The Truth About easiest way to immigrate to Canada in 2020.

The recent political, social and economic situations in Nigeria has sparked a quasi movement of youths who are looking for the easiest way to immigrate to Canada or relocate elsewhere in search of greener pastures. 

Top on the list of destinations is Canada, but young Nigerians are unsure where it remains a good idea to relocate to the country. 

Well, right now, at least, here are my thoughts on questions that go from feasibility to profitability in an endless cycle of diaspora uncertainty. 

Still Ongoing In Canada…

In the past few months, it has been proven countlessly that Canada is one of the best countries in the world anyone can live in. Thanks to their well-developed healthcare system, the Canadian government’s several care-giving programs and the overall economic health of the country. 

One cannot turn a blind eye to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Canadian leadership has been able to respond fairly, having devised multiple platforms on which the comfort and satisfaction of every person is keenly considered and ensured.

As of now, the government has set up several initiatives for both individuals and businesses, giving them the resources they need to best the Covid-19 storm. More so, these setups enable Canadians or Canadian immigrants to recover from the disruptions even as the nation’s economy shakes off the shock of the global healthcare crisis. 

For instance, an initiative called the Child Care Benefit (CCB) for families with children is currently ongoing, regardless of the worst of the pandemic being behind us. Also, in May 2020, the government gave the CCB a boost with a one-time push of up to $300 per child. Logically, if such programs exist during crises, a good life is guaranteed all round. 

On the immigration side of things, the federal government of Canada keeps its arms wide and warmly open to immigrants from almost every part of the world. The behavior is dissimilar to that of the United States, who up until now is extending its ban ramifications against Nigerian immigrants, students included. 

Based on these three parameters, it won’t be unfounded to assert that relocating to Canada would be one of the best immigration decisions Nigerians can make in 2020. Additionally, there couldn’t be a better time than now to start putting things together, as the world gradually resumes commercial activities. 

Which Programs Are Avaialable?

  • If you fall between the ages of 25 to 35, it is best to focus on the Express entry program, unless you have what it takes to go through the Provincial programs (PNPs). 
  • Express Entry programs have low chances of success for 35 to 45 year-olds, at least right now. 

Note: The Express Entry programs and the provincial programs are heavily dependent on your age, your capacity to ace the IELTS exam and get an impressive CRS point. 

If these two methods don’t look like they favor you, there is another, one which was introduced just last year. Called the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program, it basically allows you to become a permanent Canadian resident even without a college degree. 

Here are reasons why this program is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada

  • You do not need a high IELTS score (5.0 is a good score). 
  • Almost immediate job placement in Canada. 
  • Age isn’t a factor. 
  • Unlike Express Entry, this program isn’t based on points. 
  • Only 12 months of previous work experience is required.
  • It requires just 2 years of post-secondary education i.e. OND holders can apply. Unlike others, you are at an advantage with an OND, masters degree is out of place with this route.

However, these apparently lenient rules do not mean the program is open to all and sundry that just meet the requirements. 

What Else is easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

Well, relocating to Canada is a huge but worthy investment, especially if you are immigrating alongside your family. So if you are struggling to put food on your table or can’t get your bills paid on time, you might want to take a raincheck until things become more solid. 

First off, relocating is going to put a hole in your pocket. While there is no definite amount of money one can say is involved, here are some of the expenses you will be looking at:

  • The fee for applying for a permanent residence is $550 for adults and $150 for children. 
  • The IELTS test costs NGN 75,000 per head.
    If you are relocating with your spouse, he or she will also have to take it separately. 
  • Plane tickets, taking into account that you might be flying with your family. 

But if getting the funding for your plans is no issue, then let’s get ahead with it. 

According to Daniel Ola, who is a certified Immigration consultant living in Canada, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is straightforward and fast. Give and take, you’d be in Canada in 6-9 months assuming you start today

According to him, a rising count of some forward-thinking Nigerians are already leveraging on this opportunity, which means the channel is soon to become highly competitive. So, there’s no  better time than now to get acquainted with the system and start processing it. 

What Makes the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program the easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

It isn’t news that Canada is a pretty large country. As of now, a significant count of the immigrants to enter through the Express Entry and Provincial nominee programs select Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as their choicest places of residence. 

With these big towns getting occupants, there are other nearly-equally-developed ubranities with low populations. Long story short, the Canadian government wants to fill those towns. Hence, the program was created to encourage settlement in such places. 

The most exciting upside of this arrangement is that you get a permanent resident visa, which gives you access to a melange of benefits. The most prominent of it all, is that, within 3 years, you and your family can apply for Canadian citizenship. When granted, you will be free to reside wherever you want in Canada. 

One thing about the entire process, is if you can read and write you can go over it yourself and save agency fee as well as get to understand the nitty gritty of the entire process so as to avoid stories that touch. 

And that is why Mr Daniel Ola (The Nigerian immigration expert I spoke about earlier) created a short video to explain how this new program works and how one can apply.

If you are interested, click the button below to watch the video now.

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