in Nigeria Now

Making money and being called wealthy is what everybody is after. It alleviates you, boosts your mindset and gives you a different kind of feeling. Everybody needs and deserves a very good life, that kind of life that makes you feel like you can get anything you desire without the fear of not being able to get it because of limited funds.

It doesn’t matter what you are or you do in Nigeria, if you are an offline freelancer, you can scale up by earing with freelancing on Fiverr. , a stay at home mom typically called a “housewife”, a student, full-time employee or a job-seeker, there are several ways to make money in Nigeria and add to what you have already or start earning for yourself as one who is doing nothing yet with little or no capital investment and quickly.

This article will show you ways to make money in Nigeria both offline and online methods of making money, you just need to choose which one is your most preferred.

Eateries and restaurant business

You can operate food and drink business in Nigeria, it’s a sure way of making money. If you don’t have much capital to open a big eatery, you can start small by opening a small outlet that is very neat and conducive for people to sit and eat.

Most Nigerians don’t keep to the right routine of eating and will always eat even if the economy decides to crumble. Imagine you have your restaurant in areas that are populated and constructions are going on, the amount of profit you will make no matter how little your food and drinks store is.

If you don’t know how to go about it, you can get a startup business advice free of charge at Profitable Ventures. For a rough estimate what you will need to start up a mini restaurant business should be between 200,000 naira and 300,000 naira.

But it’s one business in Nigeria that appreciates in return on investment like having a landed property.

Roughly you will need a good and busy location where you can get one room with at least a balcony and a store that goes for Six Thousand Naira (N6,000) only per month.

That will be Seventy Two Thousand Naira (N72,000) only per annum.

You can get your kitchen utensils and misc for One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) only. And this should cover:

  • Gas cooker and cylinder (12.5kg) – N20,000
  • Cutleries, plates and bowls – N30,000
  • Pots – N20,000
  • 10 to 15 sets of chairs and 5 tables – N30,000

For labour, local cooks are paid between N10,000 and N15,000 per month because they get their meals daily from the restaurant.

Also, you can get your first raw food materials for cooking at Thirty Thousand Naira (N20,000) only.

In total, that’s about One Hundred and Ninety-Two Thousand Naira (N192,000) only. Out of which, One Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand Naira (N172,000) is either a long term fixed expenses or medium-term fixed expenses.

Of each of your tentative daily expenses of 20,000 naira on raw food materials, you can get a 140% gross, which will help you breakeven at 20k, leaving you with a profit of about 8,000 naira only.

With this calculation it means, it will take you less than two days to pay for labour, and assuming you have two of them with the second one being a helper, you can confidently pay two of them with two days sales. And possibly pay off your fixed expenses off within the first month, while you use your proceeds from the next six months to open a new branch or possibly reinvest your it elsewhere. The choice is yours!

Start mini-importation business

Mini importation has been the buzz word for the quickest way to make money in Nigeria for close to a decade today.

You can go into the mini-importation business with a little amount of money. There are groups and WhatsApp support groups online to help in going into this business.

You get the products very cheap from countries like China and Vietnam and sell them at a very good price in Nigeria. Don’t forget to do your market survey before you get your products.

And you can do such market survey with the help of facebook. If you type in words such as “70% off” on Facebook, you should see what is selling. You can know what is selling by comparing the level of engagement such product ads has.

If a Fb ad is getting more engagements and especially if it looks viral, you should jump on such a trend. Copy the ads and make similar ads like that for you. If you don’t know how to make convertible Facebook ads, I know some close friends that can help you run ads that you can use over and over again. Join our group on Telegram and ask me about it.

I can also teach you how to source for products in China and get it delivered to Nigeria within 48hrs at a price that is cheaper than way billing a unit of that item from Lagos to Port Harcourt. It’s crazy but I will shop you how if you ask.

Mini importation is such a quick money-making scheme for those who are willing to put in a little hard work. I know people doing over 7 figures in this business and it’s something that you can learn in one day and start on with your journey to happiness. Join our group on Telegram and ask me about it.

Affiliate marketing

If you are looking for the quickest way to make money in Nigeria, becoming an affiliate is your sure bet.

This way, you can earn money with no cost, you can either have a good social media presence, own a blog or a website or you don’t even need to have a good social media presence or own a blog before you start earning through affiliate marketing.

By promoting different companies, products, and services online either on your own website or a different website and social media platforms which brings the requited traffic and result for the company, you will get your commission. Organizations like Jumia, Konga, and Amazon have affiliate programs you can register under.

I can also recommend you signup with Expertnaire as it contains background-checked make money online in Nigeria products that you can recommend to people and earn in return.

Online surveys

Another quick way of making money online no matter your location is to fill out online surveys. This shouldn’t take much of your time, in a few minutes you should finish.

Research companies are making sure they get unique results for their clients and such they employ the use of so many people to answer surveys and test new products.

You can decide to register under different research companies online and with just a few minutes of answering online surveys you are making quick cash.
In conclusion, these few ways of making quick money should open your creative mind to more ideas for earning money.

You can use one or combine any of these ways to start something for yourself. Of course, you should know that this will need you to be determined and hardworking to achieve the required success but it’ll be worth it when you see yourself getting whatever you want and not having to think much about it.

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